Health Tech

Thursday was the annual XlterateHealth’s Demo Day. The healthcare startups involved all showed off their latest and greatest ideas and achievements. I love checking out the new ideas that inventors and creators come up with.

Here are the companies that were there showing their wares:


  • iClinical is an app for trial clinicians to collect, analyze, and display realtime test results, saving months of time in the research process. Also, since the data is pulled in as it happens, they can quickly respond to changes. Imagine that during the trial, they find out that someone with a certain condition or taking a certain drug has died. The clinicians could send out an instant alert to others in the same metaphorical boat to have them stop the test and seek help.
  • Trajectory is a data analysis tool that studies lots of patients who have had a similar health occurrence (stroke, heart attack, etc.), and finds similarities before and after. This helps to identify accurate warning signs and the most effect treatment.
  • SYSGenomics uses molecular diagnostic tests to predict which type of cancer treatment is likely to be the most effective for any given cancer patient.
  • MedUX combines a video display and a sterile wireless joystick so that doctors can access medical systems even after they’ve scrubbed up.


  • Inscope invented a laryngoscope (the tube that doctors use to intuabte your airways) that is wifi enabled with an onboard video feed. That makes it easier and safer for the tubes to go into the right place without scraping or bruising the throat as it goes.
  • NormaLyte created a drink mix that reverses the effect of dehydration. This is also great for relief efforts in areas where water is rare or tainted, by helping people’s bodies get more use out of the water that they do drink.
  • iPillbox is a pill organizer that let doctors and caregivers monitor whether or not their patients have taken their medicines. Imagine that your parents are aging and taking many types of medications at different frequencies throughout the day; this could alert you that they missed their lunchtime pills.

This year, the event was held at the Play Dance Bar, which I hadn’t been to yet. (Me not frequenting dance clubs; go figure.) The place was decorated for Halloween. Very nicely done, too.

Here’s the Business First article about the event.

Thursday was also the “Data! Fostering Health Innovation in Kentucky and Ohio 2015” event, that I didn’t hear about early enough to get involved with. But a friend who went told me that even thought “data” was the first word in the event, it was mostly Department of Health officials talking about policy. Bullet dodged.

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