Career Planning

This morning, I spoke for the ladies at Dress For Success about finding and getting the right career.

Desiree Thayer, who sits with me on the board of TALK (the Technology Association of Louisville Kentucky), invited me. Besides being a techie and business leader, Desiree is also the singer for Front Porch Prophets and founder of the recording label Earthtone Analog Recording Company.

My own career has been an odd one, including space shuttling, virtualizing, radioing, graphic designing, writing, publishing, preaching, teaching, programming, databasing, conferencing, scrumming, gaming, hacking, and more. My degree in engineering math and computer science was counterbalanced by minors in psychology and philosophy; I like using both halves of my brain.

Here’s the career advice cheat sheet that I gave to my students, and a sample of my own resume.

In short:
• know yourself
• know your community
• know your company
• know how to approach

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