A Cappella

Over the years, I’ve realized that my favorite musical instrument is the human voice.

A cappella eventually became the largest section of my music collection. At one point, I think I had 500 or so a cappella albums.

Here are my favorite professional a cappella bands. Collegiate a cappella has become its own genre, and will be covered in a later post.

These are “my” bands. The bands that helped shape who I am, roughly in order of how much they mean to me.

Dave Mattingly: The Musical, Part 5

  • The Bobs The Bobs
    • Known For: Helter Skelter
    • Memories: When I first saw that album came with a warning label that all the sounds were made on or by the human body, I knew I’d enjoy them. I’d always love when Gunner Bob’s Levi’s commercial would air. You wouldn’t have to argue hard to make the case that they single-handedly quartet-handedly created beatbox style a cappella as a genre. The musical world recognized it too, and awarded the band a Grammy for Best New Arrangement for their cover of Helter Skelter.
    • Favorite Songs: Particle Man, March Fanfare, Banana Love, Helmet, Psycho Killer, Ring of Fire, You Can’t Do That
  • The Acappella CompanyRockapella
    • Known For: Elijah Rock
    • Memories: The first song I heard from the Acappella Company was Elijah Rock, which is still a favorite. But I was told that the band was Rockapella, not this one. I spent a few years looking through Rockapella albums to find this song, to no avail. When I finally found the right band, I was thrilled to find an extensive repertoire of new a cappella music to explore.
    • Favorite Songs: Give Thanks, We Bow Down, Only Truth, Rock of Ages, He Gave Her Water
  • The Trenchcoats / The CoatsTrenchcoats
    • Known For: I Can See Clearly Now
    • Memories: The Trenchcoats attack a cappella with enthusiasm and goofiness. I love that they jump into weirdness with both feet. They could almost qualify as a comedy band.
    • Favorite Songs: All You Can Eat, Faith, Mary’s Nachos, These Boots were Made for Walking, 500 Miles, Down on the Corner

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