Rap and Hip-Hop

Here are some of my favorite rap and hip-hop bands, with maybe a little funk and soul mixed in.

These are “my” bands. The bands that helped shape who I am, roughly in order of how much they mean to me.

Dave Mattingly: The Musical, Part 7

  • Beastie BoysBeastie Boys
    • Known For: Fight for Your Right to Party
    • Memories: When I was a DJ, record labels would always send us cool stuff in an effort to encourage us to promote their bands. Back when Beastie Boys was brand new, we got some shirts along with other merchandise. When I wore that shirt to their concert, someone offered me $50 for it. As it turns out, that was the same shirt that the crew wore, so it made me look like I was with the band. I also was wearing that shirt (complete with a rude saying on the back) when I met my wife.
    • Favorite Songs: Girls, Rhymin’ and Stealin’, She’s Crafty, Sabotage, Remote Control, IntergalacticFishbone
  • Fat Boys
    • Known For: All You Can Eat
    • Memories: I have the Fat Boys to thank for my love of beatboxing. I’d heard rap before, and enjoyed the rhyme-throwing aspect of it, but hadn’t appreciated the possibilities of making goofy noises as a musical instrument until Human Beat Box. RIP Buff Love.
    • Favorite Songs: Human Beat Box, Human Beat Box Part III, The Twist, WipeoutGorillaz
  • De La Soul
    • Known For: Me Myself and IDe La Soul
    • Memories: De La Soul were sometimes pegged as hip-hop hippies thanks to their positive messages focusing on peace and love. I like that about them. They’re light, fun, and uplifting.
    • Favorite Songs: Tread Water, Three is a Magic Number

Okay, so it seems my favorite hip-hop music is the kind that doesn’t take itself very seriously. Which is generally true for me across all music genres, and indeed all walks of life.

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