Text Analytics

I’ve worked professionally with databases for a living for around 20 years, to varying degrees.

I’ve worked with words professionally for roughly the same amount of time (as an author, editor, and publisher).

It’s only natural that I’d be interested in ways of mashing them together.

Text AnalyticsSix Plots

If you’d like to learn more about text analytics, text mining, unstructured data mining, and several other synonymous terms for turning a big pile of words into meaningful data, here are some good resources.

Sentiment Analysis

If you want to sort piles of words into good/bad, happy/sad, calm/mad, and such, that’s where sentiment analysis comes into play.Sentiment Analysis

SQL Server and R

Most of my database career has been using Microsoft SQL Server. I’m at the beginning stages of learning R, a data science language.

Mining the Bible

As a case study, I’ve imported dozens of translations of the Bible into SQL Server, where I can look for correlations. It’s an interesting text to work with, since all these translations (a) started from the original Hebrew and Greek, (b) are written in English, and (c) have passages uniquely identified through a numbering system. That allows for some intense analysis.Bible Sentiment

Here is some great work that other people have already done in that field.