Gen Con 2019

GenCon Program Blurb 2019

Gen Con lists us as a Featured Event.

I was away at another conference during most of Gen Con, and only drove up for the Sunday church service.

Gen Con Worship Service

This year, Tom Vasel (of The Dice Tower) once again preached for us. Bubba Stallcup (of Love Thy Nerd) led our music.

I first started holding Christian Gamers Guild church services at Gen Con back in 2002 (or maybe 2001). Several years ago, we got too big for the Convention Center (the biggest room they could give us there had a capacity of 200), so they moved us to a nearby hotel. Our current space is great, but it’s mildly inconvenient for Exhibit Hall vendors who need to get there by 10:00, since it’s a good 10-minute walk.

Gen Con 2019

Click for a video clip of our worship service.

These days our services generally get around 250 people, which is our largest church service of the year. At smaller conventions, we might get 50 to 100.

You can see four video clips of the service here:



Here’s our program for the event.