I went to Origins Game Fair this year for the first time in a few years. I ran some games for the Rogue Cthulhu group, and hosted the church service on Sunday for the Christian Gamers Guild.


Day System Title Description
Wed Dresden Files Urban Fantasy All-Stars Hellboy, Ash, Buffy, Ghost Rider, John Constantine, Hermione Granger, and others join forces to defeat ultimate evil.
Thu Champions Cereal Killers: Night of the Living Crunch The dead are rising, and want to eat your grains. America’s favorite breakfast cereal icons star in this grim and gritty urban adventure. Role-playing and a sense of humor stressed.
Fri Marvel Super Heroes (FASERIP) Spideys on Infinite Earths Tickle your Spidey sense and thwip into the Spider-Verse to team up with Agent Venom, steampunk Lady Spider, Superior Spider-Man, Six-Arms, Spider-Woman, Spider-Monkey, Supaidaman, and other variations.
Sat Champions Meep on the Borderland What if all of your favorite fantasy movies were remade with Muppets? Arm your felt with broadswords, holy symbols, magic wands, and a ten-foot pole. One does not simply wokka wokka into Mordor.

Church Service

Sun Christian Worship Service Non-denominational worship service sponsored by the Christian Gamers Guild