Dave Mattingly

Dave Mattingly has a background in technology, writing, and speaking, who works with data for a living. He loves learning, and often speaks at database and cybersecurity conferences on topics such as geospace, governance, analytics, and interpersonal skills.

Scientifically, he’s spent thirty years of designing, developing, databasing, documenting, and directing a variety of projects in many industries. Some projects include space travel, anti-fraud, anti-terrorism, data accuracy, virtual reality, and automated systems. Some industries are safety, gaming, healthcare, and finance.

Bookishly, he’s led three magazines as editor-in-chief, edited about five million words, co-written several books, and created an independent small press which has published over a hundred books.

Theatrically, he’s acted minor parts in a few films, written sketch comedy, cosplayed as silly characters, and performed/taught improv comedy.

Spiritually, he works for the Lord to reach his fellow nerds and weirdos. He’s served as vice president of the Christian Gamers Guild for 16 years, and has been organizing/preaching church services at comic cons, sci-fi cons, game cons, writing cons, and other gatherings of nerds for twenty years.

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