Body of Work – Games

Over the years, I’ve worked on a lot of books.

Here are (I think) all the game books I’ve been a part of, which could mean wrote, edited, formatted, illustrated, designed, or something else.

Algernon v2 Algernon 3v1 Algernon 3v2 Fires of Heaven Fires of War Foxbat for President Imaginary Friends Kazei 5 King of the Mountain Gestalt Laser Squid Nemesis Lux Aeternum Mystic Empyrean Posthegemony Pretty Hate Machines Sands of Time Sidewinder Terracide Third World-Front Thousand Faces Universalis Unkindness Widening Gyre War of Worldcraft Wreck of Alpha Central

And some visual products that I’ve been a part of.

Tavern Pirate Ship Warehouse Starship Castle Zeppelin Street Destroyer Elmore-Cards

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