Louisville Music

I used to be a radio DJ back in the ’80s and ’90s, focusing mostly on punk and comedy. In a way, I guess my whole life continues to focus on punk and comedy…

One of my favorite Louisville singers, Joan Shelley, just made the LA Times’ Best Albums of 2015 list.

And Houndmouth just made David “World Cafe” Dye’s Top Ten Albums of 2015.

Here are some local bands that I like, organized vaguely by genre:

Here are some likely radio stations where you might hear some of these groups:

  • WFPK, the NPR king of indie radio
  • WNAS, broadcast from a high school for 75 years
  • ARTxFM, online station with a radio frequency forthcoming
  • Crescent Hill Radio, all local all the time
  • Ville TV, online TV that also covers the local music scene

The blog Backseat Sandbar keeps an extensive list of local talent, venues, shops, etc.

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