Collegiate A Cappella

Here are some of my favorite collegiate a cappella bands. When The Bobs redefined and revitalized the concept of a cappella, many college campuses around the country began their own a cappella bands. Sort of the modern equivalent of a glee club.

The annual competition (and compilation disc) BOCA — Best of Collegiate A Cappella (and its “sister” project BOHSA for high schools) is a wonderful resource to discover new bands to delve into. I especially recommend “Wasting Our Parents’ Money” album.

These are “my” bands. The bands that helped shape who I am, roughly in order of how much they mean to me.

Dave Mattingly: The Musical, Part 10

  • Penn Six-5000
    • Known For: Conrad BainPenn 6-5000
    • Memories: Penn 6-5000 aka Penn Six, does a great job of parodying popular songs while still keeping the collegiate beatboxing a cappella going. Their brilliant “Conrad Bain” sung to the Police’s “King of Pain” bemoans the fate of an actor known only for his role as Mr. Drummond on Different Strokes. “Conrad Bain” is also the sometime alias of a friend of mine when he doesn’t want his real name to be discovered as he checks into hotels.
    • Favorite Songs: I Ran, Flagpole Sitta, Ain’t No Moonshine, Little Black Submarines

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