Dave Mattingly

Dave Mattingly has a background in technology, writing, and speaking, who works with data for a living. He loves learning, and speaks at database conferences on topics such as geospace, governance, and analytics.

Technologically, he’s spent twenty-five years of designing, developing, databasing, documenting, and directing a variety of projects in many industries. Some projects include space travel, anti-fraud, anti-terrorism, data accuracy, virtual reality, and automated systems. Some industries are safety, gaming, healthcare, and finance.

Bookishly, he’s written hundreds of magazine articles, cowritten several books, led three magazines as editor-in-chief, edited about five million words, and created an independent small press which has published over a hundred books.

Spiritually, he works for the Lord to reach his fellow nerds and weirdos. He preaches at conventions dedicated to games, science fiction, and other geeky hobbies. He serves as vice president of the Christian Gamers Guild, and sector commander for Fans for Christ.

Dave founded the TechFest conference in Louisville, KY. This event attracted techies and business leaders via keynotes, seminars, panels, workshops, demos, a hands-on technology gallery, and live music. Topics included healthcare/biotech, the internet of things, leadership, emerging technologies, gadgetry, 3-D printing, virtual reality, and more.

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