2 Live Jews – Oi! It’s So Humid
2 Nu – This is Ponderous
2 Unlimited – Get Ready for This
5, 6, 7, 8s – Woo Hoo
13th Floor Elevators – You’re Gonna Miss Me
18 Wheelers – Annie Waits
23 String Band – Girls
23 String Band – Long Hot Summer Days
49th Parallel – Labourer
311 – All Mixed Up
A3 – Woke Up This Morning
A Cappella – Elijah Rock
Aaliyah – Try Again
Aaron Freeman – English and Western Stallion
Aaron Neville – I Bid You Goodnight
ABC – Be Near Me
ABC – Look of Love
Abigail Washburn – Banjo Picking Girl
Abigail Washburn – City of Refuge
AC/DC – Big Balls
Academical Village People – Kate
Academical Village People – Promise
Acappella – A Cappella
Acappella – Aint’a That Good News
Acappella – All Hail the Power
Acappella – Amazing Grace
Acappella – Answer My Prayer
Acappella – Arise, My Love
Acappella – Blessed Assurance
Acappella – Brother Taylor
Acappella – Criminal on the Cross
Acappella – Elijah Rock
Acappella – Every Time I Feel the Spirit
Acappella – Everybody Said (But Nobody Did)
Acappella – Father
Acappella – Get to the Point
Acappella – Give Thanks
Acappella – Go Tell John
Acappella – God Has Smiles on Me
Acappella – Good Livin’
Acappella – Grandma’s
Acappella – He Gave Her Water
Acappella – Holy, Holy, Holy
Acappella – How Lovely is Your Dwelling Place
Acappella – How Majestic is Your Name
Acappella – Hush
Acappella – I am Dwelling on a Mountain
Acappella – I’ll Fly Away
Acappella – I’m at Your Mercy
Acappella – If There were No God
Acappella – In Jesus’ Name
Acappella – It is Well
Acappella – It’s the Blood
Acappella – Jesus Touch My Heart
Acappella – Let There Be Love
Acappella – Life
Acappella – Lift Every Voice
Acappella – Medley
Acappella – More than Conquerors
Acappella – My Lord and My God
Acappella – Not My Will but Thine
Acappella – Now to Him
Acappella – O How I Love Jesus
Acappella – O Sacred Head
Acappella – Only Truth
Acappella – Rescue
Acappella – Rock of Ages
Acappella – Rocking Song
Acappella – Shout of Praise
Acappella – Softly and Tenderly
Acappella – Special Delivery
Acappella – Special Kind of Love
Acappella – Spiritual Touch
Acappella – Stand on the Rock
Acappella – Take It Away
Acappella – Talk to Jah
Acappella – Teaching the Truth in Love
Acappella – There is Power in the Blood
Acappella – Walkin’ That Line
Acappella – We Bow Down
Acappella – Well on My Way
Acappella – When I Survey the Old Rugged Cross
Acappella – Who is Gonna Tell the Child
Acappella – You are the God
Acappella Fellas – Barenaked Ladies Medley
Acappella Fellas – Bye Bye Bye
Acappella Fellas – Gold Digger (Polka Remix)
Acappella Fellas – Goodbye
Acappella Fellas – Hey There Delilah
Acappella Fellas – I’ve Just Seen a Face
Acappella Fellas – Lean On Me
Acappella Fellas – Lion Sleeps Tonight
Acappella Fellas – Motown Philly
Acappella Fellas – Ring of Fire
Acappella Fellas – Supersize It (Interlude)
Acappella Fellas – Thank You
Acappella Fellas – We’re the Fellas
ACDMNM – My Name is Back in Black
Ace of Base – All that She Wants
Ace T and the Hinderburg Ground Crew – Crazy
Action Figure Party- Action Figure Party
Adam Ant – Puss ‘n’ Boots
Adele – I’ll Be Waiting
Adele – Right As Rain
Adele – Rolling in the Deep
Adventure – Getting Over You
Adventure – That’s Where the Punks Come From
Aerosmith – Janie’s Got a Gun
Aerosmith – Other Side
Aerosmith – Sweet Emotion
Afroman – Because I Got High
Afromen – Because We’re Too White
Ages and Ages – Divisionary
Air – La Femme d’Argent
Airplane Crashers – White Rabbit
AJR – I’m Ready
Akon – Belly Dancer
Akon – Right Now (Na Na Na)
Al Kooper – Magic in My Socks
Al Stewart – Year of the Cat
Alabama Shakes – Heavy Chevy
Alan Parsons Project – Breakdown
Alan Parsons Project – Psychobabble
Alan Parsons Project – Raven
Alaska – Resistance
Albert Kuvezin and Yat-Kha – Love Will Tear Us Apart
Albert Kuvezin and Yat-Kha – When the Levee Breaks
Alexi Murdoch – All My Days
Alexi Murdoch – Dream About Flying
Alferd Packer Memorial String Band – Pi
Alfred E. Newman – It’s a Gas
Alice Cooper – Ballad of Dwight Fry
Alice Cooper – Can’t Sleep, Clowns Will Eat Me
Alice Cooper – Elected
Alina Smith – Piano and Sax
Alina Smith – Unspoken
All-4-One – She’s Got Skillz
Allan Sherman – Al ‘n’ Yetta
Allan Sherman – Average Song
Allan Sherman – Good Advice
Allan Sherman – Harvey and Sheila
Allan Sherman – Mexican Hat Dance
Allan Sherman – My Zelda
Allan Sherman – Sarah Jackman
Allan Sherman – Sir Greenbaum’s Madrigal
Allan Sherman – When I was a Lad
Allan Sherman – You Went the Wrong Way, Old King Louie
Allen Stone – Sleep
Almeda Riddle – Poor Wayfaring Stranger
ALO – Speed of Dreams
Alt-J – Left Hand Free
Altered Images – Happy Birthday
Alternative TV – Action Time Vision
Alvvays – Plimsoll Punks
Am I Right All Stars – D & D
Amanda Shires and Jacob Isbell – Bulletproof
Amateurs – Come Sail Away
Amazin’ Blue – Taco Bell Canon
Amazing Royal Crowns – Do the Devil
Amazulu – Excitable
America – I’d Like to Teach the World to Sing
American Authors – Best Day of My Life
American Breed – Bend Me Shape Me
American Folk – New York
American Soviets – CCCP
Amon Tobin – Bridge
Amos Lee – Street Corner Preacher
Amy Correia – Bike
Amy Correia – Blind River Boy
Amy Correia – Christmas in LA
Amy Grant – El Shaddai
Amy Grant – Emmanuel
Amy MacDonald – Mr Rock N Roll
Amy Rigby – Are We Ever Gonna Have Sex Again
Amy Rigby – Dancing with Joey Ramone
Amy Rigby – Don’t Ever Change
Amy Rigby – Good Girls
Amy Rigby – Housecleaning
Amy Rigby – Wait til I Get You Home
Amy Rigby and Todd Snider – Til the Wheels Fall Off
Amy X Neuburg – Atten-tion
Amy X Neuburg – Every Little Stain
Amy X Neuburg – Finally Black
Amy X Neuburg – Flaky Strudel
Amy X Neuburg – Insomniac
Amy X Neuburg – Just a Sound
Amy X Neuburg – Life Stepped In
Amy X Neuburg – My Fuzzy Muse
Amy X Neuburg – My God
Amy X Neuburg – Residue
Amy X Neuburg – Shower Song
Amy X Neuburg – Stone
Amy X Neuburg – Tattoo Song
Amy X Neuburg – These Heavy Gaps
Ana Laan – Paradise
Ana Tijoux – Antipatriarca
Andre Williams – Tricks
Andrew Bird – Capsized
Andrew Bird – Two Way Action
Andy Griffith – Discovery of America
Andy Griffith – Hamlet
Andy Griffith – Opera Carmen
Andy Griffith – Preacher and the Bear
Andy Griffith – Romeo and Juliet
Andy Griffith – Silhouettes
Andy Griffith – What It was was Football
Andy Stewart – Donald Where’s Your Troosers
Angels – My Boyfriend’s Back
Angie Martinez – If I Could Go
Angry Hobbit – Fight On
Angry Hobbit – Kennedy Street March
Angry Hobbit – Lighthouse of You
Ani DiFranco – Fourth of July
Ani DiFranco – Which Side are You On
Animal Collective – FloriDada
Animal Collective – Lying on the Grass
Animals – Gonna Send You Back to Walker
Animals – We Gotta Get Out of This Place
Anna Kendrick – Cups
Anna Ternheim – Calling Love
Anna Ternheim – I’ll Follow You Tonight
Anna Ternheim – Today is a Good Day
Anna Ternheim – When Tomorrow Comes
Anne Hill and Cindy Mangsen – Housewife’s Lament
Annie Lennox – Train in Vain
Anthony Newley – That Noise
Apache – Outside
Apache Indian – Boomshakalak
Apollo Zero – NY Groove Theory
ApologetiX – Ain’t That a Miracle
ApologetiX – Amos
ApologetiX – Aquila
ApologetiX – Are You Gonna Be Ike’s Girl
ApologetiX – Back in the New Testament
ApologetiX – Bad Dad
ApologetiX – Bible in Hand
ApologetiX – Bone Digger
ApologetiX – Boulevard of Both Extremes
ApologetiX – Boys Aren’t Backin’ Down
ApologetiX – Called My Wife
ApologetiX – Catch That Fever
ApologetiX – Choirboy
ApologetiX – Come Out and Pray
ApologetiX – Come, Whale, Away
ApologetiX – Corinthians
ApologetiX – Death
ApologetiX – Did You Ever Ask Where Cain Got His Wife
ApologetiX – Don’t Bring Me Cows
ApologetiX – Enemy Lines
ApologetiX – Ephesians
ApologetiX – Gideon (Man of God)
ApologetiX – He Really Got Mad
ApologetiX – Heavenly Hill
ApologetiX – Hello, I’m J Jackson
ApologetiX – Here I Go (Against All I’ve Known)
ApologetiX – Huge Slumber Party
ApologetiX – Humpty Dumpty Country Club
ApologetiX – Hurry Home Wayward Son
ApologetiX – I Made the Team
ApologetiX – I Saw the Answer There
ApologetiX – I’m Cured
ApologetiX – I’m Gonna Feed (500 Mouths)
ApologetiX – It’s All in God’s Control
ApologetiX – It’s Not Eden
ApologetiX – Jacob’s Name is Israel
ApologetiX – Jehovah
ApologetiX – Jericho
ApologetiX – Judgement Gets Passed
ApologetiX – Keep Your Arms Steady
ApologetiX – Life in the Last Days
ApologetiX – Lions
ApologetiX – Livin’ What Jesus Spoke Of
ApologetiX – Lost and Found
ApologetiX – Naomi Gonna Be with Ruth
ApologetiX – No One is Good but One
ApologetiX – No Shepherd Tonight-New Other Nature
ApologetiX – None Too Ladylike
ApologetiX – Not Some Old Fantasy
ApologetiX – O Holy Night (5 or 6 B.C.)
ApologetiX – Obadiah
ApologetiX – Offer Your Prayer
ApologetiX – People
ApologetiX – People are Lazy
ApologetiX – Play Fair Delilah
ApologetiX – Pray Now (Lost Art)
ApologetiX – Read Ephesians
ApologetiX – Real Sin Savior
ApologetiX – Rocky Start
ApologetiX – Rocky’s Now My Name
ApologetiX – Sabbath Day’s Quite Alright for Nice Things
ApologetiX – Save Your Voice (Quiet Down, Boy)
ApologetiX – Second Glance
ApologetiX – Shoestring Tie-er
ApologetiX – Shovin’, Crushin’, Squeezin’
ApologetiX – Sin of the World
ApologetiX – Singled You Out
ApologetiX – Smarten Up
ApologetiX – So Render
ApologetiX – Somebody Sold Me
ApologetiX – Spread the Way (Galilee Beach Boys)
ApologetiX – Strangest Folks
ApologetiX – Sufferin’ Just Finished
ApologetiX – Superficial
ApologetiX – Swimmer
ApologetiX – Tasty Plants
ApologetiX – That Daughter
ApologetiX – Time for Me to Die
ApologetiX – Trust Him
ApologetiX – Very Wiser
ApologetiX – Walk on the Water
ApologetiX – Want it Dead or Alive
ApologetiX – We Will Walk Through
ApologetiX – We’re in a Parody Band
ApologetiX – We’re More than Champions
ApologetiX – Who’s There
ApologetiX – Whole Darn Roof Leaks
ApologetiX – Wish You Could Hear
ApologetiX – Won’t Get Born Again
ApologetiX – Yer Maker
Apples in Stereo – Go
April Smith – Colors
April Smith – Terrible Things
Aqualung – Brighter than Sunshine
Arcade Fire – Here Comes the Night Time
Arcade Fire – Sprawl
Arcs – Outta My Mind
Arctic Monkeys – Brianstorm
Arctic Monkeys – Do I Wanna Know
Arctic Monkeys – Don’t Sit Down ‘Cause I’ve Moved Your Chair
Arctic Monkeys – Longer than You’ve Been Alive
Arctic Monkeys – Still Take You Home
Argyles – Alley Oop
Arling and cameron – Speeding Down the Highway Fastest Girl Around
Arlo Guthrie – Motorcycle Song
Armand van Heldens Sampleslaya – Ultrafunkula
Arrogant Worms – Canada’s Really Big
Arrogant Worms – Gaelic Song Wong’s Chinese Buffet
Arrogant Worms – Great to be a Nerd
Arrogant Worms – Happy Happy Birthday Song
Arrogant Worms – Heimlich Maneuver
Arrogant Worms – I am Cow
Arrogant Worms – Jesus’ Brother Bob
Arrogant Worms – Johnny Came Home Headless
Arrogant Worms – Killer Robots from Venus
Arrogant Worms – Last Saskatchewan Pirate
Arrogant Worms – Man Has Needs
Arrogant Worms – Mounted Animal Nature Trail
Arrogant Worms – Rocks and Trees
Arrogant Worms – Steel Drivin’ Man
Art Paul Schlosser – She is a Butterfly of the Lord
Asher Roth – G.R.I.N.D. (Get Ready It’s a New Day)
Asia – Heat of the Moment
Asleep at the Wheel – My Baby Thinks She’s a Train
Association – Along Comes Mary
Association – Cherish
Association – Windy
Astrid Williamson – Hozanna
Astrid Williamson – I am the Boy for You
ATC – Around the World
Audra Mae – Happiest Lamb
Audra Mae – Ne’er-Do-Wells
Audra Mae – River
Aurora – Conqueror
Ausmuteants – New Planet
Austin Lounge Lizards – Dark Side of the Moon
Austin Lounge Lizards – Why Couldn’t We Blow Up Saddam
Austin Powers – Soul Bossa Nova
Avett Brothers – Ain’t No Man
Avett Brothers – Live and Die
Avett Brothers – Tin Man
Avett Brothers – True Sadness
Avicii – Wake Me Up
AVP – Policy of Truth
AVP – So Much to Say
AVP – What I Got
Aztec Camera – Jump
Aztec Two-Step – Persecution and Restoration of Dean Moriarty
B52s – Deadbeat Club
B52s – Roam
B. Bumble & Stingers – Nut Rocker
Babes in Toyland – Sweet ’69
Baby – What Happened to That Boy
Bad Body Double – Imogen Heap
Bad Livers – Honey, I’ve Found a Brand New Way (It’s All the Same to Me)
Bahamas – Little Record Girl
Baker’s Dozen – Lean On Me
Bananas at Large – Da Turdy Point Buck
Bananas at Large – Da Turdy Point Buck II
Bang Bang – Nur Wir Zwei
Barbie and the Kens – Just a Gigolo
Bare, Jr – You Blew Me Off
Barenaked Ladies – Another Postcard
Barenaked Ladies – Four Seconds
Barenaked Ladies – Grade 9
Barenaked Ladies – Pinch Me
Barnes and Barnes – Boogie Woogie Amputee
Barnes and Barnes – Doctor of Dementia
Barnes and Barnes – Fish Heads
Barnes and Barnes – I Gotta Get a Fake ID
Barnes and Barnes – Party in My Pants
Barr Brothers – Half Crazy
Barry Adamson – Jazz Devil
Barry and the Bookbinders – 18 Wheels Later
Barry and the Bookbinders – She Grabbed My Coconuts
Barry McGuire – Eve of Destruction
Bass Drum of Death – Black Don’t Glow
Bassekou Kouyate & Ngoni Ba – I Speak Fula
Bastille – Pompeii
Bastion Soundtrack – Build That Wall (Zia’s Theme)
Bauhaus – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Bauhaus – Slice of Life
Bayonets – Whatcha Got
Bazookahosen – Zulutechno
Be Brave – My Brightest Diamond
Beach Boys – Barbara Ann
Beach Boys – Papa Oom Mow Mow
Beach Boys – Sloop John B
Beach Day – Fades Away
Beach Day – I’m Just Messin’ Around
Beacons – Insect Politics
Beastie Boys – Brass Monkey
Beastie Boys – Girls
Beastie Boys – Intergalactic
Beastie Boys – No Sleep til Brooklyn
Beastie Boys – Remote Control
Beastie Boys – Rhymin’ and Stealin’
Beastie Boys – Sabotage
Beastie Boys – She’s Crafty
Beat Farmers – California Kid
Beat Farmers – Happy Boy
Beat Farmers – Lakeside Trailer Park
Beat Farmers – Zeppelin Medley
Beat Happening – Indian Summer
Beat Happening – Other Side
Beat Happening – Our Secret
Beatles – All Together Now
Beatles – All You Need is Love
Beatles – Carry That Weight
Beatles – Eleanor Rigby
Beatles – I Feel Fine
Beatles – Obladi Oblada
Beatles – Octopus’ Garden
Beatles – Paperback Writer
Beatles – PS I Love You
Beatles – Things We Said Today
Beatles – Twist and Shout
Beatles – Yellow Submarine
Beck – Beercan
Beck – Heart is a Drum
Beck – Loser
Beck – New Pollution
Beck – Satan Gave Me a Taco
Beck – Sissy Neck
Beck – Think I’m in Love
Beck – Tropicalia
Beck – Where It’s At
Beg to Differ – You Can Call Me Al
Beirut – Vagabond
Bell X1 – 4 Minute Mile
Bell X1 – Velcro
Belle and Sebastian – Funny Little Frog
Belle and Sebastian – State that I am In
Belle and Sebastian – Write About Love
Belleville a Capella Choir – Gospel Train
Below Average Dave – Beat You in the Fight
Below Average Dave – Blubberina
Below Average Dave – Don’t Touch My Mohawk
Below Average Dave – Gothic Tension
Below Average Dave – I Am Very Envious of Stuff That’s Rather Worthless
Below Average Dave – Quack
Below Average Dave – That’s My Cooking
Below Average Dave – Tire Muncher
Ben Folds – Annie Waits
Ben Folds and Regina Spektor – You Don’t Know Me
Ben Folds Five – Brick
Ben Harper – Better Way
Ben Harper – Fight Outta You
Ben Harper – Rock N’ Roll is Free
Ben Harper – Steal My Kisses
Ben Harper – Take My Hand
Ben L’Oncle Soul – Seven Nation Army
Ben Lee – Catch My Disease
Ben Sollee – Close to You
Ben Sollee – Electrified
Ben Sollee – Something, Somewhere, Sometime
Ben Sollee – Then I’ll be Happy
Ben Zappa and the 4 Jacks – Why Do Fools Fall in Love
Benny Bennasi – Satisfaction
Bent Bolt & the Nuts – Mechanical Man
Benzino – Rock the Party
Berkeley Men’s Octet – Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Bernard Cribbins – Right Said Fred
Besnard Lakes – Towers Sent Her to Sheets of Sound
Bessie Jones – It Just Suits Me
Bessie Jones – O Day
Beta Band – Round the Bend
Beth Kinderman – Baby Yoda
Beth Kinderman – Drinking Song
Beth Kinderman – Drive
Beth Kinderman – Red Wedding
Beth Kinderman – Redeemer
Beth Orton – 1973
Beth Orton – Call Me the Breeze
Beth Orton – Moon
Better than Ezra – Extra-Ordinary
Betty Johnson – Little Blue Man
Betty Wright – Clean Up Woman
Beyonce – Work It Out
Biblecan – Percheron
Biblecan – Radical Lions
Biblecan – Scission and Csisiji
Big Audio Dynamite – Globe
Big Audio Dynamite – Rush
Big Black – Bad Penny
Big Black – Colombian Necktie
Big Black – Model
Big Black – Power of Independent Trucking
Big Black – Precious Thing
Big Bopper – Chantilly Lace
Big Boys – We Got Your Money
Big Daddy – Money for Nothing
Big Daddy – Safety Dance
Big Daddy Weave – Word of God Speak
Big Pig – I Can’t Break Away
Big Tymers – Gangsta Girl
Big Tymers – Oh Yeah
Big White – You Know I Love You
Bill Engvall – Brokefood
Bill Engvall – Discovery Channel
Bill Mills – Eat Your Brain
Bill Withers – Ain’t No Sunshine
Bill Withers – Lean on Me
Billy and the Boingers – U Stink but I Love You
Billy Bragg – Greetings to the New Brunette
Billy Idol – Cradle of Love
Billy Idol – Dancing with Myself
Billy Idol – Eyes without a Face
Billy Idol – Flesh for Fantasy
Billy Idol – Hot in the city
Billy Idol – to Be a Lover
Billy idol – White Wedding
Billy Joe Royal – Down in the Boondocks
Billy Joel – Don’t Ask Me Why
Billy Joel – My Life
Billy Joel – Pressure
Billy Joel – You May Be Right
Billy Nayer – Ham
Binghamton Crosbys – Fat Bottomed Girls
Bird and the Bee – Again and Again
Birdman – 4 My Town
Birthday Party – Dead Song
Bjork – Human Behaviour
Black Angels – Telephone
Black Crowes – Good Morning Captain
Black Eyed Peas – Boom Boom Pow
Black Eyed Peas – Don’t Mess with My Heart
Black Eyed Peas – Hey Mama
Black Eyed Peas – I Gotta Feeling
Black Eyed Peas – My Humps
Black Eyed Peas – Pump It Louder
Black Eyed Peas – Time
Black Joe Lewis – Booty City
Black Joe Lewis – Come to My Party
Black John – Soul of John Black
Black Keys – Fever
Black Keys – Howlin’ for You
Black Keys – Little Black Submarines
Black Keys – Lonely Boy
Black Lips – New Direction
Black Oak Arkansas – Jim Dandy
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Ain’t No Easy Way
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Beat the Devil’s Tattoo
Black Rebel Motorcycle Club – Whatever Happened to My Rock & Roll
Black Sheep – This or That
Blake Babies – Out There
Blancmange – Don’t Tell Me
Blanks – Underdog Theme
Blaque – 808
Blasters – Hey, Girl
Blasters – I’m Shakin’
Bleached – Looking for a Fight
Bleached – Love Spells
Bleached – Next Stop
Bleached – Sleepwalking
Blenders – Faith
Blenders – You Can’t Do That
Blind Melon – Change
Blind Melon – No Rain
Blink 182 – I Miss You
Blitzen Trapper – to be Young
Bloc Party – Octopus
Blondie – Attack of the Giant Ants
Bloodhound Gang – Bad Touch
Blotto – I Wanna be a Lifeguard
Blotto – She’s Got a Big Boyfriend
Blue Chips – One Hen
Blue Man Group – Sing Along
Blue Man Group – White Rabbit
Blue Oyster Cult – Burnin’ for You
Blue Oyster Cult – Red and the Black
Blue Rodeo – Million Miles
Blue Swede – Hooked on a Feeling
Blues Image – Ride Captain Ride
Blues Traveler – Most Precarious
Blues Traveler – Runaround
Blur – Go Out
Blur – Song #2
Bob and Tom – Norfolk and Waypal Overnight Delivery
Bob Dylan – All Along the Watchtower
Bob Dylan – Blowin in the Wind
Bob Dylan – Don’t Think Twice, It’s All Right
Bob Dylan – Duquesne Whistle
Bob Dylan – Everything is Broken
Bob Dylan – Forever Young
Bob Dylan – Gotta Serve Somebody
Bob Dylan – Hurricane
Bob Dylan – I Shall Be Released
Bob Dylan – I’ll Be Your Baby Tonight
Bob Dylan – If Not for You
Bob Dylan – It Ain’t Me, Babe
Bob Dylan – It’s All Over Now, Baby Blue
Bob Dylan – Jokerman
Bob Dylan – Just Like a Woman
Bob Dylan – Knockin On Heavens Door
Bob Dylan – Lay, Lady, Lay
Bob Dylan – Like a Rolling Stone
Bob Dylan – Maggies Farm
Bob Dylan – Mighty Quinn
Bob Dylan – Mozambique
Bob Dylan – Mr. Tambourine Man
Bob Dylan – Not Dark Yet
Bob Dylan – Positively 4th Street
Bob Dylan – Rainy Day Women #12 & 35
Bob Dylan – Shelter from the Storm
Bob Dylan – Silvio
Bob Dylan – Subterranean Homesick Blues
Bob Dylan – Tangled Up in Blue
Bob Dylan – The Times They are A-Changin
Bob Dylan – Things Have Changed
Bob Dylan – You Aint Goin Nowhere
Bob Fitts – Victory Chant
Bob Lind – Elusive Butterfly
Bob Marley – Redemption Song
Bob McFadden – Mummy
Bob Newhart – Driving Instructor
Bob Newhart – King Kong
Bob Newhart – Nude Police Lineup
Bob Newhart – Tobacco
Bob Ricci – Constipated
Bob Ricci – Five for One
Bob Ricci – Hermaphrodite
Bob Ricci – Mrs. Claus
Bob Ricci – Wonderbra
Bob Rivers – All I Want to Do
Bob Rivers – All My Songs are Spoken
Bob Rivers – Ally McBeal
Bob Rivers – Baby Madonna
Bob Rivers – Big Ton o’ Moola
Bob Rivers – Boys Night out for Weiners
Bob Rivers – Can’t Afford to Drive My Car
Bob Rivers – Feeling Boobies
Bob Rivers – Girl with Emphysema
Bob Rivers – Gobble Gobble
Bob Rivers – Hello I Love You
Bob Rivers – Hemarrhoids
Bob Rivers – Hey Kurt Nice Plot
Bob Rivers – Johnson’s Fastballs
Bob Rivers – Media Killed the Royalty Star
Bob Rivers – Nirvana Before Christmas
Bob Rivers – Piddle in the Night
Bob Rivers – Plump
Bob Rivers – Pokemon
Bob Rivers – Rock and Roll Scooby Doo
Bob Rivers – Ross Perot Jack
Bob Rivers – Shouldn’t Touch This
Bob Rivers – Snuck into America
Bob Rivers – Spotted Owl Song
Bob Rivers – This Ain’t No Barney
Bob Rivers – Wrong Foot Amputated
Bob Rivers – Your Mouth is Like Sam Kinison
Bob Schneider – Effect
Bob Schneider – Everything You Love
Bob Schneider – Tarantula
Bob Seger – Horizontal Bop
Bob Seger – Ramblin Gamblin Man
Bobby Bare Jr – North of Alabama by Mornin’
Bobby Bare Jr – Rock & Roll Halloween
Bobby Bloom – Montego Bay
Bobby Darin – Mack the Knife
Bobby Pickett – Star Drek
Bobby Soxx – Hate in the 80s
Bobby Vee – Rubber Ball
Bobby Vee – Take Good Care of My Baby
Bobby Vee – Thousand Eyes
Bobby Womack – Love is Gonna Lift You Up
Bobs – Helter Skelter
Bobs – March Fanfare
Bobs – Particle Man
Bobs – Psycho Killer
Bodeans – Fade Away
Bodeco – Gunslingin’ Zulu Queen
Bohicas – Where You At
Bolshoi – Way
Bomb the Bass – Beat Dis
Bon Iver – Skinny Love
Boney M – Rivers of Babylon
Bongos Bass and Bob – Clothes of the Dead
Bongos Bass and Bob – Oral Hygiene
Bonnie Bishop – Bad Seed
Bonnie Prince Billy – No Bad News
Boo Radleys – Wake Up Boo
Boogie Boys – Fly Girl
Book of Love – Oranges and Lemons
Book of Love – Tubular Bells
Book of Love – Witchcraft
Boom! Bap! Pow! – Suit
Bosco Rogers – True Romance
Bostich and Fussible – I Count the Ways
Boston College Heightsmen – That Good Old a Capella
Bouncing Souls – Ole
Bow Wow – Let’s Get Down
Bowser and Blue – My Polka Dot Undies
Boxtops – Letter
Boy Least Likely to – Balloon on a Broken String
Boys Don’t Cry – I Wanna Be a Cowboy
BPA – He’s Frank
BPA – Toe Jam
Brandi Carlile – Dreams
Brandi Carlile – Raise Hell
Brandi Carlile – Wherever is Your Heart
Breeders – Cannonball
Breeders – Drivin’ on 9
Brenda – Pterodactyl
Brentwood Academy Singers – Before the Throne
Brentwood Academy Singers – Shout to the Lord
Brett Dennen – Blessed
Brett Dennen – Comeback Kid (That’s My Dog)
Brett Dennen – Darlin’ Do Not Fear
Brett Dennen – When I Go
Brian Eno – Been There, Done That
Brian Eno – King’s Lead Hat
Brian Hyland – Sealed with a Kiss
Brian Setzer – Jump Jive an Wail
Bright Eyes – Another Travelin’ Song
Bright Eyes – Jejune Stars
Brigid Kaelin – Future Mr. Used-to-Be
Britney Spears – Criminal
Britney Spears – Work Bitch
Brobdignagian Bards – Exclamations
Brobdignagian Bards – Hobbit
Brobdignagian Bards – If I Had a Million Ducats
Broken Bells – Ghost Inside
Broken Spurs – Shake
Broken West – Big City
Broncho – What
Bronski Beat – Hit That Perfect Beat
Brother – Romp and Circumstance
Brown Derbies – Birdhouse in Your Soul
Brown Derbies – Fell in Love
Brown Derbies – She Moves in Mysterious Ways
Brown Derbies – Who are You
Brown Jabberwocks – Take Five
Bruce ‘Baby Man’ Baum – Marty Feldman Eyes
Bruce McCulloch – Stalking
Bruce McCullough – 40 Houswives
Bruce McCullough – Daves I Know
Bruce Springsteen – Death to My Hometown
Bruce Springsteen – O Mary Don’t You Weep
Brunching Shuttlecocks – 88 Lines about 42 Presidents
Bruno Mars – Lazy Song
Bryan Ferry – Don’t Stop the Dance
Bryan Ferry – Loop De Li
Buckcherry – For the Movies
Buffalo Chips – King of Spain
Buffalo Chips – Never There
Buffalo Springfield – Mr. Soul
Burlap to Cashmere – Build a Wall
Burning Hell – Men Without Hats
Burning Sensations – Belly of the Whale
Burt Shepard – Has Anybody Seen Our Cat
Busta Rhymes & Mariah Carey – I Know What You Want
Butch Walker and the Black Widows – Summer of ’89
Buttertones – Sadie’s a Sadist
Buzzcocks – What Do I Get
Buzzcocks – Why Can’t I Touch It
C+C Music Factory – Everybody Dance Now
Cage the Elephant – Ain’t No Rest for the Wicked
Cage the Elephant – Back Against the Wall
Cage the Elephant – Cold Cold Cold
Cage the Elephant – Mess Around
Cage the Elephant – Portuguese Knife Fight
Cake – Distance
Cake – How Do You Afford Your Rock ‘n’ Roll Lifestyle
Cake – Italian Leather Sofa
Cake – Let Me Go
Cake – Mahna Mahna
Cake – Never There
Cake – Perhaps, Perhaps, Perhaps
Cake – Sad Songs and Waltzes
Cake – Sheep Go to Heaven
Cake – Short Skirt, Long Jacket
Cake – Sick of You
Cake – When You Sleep
Calexico – Alone Again Or
Calexico – Writer’s Minor Holiday
Call – I Still Believe
Cameo – Word Up
Camper Van Beethoven – Pictures of Matchstick Men
Camper Van Beethoven – Take the Skinheads Bowling
Camper Van Beethoven – Where the Hell is Bill
Camryn Manheim Steamroller – Butterball
Candy Skins – Submarine Song
Canned Heat – Going Up the Country
Capitol Steps – I Enjoy Being Al Gore
Capitol Steps – Lirty Dies Copular Pulture
Capitol Steps – Mad Cow Disease
Capitol Steps – Middle Aged Lady Named Janet Reno
Captain Beefheart – Abba Zaba
Caravan Palace – Clash
Cardigans – Lovefool
Cardigans – My Favorite Game
Carla Kihlstedt – Rooting for the Shy Librarian
Carla Ulbrich – Cheney’s Got Your Back
Carla Ulbrich – Force is the Force
Carla Ulbrich – Guy Who Changes the Light Bulbs
Carla Ulbrich – I Got Tremors
Carla Ulbrich – If I Did It
Carla Ulbrich – Name is a Name (My Name is Carla)
Carla Ulbrich – Patient 2946065
Carla Ulbrich – Swamp Thing
Carlos Borzenie – My Wife Left Town with a Banana
Carolina Chocolate Drops – Cornbread and Butter Beans
Carrie Dahlby – D
Carrie Dahlby – Everything’s a Song
Carrie Dahlby – Fight Club! the Musical
Carrie Dahlby – Hazy Shade of Killer
Carrie Dahlby – I Really Did Go to School Naked
Carrie Dahlby – Jabba Jive
Carrie Dahlby – Last Half Birthday
Carrie Dahlby – Pregnancy is Strange
Carrie Dahlby – Reelin’ in the Grease
Carrie Dahlby – Sleep Walking Zombies
Carrie Dahlby – Twitter Tweetin’
Carrie Dahlby – Type Two Diabetes
Carrie Dahlby – What’s Wrong with This Song
Carrie Dahlby – World is Made Of
Carrie Dahlby – Wreckin’ by the Book
Cars – Dangerous Type
Cars – Free
Cars – Good Times Roll
Cars – Just What I Needed
Cars – Magic
Cars – Moving in Stereo
Cars – My Best Friend’s Girl
Cars – Since You’re Gone
CASA – Spinach
Cassius – Action
Cast of Thousands – They’ll Know We’re Americans by Our Guns
Castaways – Liar Liar
Cat Empire – Fishies
Cat Empire – On My Way
Cat Empire – So Many Nights
Cayucas – High School Lover
Cayucas – Summer Thing
CCR – Down on the Corner
CCR – Hey Tonight
CCR – Look in Out My Back Door
CCR – Up Around the Bend
Cee-Lo Green – Forget You
Ceremony – Bleeder
Chad and Jeremy – Summer Song
Chad and Jeremy – Yesterday’s Gone
Chaka Khan – I Feel for You
Chambers Brothers – Time Has Come Today
Chance Langton – I’m Better than Them
Chance the Rapper – Blessings
Charles Feelgood – Safety Dance
Charlie Drake – My Boomerang Won’t Come Back
Charlie Mars – How I Roll
Charming Hostess – Death is a Job
Charming Hostess – Stay Up Late
Chasing Pandora – Me and You
Chattertocks – As I Lay Me Down
Chattertocks – Elsewhere
Chattertocks – Give Me One Reason
Chattertocks – What You Wish For
Chaz Jankel – Number One
Cheech and Chong – Basketball Jones
Cheech and Chong – Dave
Cherry Hill Singers – Rytmus
Cherry poppin daddies – Mr White Keys
Cherry Poppin’ Daddies – Zoot Suit Riot
Chesterfield Kings – Elevator Ride
Chevelles – Get It On
Cheyenne Marie Mize – Friend
Cheyenne Marie Mize – Going Under
Cheyenne Marie Mize – Wishing Well
Chickenhawk – Borntobewild
Chiffons – Sweettalkinguy
Chilliwack – My Girl
Chills – Heavenly Pop Hit
China Crisis – King in a Catholic Style
Chinese Detectives – Where Do the Boys Go
Chingy – Holiday Inn
ChkChkChk – Careful
ChkChkChk – Slyd
Choir Boys – Run to Paradise
Chris Falson – I Walk by Faith
Chris Isaak – Diddly Daddy
Chris Isaak – Please Don’t Call
Chris Isaak – San Francisco Days
Chris Joss – Luna Rides Back
Chris Tomlin – Famous One
Chris Tomlin – God of Wonders
Chris Tomlin – How Great is Our God
Chris Tomlin – I’m Forgiven
Chris Tomlin – Not to Us
Chris Whitley – Indian Summer
Chris Whitley – to Joy (Revolution of the Innocents)
Chrisening Christians – God Will F— You Up
Chrissie Hynde – Dark Sunglasses
Christ’s Church for Our Community – Awesome God
Christ’s Church for Our Community – Gotta Be Ready
Christ’s Church for Our Community – Jesus Loves Me
Christ’s Church for Our Community – Lord You are Good
Christian Death – This is Heresy
Christine Lavin – Amoeba Hop
Christophe Murdock – Life of an Outlaw
Christophe Murdock – Road Rash
Chromatics – Cosmic Radio Show
Chromatics – Doppler
Chromatics – High Energy Groove
Chromatics – Sun Song
Chromatics – Swift Song
Chromatics – Wolf 359
Chubby Checker – Limbo Rock
Chuck Prophet – Countrified Inner City Technological Man
Chuck Prophet – Summertime Thing
Chumbawamba – Bankrobber
Chumbawamba – Tubthumping
Ciara – One-Two Step
Cinderella – Grab It
Cirque du So What – Let’s Do Improv
Citizen Cope – Back Together
Citizen Cope – Brother Lee
Citizen King – Better Days
CIV – Can’t Wait One Minute More
Civil Wars – Barton Hollow
Clairy Brown – Love Letter
Claremont Shades – If You Don’t Know Me by Now
Clash – Bank Robber
Clash – Brand New Cadillac
Clash – Should I Stay or Should I Go
Clash – This is Radio Clash
Classics IV – Spooky
Classix Nouveaux – Guilty
Clean – Tally Ho
Clef Hangers – No Diggity
Clef Hangers – Way You Move
Clem Snide – Me No
Cleopatra’s Pimp – Think Off Your Clothes
Clipse – Grinding
Clipse – When the Last Time
Club Nouveaux – Lean on Me
Clusterfolk – Bending Spoons
Clusterfolk – Cabin Number 9
Clusterfolk – Circle the Wagons
Clusterfolk – City of the Wind
Clusterfolk – Cowboy
Clusterfolk – Dawn at Last
Clusterfolk – Dusk
Clusterfolk – Feral Boys
Clusterfolk – Inis Mor
Clusterfolk – It’s Not Enough
Clusterfolk – Meth Lab Dog
Clusterfolk – Mongo Floyd
Clusterfolk – Never Kill What You Can’t Eat
Clusterfolk – Odd Sounds at Midnight
Clusterfolk – Stole My Mustard
Clusterfolk – Wooing Nori
Clyde McPhatter – Lover’s Question
Clyde McPhatter – When My Little Girl is Smiling
Co Co Beaux – Crazy
Cody ChesnuTT – Don’t Go the Other Way
Colbie Caillat – Brighter than the Sun
Cold War Kids – Hang Me Up to Dry
Cold War Kids – Passing the Hat
Cold War Kids – Robbers
Cold War Kids – Something is Not Right with Me
Coldplay – Clocks
Coldplay – Viva La Vida
Colgate 13 – Kiss from a Rose
Collective Soul – Better Now
Collective Soul – December
Collective Soul – Where the River Flows
Colour Field – Can’t Get Enough of You Baby
Colourblind James Experience – Considering a Move to Memphis
Coming Down – Clap Your Hands Say Yeah
Communards – Don’t Leave Me This Way
Company B – Fascinated
Concrete Blonde – Bloodletting
Connie Vannett – Pussycat Song
Consortium of Genius – Blinded by Science
Consortium of Genius – Mallet of Metal
Coolies – Coke Light Ice
Coolies – Ice Cold Soul
Coolies – Scarborough Fair
Coolies – Shirts and Skins
Coral – Holy Revelation
Corb Lund – Bible on the Dash
Corky and the Juice Pigs – Curly’s Pants
Corky and the Juice Pigs – Pants
Cornell Hangovers – High and Dry
Cornershop – Brimful of Asha
Corrs – Breathless
Cory Chisel – Never Meant to Love You
Cottonwood – Give Me One Reason
Cottonwood – God’s Gift to Women
Cottonwood – I’m Beginning to See the Light
Cottonwood – Jookie Jango
Cottonwood – Morning Take Me
Cottonwood – Neo Nazi Samba
Cottonwood – Tarantula
Count Five – Psychotic Reaction
Countdown Singers – Blowing Me Up (with Her Love)
Countdown Singers – Israelites
Countdown Singers – My Love
Countdown Singers – Walk Like an Egyptian
Counting Crows – Earthquake Driver
Country Dick Montana – Are You Drinkin’ with Me Jesus
Court Yard Hounds – Bom Bom Bom
Courtney Barnett – Aqua Profunda
Courtney Barnett – Avant Gardener
Courtney Barnett – David
Cowbell – Tallulah
Cowboy Mouth – Joe Strummer
Cowboy Mouth – Voodoo Shoppe
Cowsills – Hair
Cowsills – Indian Lake
Cracker – I Hate My Generation
Cracker – Teen Angst (What the World Needs Now)
Craig and Dean Phillips – Revelation Song
Craig David – What’s Your Flava
Craig Finn – New Friend Jesus
Cramps – Crusher
Cramps – Goo Goo Muck
Cramps – Human Fly
Cranberries – Dreams
Crispian St Peter – Pied Piper
Crown of Thorns – Paranoid
Crystal Castles – Not in Love
Crystal Method – Busy Child
Crystal Waters – Gypsy Woman (She’s Homeless)
Crystal Wolf – 500 Orcs
Crystals – Da Doo Ron Ron
Crystals – Then He Kissed Me
Cucumbers – My Boyfriend
Cults – Go Outside
Culture Beat – Mister Vain
Cure – Close to Me
Cure – Fire in Cairo
Cure – Friday I’m in Love
Cure – Just Like Heaven
Cure – Let’s Go to Bed
Cure – Love Cats
Cure – Love Song
Curio Key Club – Running Man
Curt the Camera Guy – Dwarven Mine
Curt the Camera Guy – Short Bow Long Rapier
Curt the Camera Guy – What’s My Save Again
Cyrkle – Red Rubber Ball
Cyrkle – Turn Down Day
Da Yoopers – Chicquito War
Da Yoopers – Fishin’ Wit Fred
Da Yoopers – Ice Fish Baby
Da Yoopers – My Car Won’t Go
Da Yoopers – Rusty Chevrolet
Da Yoopers – Ruthie Roll Over
Da’Mudcats – Big Back Yard
Daft Punk – Get Lucky
Dale Earnhardt Jr Jr – Simple Girl
Dale Roe – Shut Up You Face
Dali’ Car – Judgement is the Mirror
Damien Marley – All Night
Damnation’s TX – Unholy Train
Damned – Anything
Damned – In Dulce Decorum
Damon Albarn – Mr Tembo
Dan Bern – Tiger Woods
Dan Deacon – Feel the Lightning
Dan Mangan – Post-War Blues
Dan St Paul – Old Ball Game
Dandy Warhols – Bohemian Like You
Dandy Warhols – Everyday Should be a Holiday
Dandy Warhols – Get Off
Dandy Warhols – Godless
Dandy Warhols – Horse Pills
Dandy Warhols – We Used to be Friends
Danger Mouse – Roman Blue
Danger Mouse – Two Against One
Daniel Beddingfield – Gotta Get through This
Daniel Lanois – Falling at Your Feet
Daniel Martin Moore – Proud as We Are
Danny and the Juniors – at the Hop
Danny Birt – Anatomy Gravity and You
Danny Flanigan – Benjamin
Dar Williams – Christians and the Pagans
Darth Vader – First Job
Dartmouth Aires – My Name is Not Merv Griffin
Dartmouth Aires – Under Pressure
Dartmouth Decibelles – High Enough
Dashboard Confessional – Screaming Infidelities
Dave Brubeck – Unsquare Dance
Dave Brubeck Quartet – Take Five
Dave clark five – Bits and Pieces
Dave clark five – Glad All Over
Dave clark five – PS I Love You
Dave clark five – Red Balloon
Dave Gahan – All of This and Nothing
Dave Matthews Band – Louisiana Bayou
Dave Matthews Band – So Much to Say
Dave Matthews Band – Where are You Going
Dave Moisan – Don’t Need to Worry bout Me
Dave Moisan – Live Lunch
Dave Moisan – Mexico
Dave van Ronk – One Meatball
David Bowie – I’m Afraid of Americans
David Bowie – Let’s Dance
David Bromberg – Holdup
David Byrne & St. Vincent – I am an Ape
David Byrne – Dance On Vaseline
David Byrne – Who
David Gray – Draw the Line
David Guetta – Turn Me On
David Harp – Hippo
David Hasselhoff – Guardians Inferno
David Lee Roth – Just a Gigolo
David Mead – Indiana
David Mead – King of the Crosswords
David seville – Gotta Get to Your House
David Tanny – El Zono de Pollo
David Tanny – Fump
David Tanny – Hello, Mila
David Trout – Fast Food Fornication
David Wax Museum – Born with a Broken Heart
David Wax Museum – Guesthouse
David Wax Museum – Yes, Maria, Yes
DaVinci’s Notebook – Arnold as Jesus
DaVinci’s Notebook – Bob Dylan Falling Down a Well
DaVinci’s Notebook – Call Me
DaVinci’s Notebook – Drinking Song
DaVinci’s Notebook – Enema Countdown
DaVinci’s Notebook – Face Like Billy Joel
DaVinci’s Notebook – Gates
DaVinci’s Notebook – I Wish I were a…
DaVinci’s Notebook – Irish Drinkin’ Song
DaVinci’s Notebook – Jump the Line
DaVinci’s Notebook – Liposuction
DaVinci’s Notebook – Magic Kingdom in the Sky
DaVinci’s Notebook – Road Rage
DaVinci’s Notebook – Shoehorn with Teeth
DaVinci’s Notebook – Stray Cat Strut
DaVinci’s Notebook – Three Little Words
DaVinci’s Notebook – Title of the Song
Dawes – Little Bit of Everything
Dawn Landes – Bodyguard
Dawn Landes – Crying Out Loud
Dawn Landes – Romeo
Dawn Landes – Young Folks
Days of the new – Downtown
DC Talk – Jesus Freak
De La Soul – Tread Water
Dead Alewives – Dungeons and Dragons
Dead Alewives – Total Recallin’
Dead Milkmen – Punk Rock Girl
Dead or Alive – Brand New Lover
Dead or Alive – Cake and Eat It
Dead or Alive – In Too Deep
Dead or Alive – You Spin Me Round
Dead Weather – Buzz Killer
Deadeye Dick – New Age Girl
Dean Wareham – Holding Pattern
Dears – Blood
Dears – Thrones
Death by Unga Bunga – Tell Me Why
Death Cab for Cutie – Ghosts of Beverly Drive
Death Cab for Cutie – I Will Possess Your Heart
Death Cab for Cutie – Photobooth
Death from Above 1979 – Romantic Rights (Dahlback Remix)
Death in June – Heaven Street
Death in June – She Said Destroy
Debauchees – I’ve Got Energy
Debauchees – Mathematics
Debelah Morgan – Dance the Night Away
Decemberists – Infanta
Decemberists – January Hymn
Decemberists – Mariner’s Revenge Song
Decemberists – Perfect Crime
Decemberists – Rox in the Box
Deer Tick – Mange
Deer Tick – Twenty Miles
Deerhoof – Paradise Girls
Delirium – Euphoria
Deloreans – As Long as It’s You
Deloreans – Attacked By a Panther
Deloreans – Bullet Called Love
Delta – Gangsta Airlines
Delta Spirit – People C’mon
Delta Spirit – Tellin’ the Mind
Dennis Leary – Asshole
Dennis Leary – Traditional Irish Folk Song
Depeche Mode – Blasphemous Rumors
Depeche Mode – Dream On
Depeche Mode – Dreaming of Me
Depeche Mode – Everything Counts
Depeche Mode – Flexible
Depeche Mode – Fly on the Windscreen
Depeche Mode – Get the Balance Right
Depeche Mode – Have and to Hold
Depeche Mode – I Sometimes Wish I was Dead
Depeche Mode – I Want You Now
Depeche Mode – Ice Machine
Depeche Mode – It Doesn’t Matter Two
Depeche Mode – It’s Called a Heart
Depeche Mode – Master and Servant
Depeche Mode – Meaning of Love
Depeche Mode – New Dress
Depeche Mode – New Life
Depeche Mode – Personal Jesus
Depeche Mode – Photograph of You
Depeche Mode – Photographic
Depeche Mode – Shake the Disease
Depeche Mode – Stories of Old
Depeche Mode – Suffer Well
Depeche Mode – Sun and Rainfall
Depeche Mode – Things You Said
Depeche Mode – This is Fun
Depeche Mode – Tora Tora Tora
Derwood Bowen – Clear Voice of Reason
Derwood Bowen – Just a Random Boy
Derwood Bowen – Linerider
Derwood Bowen – Route 75 Song
Derwood Bowen – Writer’s Strike
Desiree – Gotta Be
Desperation Band – Counting on God
Dessa – Dixon’s Girl
Destiny’s Child – Survivor
Dev and Flo-Rida – In the Dark
Devendra Banhart – Lover
Devo – Freedom of Choice
Devo – Girl U Want
Devo – Head Like a Hole
Devo – Mongoloid
Devo – Post Post Modern Man
Devo – Watch Us Work It
Devo – Working in a Coalmine
Devotions – Rip Van Winkle
Diamond Rugs – Blue Mountains
Diamond Rugs – Call Girl Blues
Diane Izzo – Ground
Diane Renay – Navy Blue
Dickie Goodman – Harry’s Jockstrap
Dido – Thank You
Die Schwiegershne – Mein Kaktus
Diego Garcia – All Eyes on You
Diego Garcia – Start with the End
Diego Garcia – You were Never There
Dierks Bentley – You’re Dead to Me
Digable Planets – Rebirth of Slick
Digital Laughter – Inaudible Rap
Dino-Mike – Deaf Jam
Dino-Mike – Real Thin Ladies
Dio – Rainbow in the Dark
Dion – Abraham Martin and John
Dion – Donna the Primadonna
Dion – Runaround Sue
Dire Straits – Industrial Disease
Dire Straits – Walk of Life
Dissipated Eight – What I Got
Divine Fits – Would That Not be Nice
Divinity Rose – Magical People
Dixie Bee Liners – Yellow Haired Girl
Dixie Chicks – Goodbye Earl
Dixie Chicks – Lubbock or Leave It
Dixie Cups – Chapel of Love
Dixie Cups – Iko Iko
DJ Kool – Let Me Clear My Throat
DJ Not I – Smells Like Futurama
DJ Particle – Antihistamine Zombie
DJ Particle – Fan Speculation
DJ Snake & Lil Jon – Turn Down for What
Django Django – Default
Do – Dust It Off
Do Not Doubt Eminem – Without Hellagood
Doctor Dave – Vanna Pick Me a Letter
Doctor Rock – I’d Rather Have a Bottle in Front of Me
Doctor Who – A Capella Who
Dokaka – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Dollyrots – California Beach Boy
Dominatrix – Dominatrix Sleeps Tonight
Dominique Young Unique – Show My Ass
Don Dixon – Praying Mantis
Donovan – Atlantis
Donovan – Jennifer Juniper
Donovan – Love Floats
Donovan – Mellow Yellow
Donovan – Sunshine Superman
Doo Doo Wah – Barf Construction
Doors – Break on Through
Doors – Hello I Love You
Doors – Love Her Madly
Doors – Love Me Two Times
Doors – Strange Days
Doors – Touch Me
Double Treble – (Pride) in the Name of Love
Doug Clark and the Hot Nuts – Baby Let Me Bang Your Box
Dovells – Bristol Stomp
Dr Dog – Heavy Light
Dr John – Blow Wind Blow
Dr. Dog – Lonesome
Dr. Dog – Warrior Man
Dreadful Hours – Thousand Years End
Drew Jacobs – If 50s the New 30
Dropkick Murphys – Bagpipes
Dropkick Murphys – Rose Tattoo
Drugstore – El President
Dryden Beyond Measure – Fever
Dual Core – All the Things
Duck Logic – It’s the Real World After All
Duffy – Mercy
Duke Pitchforks – I Want It That Way
Duke Pitchforks – Something about You
Duke Pitchforks – Write Me a Song
Duke Spirit – Step and the Walk
Duran Duran – Last Chance on the Stairway
Duran Duran – Lonely in Your Nightmare
Duran Duran – New Religion
Duran Duran – Night Boat
Duran Duran – Planet Earth
Duran Duran – Save a Prayer
Dusty Springfield – Son of a Preacher Man
Duwende – Pomper
Duwende – Sugar
Dynamics – I Don’t Want Nobody to Lead Me On
Dynamite Hack – Boys n tha Hood
Early November – Come Back
Easybeats – Fridayonmymind
Echo and the Bunnymen – Back of Love
Echo and the Bunnymen – Cutter
Echo and the Bunnymen – Heads Will Roll
Echoing Green – Safety Dance
Ed Sheeran – A Team
Ed Sheeran – Don’t
Ed Sheeran – Sing
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Another Song in Celebration of Chickens
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Bad Coffee
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Bad Memories
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Balloon
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Blood Bank Man
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Bob
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Buck Tempo
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Calypso on the Beach
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Camouflage
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Caucasian Spiritual
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Closed Mondays
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Coriander Eyes
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Curse
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Drivin’ on 9
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Falls Church Virginia
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Forget
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Frosty
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Green Glass
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – How Come No One’s Dancin’
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – I Met a Man
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – I Will Wait
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – I’m Not Drinking, Hm Hm
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Intentions
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Jamaica Farewell
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – King of Calypso
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Knockin’ Down Chickens with Neno
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Lawyers and Truckers
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Legs to Go
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Lighthouse
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Mom
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Mrs. Price
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – My Apartment
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – My Friend Bob
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – New Distributor Cap
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Rib Garden
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Scofflaw
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Scrambled Eggs
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – She Ate the Fly
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Spanish Champagne
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Spider
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Swiss Chard
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Too Pretty
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Virginia
Ed’s Redeeming Qualities – Week Old the Chili
Eddie Cochran – Cotton Picker
Eddie Cochran – Summertime Blues
Eddie Rabbitt – Drivin My Life Away
Eddie Rabbitt – I Love a Rainy Night
Eddy Grant – Electric Avenue
Edelweiss – Bring Me Edelweiss
Edward Sharpe – Man on Fire
Edward Sharpe – That’s What’s Up
Edwyn Collins – Girl Like You
Eels – Looking Up
Eels – Man
Eels – Novocaine for the Soul
Eels – Saturday Morning
Eiffel 65 – Blue
Elastic Bond – Find a Way
Elastica – Car Song
Elastica – Connection
Elastica – Waking Up
Electric Amish – Black Bonnet Girls
Electric Amish – Girl on Theology
Electric Boys – Mary in the Mystery World
Electric Prunes – Do Me Right Now
Electric Prunes – Great Banana Hoax
Electric Six – Danger High Voltage
Electronic – Get the Message
Eli Paperboy Reed – Cut Ya Down
Elizabeth and the Catapult – Taller Children
Elizabeth Mitchell – Ladybug Picnic
Elizabethtown Phalanx – Broken Wings
Elle King – Ex’s and Oh’s
ELO – Fire on High
Elvis Presley – Burning Love
Elvis Presley – Don’t be Cruel
Elvis Presley – Kentucky Rain
Elvis Presley – Little Less Conversation
Elwood – Sundown
Emerald Isle – Whitehorse
Emerson Lake and Palmer – Karn Evil 9
EMF – Unbelievable
Eminem – I Live at Home in a Trailer
Eminem – My Name Is
Eminem – Real Slim Shady
Eminem – Without Me
Emmet Swimming – Sunblock
Emo Phillips – Animals Square Dance
Emo Phillips – College the Best 6 Weeks of My Life
Emo Phillips – Duck-Billed Platitudes
Emo Phillips – Finding the Microphone
Emo Phillips – For a Fist Full of Cole Slaw
Emo Phillips – How Girls Can Score with Me
Emo Phillips – Kafka Doodle-Doo
Emo Phillips – Perils of Inbreeding
Emo Phillips – Poetry and Scuba Diving
Emo Phillips – Why I am Quite Handy with the Ladies
Emocappella – Even Hitler Had a Girlfriend
Emperor – Normal
En Vogue – My Lovin
Enigma – Sadness Part 1
Enya – Carribean Blue
Enya – Orinoco Flow
Eoghnved Mmrkuudnen – Sidewalk
Episode #21
Erasure – Chorus
Eric Bibb – Tain’t Such a Much
Eric Brace & Peter Cooper – Grandma’s Batman Tattoo
Eric clapton – Foreverman
Eric Clapton – Lay Down Sally
Eric Clapton – Layla
Eric Coleman – Nice Guys
Eric Coleman – Only Coffee House in Town
Eric Hutchinson – Not There Yet
Eric Hutchinson – Rock ‘N’ Roll
Eric Johnson – Cliffs of Dover
Eric Prydz & Steve Angello – Woz Not Woz
Eric Schwartz – Crazy Jew
Eric Schwartz – Hey Ya!-nukah
Erin McKeown – Santa Cruz
Erin McKeown – We are More
Escape Club – Wild Wild West
Essex – Easier Said than Done
Esther and Abio Farim – Cinderella Rockefella
Estil C. Ball – Pretty Polly
Etro Anime – Forgotten Love
Ettes – Dead and Gone
Eugene McGuinness – Godiva
Eulogies – Eyes on the Prize
Eurythinem – Sweet Dreams without Me
Eurythmics – DoublePlusGood
Eurythmics – Greetings from a Dead Man
Eurythmics – Here Comes the Rain Again
Eurythmics – I Could Give You a Mirror
Eurythmics – I Did It Just the Same
Eurythmics – I Love to Listen to Beethoven
Eurythmics – I Need You
Eurythmics – Julia
Eurythmics – Love is a Stranger
Eurythmics – Somebody Told Me
Eurythmics – Sweet Dreams
Eurythmics – There Must Be an Angel
Eurythmics – Walk
Eve6 – Inside Out
Eve6 – Promise
Eve – Let Me Blow Ya Mind
Everclear – AM Radio
Everclear – Santa Monica
Everlast – Ends
Everly Brothers – Til I Kissed You
Everly Brothers – Wake Up Little Suzie
Everly Brothers – When Will I be Loved
Every Mother’s Son – Come on Down to My Boat Baby
Everyday People – Whatever You Want
Everything – Hooch
Everything but the Girl – Like the Deserts Miss the Rain
Ex Hex – Everywhere
Exciters – Tellhim
Ezra Furman – I Killed Myself but I Didn’t Die
Faith No More – Epic
Faith No More – We Care a Lot
Falco – Rock Me Amadeus
Famosiz – Ryan Started the Fire
Fanastic Plastic Machine – Dear Mr. Salesman
Fanfarlo – Harold T. Wilkins, or How to Wait for a Very Long Time
Far East Movement – Like a G6
Farm – Groovy Train
Fast Food Rockers – Fast Food Song
Fastball – Fire Escape
Fastball – Way
Fastball – You’re an Ocean
Fat Joe – Get It Poppin
Fatboy Slim – Praise You
Fatboy Slim – Rockafella Skank
Fatboy Slim – Wonderful Night
Father Guido Sarducci – Beatles Medley
Father Guido Sarducci – Camouflage
Father Guido Sarducci – Commandments
Father John Misty – I’m Writing a Novel
Father’s Son – Fistful of Mercy
Faun Fables – Eternal
Faust & Lewis – Acapella
Faust & Lewis – Huge Fake Breats
Features – Drawing Board
Features – Good Ol’ Days
Features – New Romantic
Features – Temporary Blues
Feeder – Tangerine
Feist – 1234
Feist – Commotion
Felice Brothers – Fire at the Pageant
Feng Shui Ninjas – Greensleeves
Feng Shui Ninjas – Sorry
Fergie – Fergalicious
Fergie – Glamorous
Fergus and Geronimo – Baby Don’t You Cry
Fibs – Party in the Parkin’ Lot
Field Music – Disappointed
Field Report – Cups and Cups
Field Report – Home (Leave the Lights On)
Fill in the Blank – Carla Ulbrich as Stewardess
Filter – Hey Man, Nice Shot
Fine Young Cannibals – Ever Fallen in Love
Fine Young Cannibals – Johnny Come Home
Finger Eleven – One Thing
Fiona Apple – Fast As You Can
Fiona Apple – So Sleepy
Fireballs – Bottle of Wine
Firewater – A Little Revolution
First Aid Kit – Blue
First Aid Kit – Emmy Lou
Fishbone – Bonin’ in the Boneyard
Fishbone – Ma and Pa
Fishbone – Party at Ground Zero
Fishbone – Ugly
Fitz and the Tantrums – Walker
Five Americans – Western Union
Five Blind Boys – Amazing Grace
Five Blobs – Blob
Five for Fighting – 100 Years
Five O’Clock Shadow – Interlude 3 Rhymes with Orange
Five O’Clock Shadow – Wonders of the World
Fixx – One Thing Leads to Another
Fixx – Red Skies
Flaming Lips – She Don’t Use Jelly
Flaming Lips – Supreme Being Teaches Spiderman How to be in Love
Fleet Foxes – Helplessness Blues
Fleetwood Mac – Big Love
Fleetwood Mac – Chain
Fleetwood Mac – Hold Me
Fleetwood Mac – Second Hand News
Fleetwoods – Come Softly to Me
Fleming and John – Carol of the Bells
Fleming and John – Winter Wonderland
Flesh Lights – Crush on You
Flint Hill School Major Minors – I Still Haven’t Found What I’m Looking For
Flirts – Jukebox (Don’t Put Another Dime)
Flo Rida – Can’t Believe It
Flobots – Handlebars
Flobots – Happy Together
Flogging Molly – Don’t Shut ‘Em Down
Flogging Molly – If I Ever Leave This World Alive
Florence + the Machine – Rabbit Heart
Florence + the Machine – Seven Devils
Florence and the Machine – Dog Days are Over
Flying Pickets – Billy Jean
Flying Pickets – Brown Eyed Girl
Flying Pickets – Don’t Turn Around
Flying Pickets – I Feel for You
Flying Pickets – Lazing on a Sunny Afternoon
Flying Pickets – Monica Engineer
Flying Pickets – Only You
Flying Pickets – Psycho Killer
Flying Pickets – Redemption Song
Flying Pickets – Road to Nowhere
Flying Pickets – Sealed with a Kiss
Flying Pickets – She Drives Me Crazy
Flying Pickets – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Flying Pickets – Space Oddity
Flying Pickets – Tainted Love
Flying Pickets – Take My Breath Away
Flying Pickets – Tears of a Clown
Flying Pickets – Time After Time
Flying Pickets – Under the Bridge
Flying Pickets – When Doves Cry
FM Voices – Banquet Fugue
Foals – What Went Down
Foetus – Descent into the Inferno
Foo Fighters – All My Life
Foo Fighters – Learn to Fly
Foo Fighters – This is a Call
Foreigner – Women
Forest for the Trees – Dream
Foster the People – Don’t Stop (Color on the Walls)
Foster the People – Pumped Up Kicks
Fountains of Wayne – Hey Julie
Fountains of Wayne – Stacy’s Mom
Four Lads – Instanbul Not Constantinople
Four Postmen – Chainsaw Juggler
Four Seasons – Oh What a Night
Four Shadow – Blankets and Pie
Four tops – Reachout
Fourthwatch – Battle Belongs to the Lord
Frances England – Tricycle
Frank and Walters – Funky Cold Medina
Frank Black and the Catholics – I Gotta Move
Frank Gallop – Ballad of Irving
Frank Mills – Music Box Dancer
Frankie Ford – Sea Cruise
Frankie Laine – Rawhide
Frankie Laine – Sixteen Tons
Frantics – Antisolar Concert
Frantics – Army Careers
Frantics – Bill from Bala
Frantics – Budget Night
Frantics – Buyout Takeover and Squash Holding Company
Frantics – Canadian Wildlife Dead Animal
Frantics – Car Noises
Frantics – Cheesy Queen
Frantics – Chicks, Try to Figure ’em
Frantics – Chump Radio
Frantics – Collection of Skits
Frantics – Conan the Librarian
Frantics – Cowboys
Frantics – Dare to Dream
Frantics – D Day
Frantics – Denim vs Courduroy
Frantics – Eric the Red
Frantics – Flying Cheese
Frantics – Fran of the Fundy
Frantics – Give a Man a Fish
Frantics – Gross Me Out
Frantics – High School Show
Frantics – Insurance
Frantics – Interesting
Frantics – Invasion of the Butter Snatchers
Frantics – Isn’t That the Damndest
Frantics – King of the Mole People
Frantics – Kretchfoop for King of the World
Frantics – Last Will and Temperment
Frantics – Little Fuzzy Bits of Junk
Frantics – Lloyd Boyd Lost in TV Land
Frantics – Lothar Paula and the Ultramind
Frantics – Mozart
Frantics – Mr. Canoehead
Frantics – Obiwan Kenobi Driving School
Frantics – Reach for the Bottom
Frantics – Red Baron
Frantics – Red Red Red Red Yellow
Frantics – Rent a Witness
Frantics – Roman Numerals
Frantics – Roughage
Frantics – Salute to the Medical Profession
Frantics – Seraphim Boot Camp
Frantics – Socrates
Frantics – Tae Kwon Leep
Frantics – Valley of the Electric Elephants
Frantics – Werewolf
Frantics – Worshippers R Us
Frantics – You People are Fat
Frantics – You were Speeding
Franz Ferdinand – Love Illumination
Franz Ferdinand – No You Girl
Franz Ferdinand – Right Action
Franz Ferdinand – Take Me Out
Fray – Love Don’t Die
Freakwater – Picture in My Mind
Fred Blassie – Pencil Neck Geek
Fred Schneider – Monster in My Pants
Freddie and the Dreamers – I’m Telling You Now
Freddy Cannon – Palisades Park
Freddy Cannon – Tallahassee Lassie
Freddy Cannon – Where the Action Is
Freelance Whales – Hannah
Freight Hoppers – Nobody’s Business
French Horn Rebellion – Foolin’ Around
Frida – I Know There’s Something Going On
Friend and lover – Reach Out of the Darkness
Friends – I’m His Girl
Fries – Ghosts I Can’t Forget
Frightened Rabbit – Skip the Youth
Frightened Rabbit – Swim Until You Can’t See Land
From Bubblegum to Sky – My Thousand Years with Robots
Front 242 – Take One
Fun – All the Pretty Girls
Fun – Some Nights
Fun Lovin Criminals – Scooby Snacks
Funboy Three – Lunatics Have Taken Over the Asylum
Future Islands – Spirit
Fuzzbox – Spirit in the Sky
G Love – Peace, Love and Happiness
G Love – Rhyme for the Summertime
G. Love – Fixin’ to Die
G. Love – Hot Cookin’
G. Love – Love
G. Love – Muse
Gabby La La – Be Careful What You Wish For
Gabe Dixon – That Redemption
Gabin – Other Way Round
Galactic – Boe Money
Galactic – Heart of Steel
Gang of Four – Ether
Gap Band – You Dropped a Bomb on Me
Garbage – #1 Crush
Garbage – Only Happy when It Rains
Garrison Keillor – Unfriended
Garrison Star – Superhero
Gary Clark Jr – Ain’t Messin ‘Round
Gary Glitter – Rock and Roll
Gary Lewis and the Playboys – Count Me In
Gary Lewis and the Playboys – Everybody Loves a Clown
Gary Lewis and the Playboys – This Diamond Ring
Gary Numan – War Songs
Geggy Tah – Whoever You Are
Gene McDaniels – Hundred Pounds of Clay
Generationals – Nobody Could Change Your Mind
Generationals – Ten Twenty Ten
Generics – ’80s Medley
Generics – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Generics – Janie’s Got a Gun
Genesis – Illegal Alien
Gentlemen of the College – Roll to Me
Genuine Electric Latin Love Machine – Windmills of Your Mind
Geordie Keitt – Black Box
George Carlin – Baseball and Football
George Carlin – Fussy Eater
George Carlin – Good Ideas
George Carlin – Ice Box Man
George Carlin – Place for My Stuff
George Ezra – Budapest
George Harrison – Dark Horse
George Thorogood – Get a Haircut and Get a Real Job
George Thorogood – One Bourbon One Scotch One Beer
Georgetown Chimes – Kiss the Brown Eyed Girl
Georgia Satellites – Battleship Chains
Georgia Satellites – Hippy Hippy Shake
Gerry and the pacemakers – I Like It
Get Cape, Wear Cape, Fly – D.A.N.C.E
Get Up Kids – Close to Me
Getz Gilberto – Girl from Ipanema
Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger – Animals
Ghost of a Saber Tooth Tiger – Xanadu
Giant Sand – Inner Flame
Giant Sand – Wearing the Robes of Bible Black
Giftedgear – Mega Man
Gino Vannelli – Black Cars
Ginuwine – Pony
Givers – Up Up Up
Glass Animals – Gooey
Glass Animals – Life Itself
Glen Scott – It’s Alright
Gluey Brothers – Donut Quota
Gnarls Barkley – Crazy
Gnarls Barkley – Gone Daddy Gone
Go-Go’s – Vacation
Go-Go’s – We Got the Beat
God Help the Girl – God Help the Girl
Godley & Creme – An Englishman in New York
Godley & Creme – Snack Attack
Godley and Creme – Cry
Godsmack – Voodoo
Gogol Bordello – Start Wearing Purple
Golden Earring – Radar Love
Golden Earring – Twilight Zone
Golden Gate Quartet – God’s Gonna Cut ‘Em Down
Goldfinger – Here in Your Bedroom
Goldfinger – Is She Really Going Out with Him
Goldfinger – Rio
Goldfrapp – Alive
Gomez – Little Pieces
Gomez – Shot Shot
Goo Goo Dolls – Broadway is Dark Tonight
Goo Goo Dolls – Sympathy
Good Charlotte – I Just Want to Live
Gordon Kightfoot – Wreck of the Edmund Fitzgerald
Gordon Lightfoot – Don Quixote
Gordon Lightfoot – Sundown
Gorillaz – 19-2000
Gorillaz – Clint Eastwood
Gorillaz – Feel Good Inc
Got a Girl – There’s a Revolution
Gothsicles – Amphibious Trigonometry
Gothsicles – Daisy Chain 4 Satan
Gothsicles – Get a Real Dog
Gothsicles – House Party at Arkham Asylum
Gothsicles – Theme from ‘So You’ve Decided to Become a Goth’
Gothsicles – Triple Shot
Gotye – Somebody That I Used to Know
Gourds – No Diggity
Grace Jones – William’s Blood
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Ah, Mary
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Never Go Back
Grace Potter and the Nocturnals – Nothing but the Water
Graffiti6 – Annie You Save Me
Graffiti6 – Stare Into the Sun
Graffitti Tribe – Kiss from a Rose
Grand Funk Railroad – I’m Your Captain
Grandpa Jones – Eight More Miles to Louisville
Grass Roots – I’d Wait a Million Years
Grass Roots – You’ve Got to Hide Your Love Away
Green Day – Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Green Day – Brown Eyed Girl
Green Day – Time of Your Life
Green Day – Walking Contradiction
Green Day – Warning
Green Oasis – Boulevard of Broken Songs
Green Pajamas – Thousand Days
Green sleeves – Greensleeves
Greg Hahn – Job Interviews
Griffin House – Waiting for the Rain to Come Down
Gross Magic – Teen Jamz
Group X – Don’t Touch That
Growlers – Graveyard’s Full
Guantanamo Baywatch – Mr. Rebel
Guantanamo Baywatch – Sea of Love
Guess Who – No Time
Guess who – Undun
Guggenheim Grotto – Her Beautiful Ideas
Guided by Voices – Keep It in Motion
Guns N Roses – Paradise City
Guns N Roses – Patience
Guns N Roses – Sweet Child of Mine
Guns N’ Moses – We Love Barney Fife
Guster – Do You Love Me
Guster – Fa Fa
Guster – Never Coming Down
Guy Clark – Homegrown Tomatoes
Guy Clark – Shut Up and Talk to Me
GW Troubadours – Squash Me Like a Bug
Ha Ha Tonka – Usual Suspects
Hal – Extremis
Half Handed Clouds – You’ve Been Faithful to Us Clouds
Half-Handed Cloud – We’re Very Greatly Loved
Halo Benders – Don’t Touch My Bikini
Happenings – I Got Rhythm
Happenings – See You in September
Happies – Where is the Safety Dance
Happy Mondays – 24 Hour Party People
Happy Mondays – Step On
Happy Schnapps Combo – Born to be Wild
Happyhead – Atomic Candy
Happyhead – Baby, USA
Happyhead – Back of My Cab
Happyhead – Digital Love Thing
Happyhead – Fabulous
Happyhead – Harmony
Happyhead – Hurt Dirt and Desire
Happyhead – I Fall Awake
Happyhead – Love Kills
Happyhead – Shining Path
Happyhead – Spacetown
Happyhead – Wave That Breaks Forever
Harmonaires – Kentucky Babe
Harry Belafonte – Banana Boat
Harry Belafonte – Jamaica Farewell
Harry Belafonte – Turn the World Around
Harry Belafonte – Zombie Jamboree
Harry Chapin – Cats in the Cradle
Harry Nilsson – Everybody’s Talkin’
Harry Nilsson – You Can’t Do That
Harvard Din & Tonics – The Lady is a Tramp
Harvard Krokodiloes – Summertime
Harvard Radcliffe Opportunes – Breathe
Harvey Danger – Flagpole Sitta
Harvey Danger – Save It for Later
Hawaiian Pups – Baby Judy
Hayes Carll – Another Like You
Hayes Carll – KMAG Yoyo
Hayseed Dixie – Back in Black
Hayseed Dixie – Centerfold
Hayseed Dixie – Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap
Hayseed Dixie – Fat Bottom Girls
Hayseed Dixie – Highway to Hell
Hayseed Dixie – Walk This Way
Hayseed Dixie – You Shook Me All Night Long
Haysi Fantayzee – Shiny Shiny
Head and the Heart – Ghosts
Heart – Crazy on You
Heartless Bastards – New Resolution
Heartless Bastards – Parted Ways
Heather Alexander – March of Cambreadth
Heather Alexander – Sunhawks
Heaven 17 – Fascist Groove Thang
Heaven 17 – Let Me Go
Heavenly – C is the Heavenly Option
Heavenly States – Berlin Wall
Heavenly States – Model Son
HEM – Half Acre
Henry Mancini – Peter Gunn
Herb Alpert – Casino Royale
Herbie Hancock – Exodus
Herbie Hancock – Rock It
Herbie Hancock – Tamantant Tilay Exodus
Herman’s Hermits – Can’t You Hear My Heartbeat
Herman’s Hermits – Henry the VIII, I Am
Herman’s Hermits – Mrs Brown You’ve Got a Lovely Daughter
Herman’s Hermits – Must to Avoid
Herman’s Hermits – Silhouettes
Hey Champ – Anything at All
Hey Willpower – Double Fantasy II
Heywood Banks – Big Butter Jesus
Heywood Banks – Cartoon Animal Song
Heywood Banks – Don’t Wipe It on Me Marie
Heywood Banks – Eighteen Wheels on a Big Rig
Heywood Banks – Famous Dead Guys
Heywood Banks – Fishin’ Worms
Heywood banks – Fly’s Eyes
Heywood banks – Horrible Chemical Song
Heywood Banks – I Think You Know what I’m Thinking
Heywood Banks – I Went to the Doctor
Heywood Banks – Inches, Feet, Miles
Heywood Banks – Mathematical Parents
Heywood Banks – One I Love
Heywood Banks – Revenge Song
Heywood Banks – Snakes Can’t Drive Sticks
Heywood Banks – Toast
Hightower Brothers – Jesus Will Fix It
Hill Country Revue – You Can Make It Now
Hilltop Hoods – Clown Prince
Hinds – Castigadas en el Granero
Hipster Daddy-O and the Hand Grenades – Daddy-O
Hives – Hate to Say I Told You So
Hokie Brothers – Philly Philly Fly
Hold Steady – Stuck Between Stations
Hole – Celebrity Skin
Hollie Cook – 99
Hollies – Long Cool Woman
Hollies – We’re Through
Hollywood Argyles – Alley Oop
Holy Ghost! – Do It Again
Holy Mary Mother of Bert – Dinosaurs
Holy Modal Rounders – Boobsalot
Holy Modal Rounders – Werewolf
Homer and Jethro – Ballad of Roger Miller
Homer and Jethro – Hernando’s Hideaway
Homer and Jethro – Sixteen Tons
Honeycombs – Have I the Right
Honeyhoney – Little Toy Gun
Hoodoo Gurus – Bittersweet
Hoodoo Gurus – I Want You Back
Hooters – All You Zombies
Horrors – So Now You Know
Hot Butter – Popcorn
Hot Chelle Rae – Tonight Tonight
Hot Club of Cowtown – I Had Someone Else
Hot Waffles – Have You Kicked an Emo Kid’s Ass Today
Hot Waffles – Oil Spill of Love
Hot Waffles – Sorry My Brother’s a Jerk
Hot Waffles – Yolk’s on You
Hotel – Walking through the Night
Hotlegs – Neanderthal Man
Houndmouth – Casino (Bad Things)
Hours – 1000 Years
Hours – I Wanna be Happy
House Jacks – Kashmir
Housemartins – Happy Hour
Howard Jones – Assault and Battery
Howard Jones – Elegy
Howard Jones – New Song
Howard Jones – No One is to Blame
Howard Jones – What is Love
Howell Dawdy – Boo, I’m a Ghost
Howler – World of Joy
Hozier – Take Me to Church
Hudson and Landry – Ajax Mortuary
Huey Piano Smith – Rockin’ Pneumonia and the Boogie Woogie Flu
Hullabahoos – Everything You Want
Hullabahoos – Hanging By a Moment
Hullabahoos – Hey Ya
Hullabahoos – Higher and Higher
Human Beinz – Nobody but Me
Human League – Fascination
Human League – Lebanon
Hunters and Collectors – Holy Grail
I am the World Trade Center – Flute Loops
I am the World Trade Center – Inside Your Head
I Don’t Cares – I 1/2 2 P
Iam Siam – I Am Siam
Iam Siam – In the Common Tongue
Iam Siam – She Went Pop
Iam Siam – Talk to Me (I Can Hear You Now)
Ian Whitcomb – You Turn Me On
Iceman – I Want Your Socks
Icicle Works – Birds Fly
Icicle Works – Cauldron of Love
Icicle Works – Factory in the Desert
Icicle Works – Nirvana
Icona Pop – I Love It
Iggy Azalea – Fancy
Iggy Pop – Five Foot One
Iggy Pop – Gardenia
Iggy Pop – Let’s Boot and Rally
Iggy Pop – Lust for Life
Iggy Pop – Real Wild Child
Ike Reilly – Good Work (If You Can Get It)
Imani Coppola – Legend of a Cowgirl
Imelda May – It’s Good to Be Alive
Imelda May – Johnny’s Got a Boom Boom
Imogen Heap – Bad Body Double
Imogen Heap – First Train Home
Imperial Teen – Yoo Hoo
Impromptones – Carburetor
Impromptones – Disneyland Lounge Singer
Impromptones – Sorry, Chant Come to the Phone
Impromptones – Steamy Monday
Incredible Moses Leroy – Fuzzy
Indians in Moscow – Naughty Miranda
Indigo Girls – Blister in the Sun
Indigo Girls – Closer to Fine
Indigo Girls – Iko Iko
Indigo Girls – Least Complicated
Indigo Girls – Perfect World
Indigo Girls – Poetry in Motion
Information Society – What’s on Your Mind
Ingrid Michaelson – Be Ok
Ingrid Michaelson – Die Alone
Ingrid Michaelson – Time Machine
Ingrid Michaelson – Way I Am
Insane Clown Posse – Miracles
Insane Clown Posse – Toybox
Insane Ian – Christopher Robin’s Lament
Insane Ian – Dig Dug
Insane Ian – Geekin’ Out
Insane Ian – Rated G Life
Inspiral Carpets – Dragging Me Down
Inspiral Carpets – Find Out Why
Intaferon – Get Out of London
INXS – Black and White
INXS – Body Language
INXS – Burn for You
INXS – Dancing on the Jetty
INXS – Disappear
INXS – Don’t Change
INXS – Elegantly Wasted
INXS – Golden Playpen
INXS – I Send a Message
INXS – Johnson’s Aeroplane
INXS – Just Keep Walking
INXS – Mediate
INXS – Mystify
INXS – Need You Tonight
INXS – New Sensation
INXS – Newsreel Babies
INXS – On a Bus
INXS – One Thing
INXS – Original Sin
INXS – Pretty Vegas
INXS – Spy of Love
INXS – What You Need
INXS and Jimmy Barnes – Good Time
Iron and Wine – Freedom Hangs Like Heaven
Iron and Wine – Grace for Saints and Ramblers
Iron and Wine – Tree by the River
Iron Horse – Nothing Else Matters
Iron Horse – Sweet Child o’ Mine
Iron Horse – Sympathy for the Devil
Isobel Campbell – Come Undone
It’s a Beautiful Day – White Bird
Ivan – 1972 (Slippin’ Away)
Ivan – Days of Wine and You
Ivan – F@_king Telephone
Ivan – Forever
Ivan – How Does it Feel
Ivan – Jesus Saved Me from the Martians
Ivan – Mote in God’s Eye
Ivan – Mystify Me
Ivan – Open Your Eyes
Ivan – superbadgirls
Ivan – Tomorrow Never Comes
Ivor Biggun – Bras on 45
Ivor Biggun – Let’s All Get Demented
Ivy – Corners of Your Mind
Iyaz – Solo
J Frank Wilson and the Cavaliers – Last Kiss
J Geils Band – No Anchovies, Please
J Geils Band – Rage in the Cage
J Roddy Walston – Don’t Break the Needle
J Roddy Walston – Full Growing Man
J.J. Cale – Friday
Jack Blanchard and Misty Morgan – Tennessee Bird Walk
Jack Johnson – At or with Me (to the Sea)
Jack Johnson – BubbleToes
Jack Johnson – Flake
Jack Johnson – I Can Tell That We are Gonna Be Friends
Jack Johnson – Staple It Together
Jack Johnson – You and Your Heart
Jack Johnson – You Remind Me of You
Jack Lukeman – Boys and Girls
Jack White – Just One Drink
Jack White – Lazaretto
Jack White – Love Interruption
Jack White – That Black Bat Licorice
Jacob Borshard – Brains Brains
Jacob Resch – Marie
Jacuzzi Boys – Los Angeles
Jad Fair – Red Dress
Jade – Ching Ching Ching
Jagged Edge – Where Da Party At
Jaill – Just a Lovely Day
Jaill – Stroller
Jake Bugg – Lightning Bolt
Jake Bugg – On My One
Jake Bugg – What Doesn’t Kill You
Jake Shimabukuro – 143 (Kelly’s Song)
Jake Shimabukuro – Bring Your Adz
Jake Shimabukuro – Five Dollars Unleaded
Jam – Batman Theme
James – Born of Frustration
James – Laid
James and Bobby Purify – I’m Your Puppet
James Maddock – Beautiful Now
James Maddock – Chance
James McMurtry – How’m I Gonna Find You Now
James McMurtry – Just Us Kids
James McMurtry – Walk Between the Raindrops
James McMurtry – We Can’t Make It Here Anymore
James Vincent McMorrow – This Old Dark Machine
Jamie Barnes – Don’t Turn My Love Down
Jamie Cullum – Get Your Way
Jamies – Summertime, Summertime
Jan and Dean – Honolulu Lulu
Jan and Dean – Little Old Lady from Pasadena
Jane Siberry – Extra Executives
Jane’s Addiction – Been Caught Stealing
Janelle Manae – Tightrope
Janet Jackson – Son of a Gun
Janet Jackson – When I Think of You
Janis Jalopy – Honda Accord
Janis Joplin – Piece of My Heart
Janiva Magness – Devil is an Angel
Janva Magness – Slipped Tripped and Fell in Love
Jason Isbell – Seven Mile Island
Jason Mraz – Remedy (I Won’t Worry)
Jason Mraz – Curbside Prophet
Jaxon Lee Swain – Romantic Mother
Jay and the Americans – Come a Little Bit Closer
Jay Mohr – Christopher Walken
Jay Reatard – My Reality
Jay Reatard – See-Saw
Jay Sean – 2012
Jay Sean – Do You Remember
Jay Sean – Down
Jay-Z – Bonnie & Clyde
Jay-Z – Dirt Off Your Shoulder
Jayhawks – Pouring Rain at Dawn
Jayhawks – She Walks in So Many Ways
Jaymz Bee – American Woman
Jaymz Bee – It’s Christmas in Australia
Jaymz Bee – Safety Dance
Jaymz Bee – Turn Me Loose
Jaymz Bee – You Oughta Know
Jaynetts – Sally Go Round the Roses
Jazz Butcher – Almost Brooklyn
Jazz Butcher – Analgesia
Jazz Butcher – Bicycle Kid
Jazz Butcher – Big Bad Thing
Jazz Butcher – Big Saturday
Jazz Butcher – Bigfoot Motel
Jazz Butcher – Black Dog
Jazz Butcher – Buffalo Shame
Jazz Butcher – Can’t Touch Me Now
Jazz Butcher – Chickentown
Jazz Butcher – Chinese Envoy
Jazz Butcher – Crocodile Tears
Jazz Butcher – Dancing with Andromeda
Jazz Butcher – Death Dentist
Jazz Butcher – Devil is My Friend
Jazz Butcher – Domestic Animal
Jazz Butcher – Down the Drain
Jazz Butcher – Drink
Jazz Butcher – East End Boy
Jazz Butcher – Evolution
Jazz Butcher – Excellent
Jazz Butcher – Fertiliser
Jazz Butcher – Girl-Go
Jazz Butcher – Grooving in the Bus Lane
Jazz Butcher – Human Jungle
Jazz Butcher – Jazz Butcher Theme
Jazz Butcher – King Tut
Jazz Butcher – Lot 49
Jazz Butcher – Meets Count Dracula
Jazz Butcher – Mind Like a Playgroup
Jazz Butcher – My World
Jazz Butcher – My Zeppelin
Jazz Butcher – Nice Guy
Jazz Butcher – Onion Fields
Jazz Butcher – Panic in Room 109
Jazz Butcher – Party Time
Jazz Butcher – Penguins
Jazz Butcher – Peter Lorre
Jazz Butcher – Pineapple Tuesday
Jazz Butcher – President Reagan’s Birthday Present
Jazz Butcher – She’s a Yo-yo
Jazz Butcher – She’s On Drugs
Jazz Butcher – South America
Jazz Butcher – Southern Mark Smith
Jazz Butcher – Spittal Beach
Jazz Butcher – Those Who Work Together
Jazz Butcher – Tooth and Claw
Jazz Choir – A Cappella in Acapulco
JC Chasez – Blowin’ Me Up
Jeatles – Are You Gonna Be My Madonna
Jeff Beck – Live in the Dark
Jeff Black – Birmingham Road
Jeff Buckley – New Years Prayer
Jeff Reuben – Elephant Man
Jefferson Airplane – Somebody to Love
Jefferson Airplane – White Rabbit
Jellyfish – Now She Knows She’s Wrong
Jem – 24
Jem – Beachwood Canyon
Jem – Come On Closer
Jem – Falling for You
Jem – Finally Woken
Jem – Just a Ride
Jem – They
Jennifer and Al – Human Jungle
Jennifer Paige – Crush
Jenny Lewis – See Fernando
Jerry Cantrell – Cut You In
Jerry Clower – Words We Don’t Need
Jerry Reed – When You’re Hot, You’re Hot
Jesca Hoop – Four Dreams
Jessica Lea Mayfield – Standing in the Sun
Jessie J – Bang Bang
Jesus and Mary Chain – Blues from a Gun
Jesus and Mary Chain – Far Gone and Out
Jesus and Mary Chain – Some Candy Talking
Jet – Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Jethro Tull – Living in the Past
Jethro Tull – Thick as a Brick
Jewel – These Days
Jill Sobule – Bitter
Jill Sobule – I Kissed a Girl
Jill Sobule – Rainy Day Parade
Jim James – State of the Art (A.E.I.O.U)
Jim Noir – Don’t You Worry
Jim Stafford – Cow Patti
Jim Stafford – Cows with Guns
Jim White – 10 Miles to Go on a 9-Mile Road
Jim White – Crash into the Sun
Jim White – Turquoise House
Jim’s Big Ego – Stress
Jimmie Rodgers – Wreck of the Sloop John B
Jimmies Chicken Shack – High
Jimmy Buffett – Volcano
Jimmy Castor Bunch – Bertha Butt Boogie
Jimmy Castor Bunch – It’s Just Begun
Jimmy Castor Bunch – King Kong
Jimmy Castor Bunch – Magic Saxophone
Jimmy Castor Bunch – Troglodyte
Jimmy Clanton – Venus in Blue Jeans
Jimmy Cross – I Want My Baby Back
Jimmy Dean – Big Bad John
Jimmy Fallon – Livin La Vida Yoda
Jimmy Luxury – Cha Cha Cha
Jimmy Page – She Just Satisfies
Jimmy Ray – Are You Jimmy Ray
Jimmy Soul – If You Wanna be Happy
Jingle Punks Hipster Orchestra – Seven Nation Army
JJ Grey & Mofro – Hottest Spot in Hell
Joan Jett – Crimson and Clover
Joan Osborne – Shake Your Hips
Joan Osborne – Spider Web
Joan Shelly – O Deep Water
Joanie Sommers – Johnny Get Angry
Joe and Sharon Keefe – Giant Spiders
Joe Bonamassa – You Gotta Change Your Mind
Joe Bonamassa – Dust Bowl
Joe Cocker – Feelin’ All Right
Joe Cocker – You Can Leave Your Hat On
Joe Cuba – Bang Bang
Joe Jackson – Steppin’ Out
Joe Schmoe – Everything
Joe South – Games People Play
Joe Walsh – I Like Big Tits
Joe Walsh – Space Age Whiz Kids
John Allen Cameron – Getting Dark Again
John Barry Seven – Walk Don’t Run
John Biggs – Send Me to Glory in a Glad Bag
John Butler Trio – Close to You
John Butler Trio – Funky Tonight
John Butler Trio – Good Excuse
John Butler Trio – Zebra
John Forster – Entering Marion
John Fred and his Playboy Band – Judy in Disguise with Glasses
John Hiatt – Adios to California
John Loudermilk – Angela Jones
John Mammoser – My Girlfriend is Inflatable
John Mammoser – She’s Fallen
John Mayer – Daughters
John Mayer – No Such Thing
John Mayer – Waiting On the World to Change
John Mellencamp – Ain’t Even Done with the Night
John Mellencamp – Crumblin’ Down
John Pinette – Chinese Buffet You Go Now
John Prine – Lake Marie
John Prine – Let’s Talk Dirty in Hawaiian
John Prine – Spanish Pipedream
John Wing – I Hope You Die
Johnny and the Hurricanes – Beatnik Fly
Johnny Bucket – Let Me Play Wit Yo Poodle
Johnny Cash – I Walk the Line
Johnny Cash – Ring of Fire
Johnny Cash – Rusty Cage
Johnny Hates Jazz – Shattered Dreams
Johnny Marr – Generate! Generate!
Johnny Preston – Running Bear
Johnny Rivers – Secret Agent Man
Johnny Rivers – Seventh Son
Johnny Rivers – Tracks of My Tears
Johns Hopkins Octopodes – Tragic Kingdom
Joint Sounds – Five O-Clock World
Jon Cleary – Best Ain’t Good Enough
Jona Lewie – You’ll Always Find Me in the Kitchen at Parties
Jonathan Coulton – Baby Got Back
Jonathan Coulton – Mr. Fancy Pants
Jonathan Coulton – Skullcrusher Mountain
Jonathan Coulton – When I’m 25 or 64
Jonathan Coulton – You Oughta Know
Jonathan Richman – Abominable Snowman in the Market
Jonathan Richman – Circle I
Jonathan Richman – Girl Stands Up to Me Now
Jonathan Richman – New Kind of Neighborhood
Jonathan Richman – Reno
Jonathan Richman – She Doesn’t Laugh at My Jokes
Joni Mitchell – Circle Game
Jose Gonzalez – Killing for Love
Joseph Arthur – Love Never Asks You to Lie
Josh Ottum – Fool in the Night
Josh Ritter – Bonfire
Josh Ritter – Change of Time
Josh Ritter – Curse
Josh Ritter – Girl in the War
Josh Rouse – Diggin in the Sand
Josh Rouse – Dressed Up Like Nebraska
Josh Rouse – I Will Live on Islands
Josh Rouse – Oh, Look What the Sun Did
Joshua James – Coal War
Josie Cotton – Johnny are You Queer
Journeymen – 500 Miles
Joy Division – She’s Lost Control
Jubalson – Wake in the Wind
Jude – Rick James
Juice Newton – Angel of the Morning
Juice Newton – Queen of Hearts
Jukebox the Ghost – Summer Sun
Julian Casablancas – Where No Eagles Fly
Juliana Hatfield Three – Spin the Bottle
Julie of the Wolves – Create-Destroy
Julie Ruin – Blueberry Island
Junip – Your Life Your Call
Jurassic 5 – The Way We Do It
Justice – Phantom II
Justin Timberlake – Cry Me a River
Justin Timberlake – Girlfriend
Justin Timberlake – Gone
Justin Timberlake – Like I Love You
Justin Timberlake – Rock Your Body
Justin Timberlake – SexyBack
Justin Timberlake – Take Back the Night
K7 – Come Baby Come
K Tranza – Rulers of the Scene
K’naan – Wavin’ Flag
K-Face Rules – Talk Nerdy to Me
Kaiser Chiefs – I Predict a Riot
Kaiser Chiefs – Never Miss a Beat
Kanye West – All of the Lights
Kanye West – Gold Digger
Kanye West – Stronger
Karl Brown – Rectal Thermometer
Kasabian – Eez-Eh
Kasey Chambers – Adam & Eve
Kasey Chambers – Am I Not Pretty Enough
Kasey Chambers – Million Tears
Kasey Chambers – Rattlin Bones
Kasey Chambers – True Colours
Kat Edmonson – Rainy Day Woman
Kate Bush – Saxophone Song
Kathleen Edwards – Back to Me
Kathleen Edwards – Cheapest Key
Kathleen Edwards – I Make the Dough, You Get the Glory
Kathleen Edwards – One More Song the Radio Won’t Like
Kathleen Edwards – Sidecar
Kathleen Edwards – Westby
Katie Herzig – Best Day of Your Life
Katie Herzig – Forevermore
Katie Herzig – Free My Mind
Katy Perry – Birthday
Kazoos Brothers – Soul Man
Kelis – Milkshake
Keller Williams – Freeker by the Speaker
Keller Williams – Kidney in a Cooler
Kelly Clarkson – Walk Away
Kendrick Lamar – I
Kenny Rogers and the First Edition – Condition
Kenny Wayne Shepard – Blue on Black
Kenny Young and the Eggplants – Fishcakes and Spaghetti
Kenny Young and the Eggplants – Toxic Swamp
Kernel Raspberry – I’m Archived
Kevin Pollack – Continuation of Christopher Walken Interview
Kevin Rudolf – Let It Rock
Khia – My Neck My Back
Kick Me Kate – Fishing
Kid Creole and the Coconuts – Endicott
Kid Ink – Star of the Show
Kid Rock – Bawitaba
Kid Rock – Cowboy
Kidz Bop – Boulevard of Broken Dreams
Kidz Bop – Hey Ya
Kidz Bop – Toxic
Kidz Bop – Toxic.wma
Killer Pussy – Pocket Pool
Killer Pussy – Teenage Enema Nurses in Bondage
Killers – Somebody Told Me
Killers – This is Your Life
Killing Joke – Eighties
Kim Mitchell – Go for a Soda
Kim Richey – I Will Follow
Kim Richey – Not a Love Like This
Kimbra – Settle Down
King – 2 M.B.
King – Ain’t No Doubt
King – Alone Without You
King – Don’t Stop
King – Fish
King – I Cringed, I Died, I Felt Hot
King – I Kissed the Spikey Fridge
King – Love & Pride
King – Mind Yer Toes
King – Platform One
King – Sugar Candy Mountain Buddhas
King – Taste of Your Tears
King – Torture
King – Trouble
King – Unity Song
King Harvest – Dancing in the Moonlight
King Khan – So Wild
King’s Singers – American Pie
King’s Singers – Cecilia
King’s Singers – Eleanor Rigby
King’s Singers – Fifty Ways to Leave Your Lover
King’s Singers – I’ll Follow the Sun
King’s Singers – Kiss from a Rose
King’s Singers – Lady Madonna
King’s Singers – Michelle
King’s Singers – Ob-la-di, Ob-la-da
King’s Singers – Octopus’s Garden
King’s Singers – Rhythm of Life
King’s Singers – Windmills of Your Mind
Kings of Leon – Crawl
Kings of Leon – Family Tree
Kings of Leon – Molly’s Chambers
Kings of Leon – Red Morning Light
Kinks – All Day and All of the Night
Kinks – Celluloid Heroes
Kinks – Destroyer
Kinks – Living on a Thin Line
Kinks – Lola
Kinks – Village Green Preservation Society
Kinks – Well Respected Man
Kinky – Headphonist
Kip Adotta – Life in the Slaw Lane
Kirkmark and Lopez – Guy Quiz
Kirsty MacColl – Can’t Stop Killing You
Kiya Heartwood – Change (is Gonna Come)
Klaatu – Calling Occupants of Interplanetary Craft
Klaatu – Sub-Rosa Subway
Klaxons – Bad Romance
Kobi LaCriox – Why Can I Not Think
Kobi LaCroix – Brutomax
Kobi LaCroix – IHOP
Kobi LaCroix – Jeremy the Ninja
Kobi LaCroix – O Christmas Tree
Kobi LaCroix – Resolutions
Komeda – It’s Alright Baby
Kongos – Come with Me Now
Kopecky Family Band – Heartbeat
Kraftwerk – Boing Boom Tschak
Kri and Hettie – 3k (He Can’t Have It)
Kristin Andreassen – Crayola Doesn’t Make a Color for Your Eyes
Krypton – Let’s Blow Up the Tow Truck
KT Tunstall – (Still A) Weirdo
KT Tunstall – Black Horse & the Cherry Tree
KT Tunstall – Hold On
KT Tunstall – Suddenly I See
Kula Shaker – Dr. Kitt
Kurt Vile – Air Bud
Kylie Minogue – I Can’t Get You Out of My Head
Kylie Minogue – Love at First Sight
Kylie or Alive – You Spin My Head Round
L7 – Pretend We’re Dead
La Luz – Sure As Spring
La Luz – You Disappear
La Roux – Bulletproof
Lady Gaga – Poker Face
Lady Siobhan – Follow Me to the Forest
Lady Siobhan – Stag of Seven Tines
Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Lion Sleeps Tonight
Ladysmith Black Mambazo – Yangiluma Inkukhu
Lake Street Dive – I Don’t Care about You
Lambert and Lindsey – Community College Musical
Lana Del Rey – Video Games
Lana Del Rey – West Coast
Langhorne Slim – Rebel Side of Heaven
Langhorne Slim – Wild Soul
Larry Bright – MoJo Workout
Larry Vincent – Freckle Song
Larry Weaver – Oxymorons Song
Last Shadow Puppets – Age of the Understatement
Last Shadow Puppets – Used to be My Girl
Laura Love – Mahbootay
Laura Marling – All My Rage
Laura Marling – Master Hunter
Laura Marling – Rambling Man
Laura Nyro – Wedding Bell Blues
Laurel and Hardy – Trail of the Lonesome Pine
Laverne’s Brother – Itchy Twitchy Spot
Laverne’s Brother – Sweet Soul Music
LCD Soundsystem – Drunk Girls
LCD Soundsystem – I Can Change
Le Tigre – Keep on Livin’
Lee Dorsey – Working in the Coal Mine
Left Banke – Pretty Ballerina
Legendary Shack Shakers – Agony Wagon
Legendary Shack Shakers – Cussin’ in Tongues
Legendary Shack Shakers – Ichabod
Legendary Shack Shakers – No Such Thing
Legendary Shack Shakers – Where’s the Devil When You Need Him
Legendary Stardust Cowboy – Paralyzed
Lemon Demon – Ben Bernanke
Lemon Demon – Eighth Wonder
Len – Steal My Sunshine
Lene Lovich – New Toy
Lenny and Ziggy – Wish My Mom was a Biker Chick
Lenny Kravitz – Are You Gonna Go My Way
Lenny Kravitz – Lady
Lenny Kravitz – Stand
Leon Bridges – Smooth Sailin’
Leon Russell – Magic Mirror
Leonard Cohen – Darkness
Leonard Cohen – First We Take Manhattan
Leonard Cohen – I Can’t Forget
Leonard Cohen – I’m Your Man
Leonard Cohen – Show Me the Place
Leonard Nimoy – Ballad of Bilbo Baggins
Leonard Nimoy – I Walk the Line
Les Barker – Reinstalling Windows
Les Rita Mitsouko – C’est Comme Ca
Les Rita Mitsouko – Don’t Forget the Nite
Les Rita Mitsouko – Restez Avec Moi
Leslie Eliel – Cowgirl Song
Leslie Fish – Carmen Miranda’s Ghost
Leslie Fish – Lucifer
Leslie Fish – The Gods Aren’t Crazy They’re Only Drunk
Leslie Fish – Wizard of Speed and Time
Leslie Gore – Sunshine Lollipops and Rainbows
Level 42 – Something About You
Levon Helm – False Hearted Lover Blues
Lewis Lyman – I’m So Happy
LFMAO – Party Rock Anthem
Liars – Mess on a Mission
Lightning Seeds – Pure
Like – He’s Not a Boy
Lil Jon – Stick That Thang Out
Lily Allen – Fear
Lily Allen – LDN
Limp Bizkit – Faith
Limp Bizkit – Nookie
Lindsey Buckingham – Holiday Road
Linkin Park – Breaking the Habit
Lipscomb Concert Chorus – Let Us Sing to the Lord
Lisa Hannigan – I Don’t Know
Lisa Hannigan – Knots
Lisa Hannigan – Venn Diagram
Lisa Loeb and Elizabeth Mitchell – Stop and Go
Lissie – Little Lovin’
Lit – My Own Worst Enemy
Little Anthony – Shimmy Shimmy Kokobop
Little Boots – Stuck on Repeat
Little Jackie – 28 Butts
Little Jackie – Crying for the Queen
Little Roger and the Goosebumps – Gilligan’s Island Stairway
Little Willies – Diesel Smoke, Dangerous Curves
Live – Selling the Drama
Living End – Prisoner of Society
Living Sisters – How Glad I Am
Liz Phair – Baby Got Going
Liz Phair – Polyester Bride
Lizz Wright – My Heart
LMFAO – Sexy and I Know It
Lo Fidelity All Stars – Battleflag
Local Natives – Sun Hands
Logan Whitehurst – Me and the Snowman
Logan Whitehurst – Robot Cat
Loggins and Messina – Vahevala
Lollipop Shoppe – You Must be a Witch
Londonbeat – I’ve Been Thinking about You
LoneLady – Bunkerpop
LoneLady – Into the Cave
LoneLady – Silvering
Long John Baldry – Don’t Try to Lay No Boogie Woogie
Long Ryders – Looking for Lewis & Clark
Lonnie Donegan – Does Your Chewing Gum Lose Its Flavour
Lonnie Donegan – My Old Man’s a Dustman
Looking Glass – Brandy
Lord I Lift Your Name on High
Lorde – Team
Lords of the Rhymes – Lords of the Rhymes
Loreena McKennitt – All Souls Night
Loreena McKennitt – Mummer’s Dance
Loreleis – Closer to Fine
Loreleis – Dreams
Loretta Lynch – Didn’t Leave Nobody but the Baby
Loretta Lynch – Ode to Suicide
Los Lobos – Burn It Down
Los Lobos – Kiko and the Lavender Moon
Los Lobos – When the Circus Comes to Town
Los Mocosos – I’m Your Puppet
Lost Bayou Ramblers – Blues de Bernadette
Lost Fingers – Billie Jean
Lost Fingers – Black Velvet
Lost Fingers – Careless Whisper
Lost Fingers – Fresh
Lost Fingers – Incognito
Lost Fingers – Part Time Lover
Lost Fingers – Pump Up the Jam
Lost Fingers – Safety Dance
Lost Fingers – Straight Up
Lost Fingers – Tainted Love
Lost Fingers – Touch Me
Lost Fingers – You Give Love a Bad Name
Lost Fingers – You Shook Me All Night Long
Lou Reed – Dirty Blvd
Lou Reed – Walk on the Wild Side
Love – Live and Let Live
Love and Rockets – All in My Mind
Love and Rockets – Ball of Confusion
Love and Rockets – No New Tale to Tell
Love and Rockets – So Alive
Love as Laughter – All Parts of Me
Love Jones – Central Avenue
Lovin’ Spoonful – Did You Ever Have to Make Up Your Mind
Lovin’ Cohens – Noshville Katz
Lucero – Like Lightning
Lucero – Sound of the City
Lucinda Williams – Born to be Loved
Lucinda Williams – Get Right with God
Lucinda Williams – Joy
Lucinda Williams – Real Love
Lucius – Born Again Teen
Lucius Smith – Walk in the Parlor
Lucky Pineapple – Buffalo Heartbeat
Lucky Pineapple – High Heels in the Sand
Lucky Pineapple – Moment in an Empty Street
Lucky Pineapple – Pineapple Unlimited
Lucky Pineapple – Roadside Sex Change
Lucky Pineapple – Sexx
Lucky Pineapple – Tiny Bananas
Lucky Pineapple – Un Squelette Et Un Parapluie
Lucky Pineapple – Yellow TV
Ludo – Love Me Dead
Luke Ski – 88 Lines About 44 Simpsons
Luke Ski – Aliens Just Don’t Understand
Luke Ski – All I Want to Do is Shoot Some Guns
Luke Ski – Back One Week to the Future
Luke Ski – Bacon!
Luke Ski – Because I’m Jedi
Luke Ski – Because of Bob
Luke Ski – Blues Campbell
Luke Ski – C’mon Ride the Bus
Luke Ski – Chainsaw Juggler
Luke Ski – Christopher Walken Sings Spongebob Squarepants
Luke Ski – Crazy Jay
Luke Ski – Dementia Revolution
Luke Ski – Doctor and William
Luke Ski – Dork of the Rings
Luke Ski – Fake Adult
Luke Ski – Fanboy
Luke Ski – Fantastic Voyager
Luke Ski – Fruit Loops
Luke Ski – Gettin’ Giggity Wit It
Luke Ski – Gowron Said Knock You Out
Luke Ski – Great Luke Ski
Luke Ski – Hill
Luke Ski – Holding Out for Hiro
Luke Ski – House Party at Arkham Asylum
Luke Ski – I am a Vamp of Constant Sorrow
Luke Ski – I Want to be Steve Buscemi
Luke Ski – Immature Amateur Adolescent Animator
Luke Ski – It Takes Who
Luke Ski – Jack Bauer
Luke Ski – Jon Archer
Luke Ski – Keanu Barada Nikto
Luke Ski – Keanu Man
Luke Ski – KramerCostanza
Luke Ski – Love Theme from Mystery Spatula Theatre II
Luke Ski – Mancow
Luke Ski – MC Freberg
Luke Ski – Men in Black (Klaatu Barada Nikto)
Luke Ski – Mr. Versatility
Luke Ski – My Favorite Part
Luke Ski – My Momma Don’t Wear No Socks
Luke Ski – My Name is Al Bundy
Luke Ski – My Name is Not Merv Griffin
Luke Ski – No Sleep Til Babylon
Luke Ski – Nummy Muffin
Luke Ski – One Night at Quark’s Bar
Luke Ski – Peter Parker
Luke Ski – Preconceptions News Entertainment Report
Luke Ski – Public Enemy Sings Tom Lehrer
Luke Ski – Quite a Man (for an Al Fan)
Luke Ski – Resistance
Luke Ski – Serenity
Luke Ski – Sign of a True D-Fan
Luke Ski – Spock Star
Luke Ski – Spongy Dance
Luke Ski – Star Wars Trilogy Homesick Blues
Luke Ski – Stealing Like a Hobbit
Luke Ski – Twilight Zone
Luke Ski – Use the Force
Luke Ski – Weird Guys Rap
Luke Ski – Who Let the Frog Out
Luke Ski – You Don’t Know Jack
Luke Ski – You Might Be a Trekkie
Lumidee – I’ll Never Leave You (Uh-Oh)
Lumineers – Ho Hey
Lumineers – Stubborn Love
Luscious Jackson – Are You Ready
Luscious Jackson – Naked Eye
Lush – Ciao
Lush – Ladykillers
Lute Skywalker – Cantina Band
Lykke Li – I Follow Rivers
Lykke Li – Little Bit
Lyle Lovett – If I Had a Boat
Lyle Lovett – Church
Lynyrd Skynyrd – Sweet Home Alabama
M83 – Kim and Jessie
M+M – Black Stations White Stations
M+M – Echo Beach
M. Ward – Girl from Conejo Valley
M.I.A. – Y.A.L.A.
Mac Miller – Knock Knock
Mac Miller – Party on Fifth Ave.
Machine Gun Fellatio – (Let Me Be Your) Dirty Fucking Whore
Machine Gun Fellatio – Rollercoaster
Macklemore – Thrift Shop
Maclean and Maclean – Little Toot
Mad Tea Party – Zombie Boogie
Madisen Ward – Live by Water
Madison Project – Take On Me
Madison Tangled Up in Blue – Breathless
Madness – Blue Skinned Beast
Madness – Cardiac Arrest
Madness – Death of a Rude Boy
Madness – Grey Day
Madness – House of Fun
Madness – It Must be Love
Madness – Night Boat to Cairo
Madness – Our House
Madness – Primrose Hill
Madness – Rise and Fall
Madness – Shut Up
Madness – Uncle Sam
Madonna – Beautiful Stranger
Madonna – Don’t Tell Me
Madonna – Hung Up
Madonna – Music (Hey Mr. DJ)
Madonna – Ray of Light
Magnetic Fields – Book of Love
Magnetic Fields – You Must be Out of Your Mind
Maiden Radio – June Apple
Maire Brennan – In Christ Alone
Make Up – Blue is Beautiful
Mamas and the Papas – California Dreamin
Mamas and the Papas – Creeque Alley
Mamas and the Papas – Dedicated to the One I Love
Mamas and the Papas – Dream a Little Dream of Me
Mamas and the Papas – I Saw Her Again Last Night
Mamas and the Papas – Monday Monday
Man Man – Knuckle Down
Manfred Mann – Blinded by the Light
Manfred Mann – Mighty Quinn
Manu Chao – Bongo Bong
Mar-Keys – Last Night
Maranatha Singers – Lord, I Lift Your Name on High
Marble Tea – Southern Mark Smith
Marc Anthony – I Need to Know
Marc Broussard – Home
Marc Cohn – Walking in Memphis
Marc Gunn – I Saved the Planet Earth
Marc Gunn – Kilted for Her Pleasure
Marc Gunn – Man Who Wears a Kilt Every Day
Marc Gunn – Sailboat Armada
Marcellus Select Choir – Good News
Marcels – Blue Moon
Marcels – Blue Moon
Marcy Playground – Sex and Candy
Marcy Playground – St Joe on the School Bus
Mariah Carey – Honey
Marianne Faithful – As Tears Go By
Marillion – Freaks
Marilyn Whitelaw & Mark Davis – Jeannie’s Diner
Mark Jonathan Davis – Phantom Medley
Mark Jonathan Davis – Star Wars Cantina
Mark McCullough – Wabbit Slayer
Mark Ronson – A La Modeliste
Mark Ronson – Leaving Los Feliz
Mark Ronson – Uptown Funk
Mark Silverman – Medieval People
Marketts – Out of Limits
Maroon 5 – Harder to Breathe
Maroon 5 – Sunday Mornings
Marrs – Pump Up the Volume
Marshall Tucker Band – Can’t You See
Martha Reeves and the Vandellas – Heat Wave
Martin Garrix – Animals
Martin Mull – Dueling Tubas
Martin Mull – Men
Martin Sexton – 13 Step Boogie
Martin Sexton – Doin’ Somehting Right
Marty Stuart – Boogie Woogie Down the Jericho Road
Marty Wilde – Teenager in Love
Marvin the Paranoid Android – Marvin
Mary Hopkins – Fields of St Etienne
Mary Hopkins – Those were the Days
Mary Lambert – Secrets
Mary Prankster – Punk Rock Heaven
Maryland Generics – I’m Gonna Be [500 Miles]
Maryland Generics – Janie’s Got a Gun
Maryland Generics – Take on Me
Mason Williams – Classical Gas
Massive Attack – Teardrop
Massive Attack – Unfinished Sympathy
Matt Berry – Gather Up
Matt Costa – Good Times
Matt Costa – Witchcraft
Matt Duncan – Keys
Matt Redman – You Never Let Go
Matt the Electrician – All I Know
Matt the Electrician – Buck Tempo
Matt the Electrician – Ghost Story
Matt the Electrician – I Will Do the Breathing
Matthew Dear – In the Middle (I Met You There)
Matthew Ryan – I Hear a Symphony
Matthias – Living Teddy Bear
Mavericks – I Want to Know
Mavis Staples – Action
Mavis Staples – Love and Trust
Max DeGroot – Campaign News
Max DeGroot – Census
Max DeGroot – Fly Like a Falcon
Max DeGroot – If I Had a Million Fursuits
Max DeGroot – Manger of the Rising Son
Max DeGroot – My Fursona
Max DeGroot – Ode to Susan Boyle
Max DeGroot – Paul McCartney
Max DeGroot – Site is a Lie
Max DeGroot – Spring Cleaning
Max Frost – Shape of Things to Come
Max Frost – White Lies
Max Raabe – Around the World (La La La La)
Max Raabe – Blue
Max Raabe – Bongo Bong
Max Raabe – Kiss
Max Raabe – Lady Marmalade
Max Raabe – Mambo No.5
Max Raabe – We Will Rock You
Mazzy Star – Fade Into You
MC5 – Baby Please Don’t Go
MC5 – Black to Comm
MC5 – Borderline
MC5 – Break Time
MC5 – Come Together
MC5 – I Can Only Give You Everything
MC5 – I Don’t Mind
MC5 – I Just Don’t Know
MC5 – I Want You Right Now
MC5 – I’m a Man
MC5 – Kick out the Jams
MC5 – Little Red Riding Hood
MC5 – Look What You’ve Done
MC5 – Looking at You
MC5 – Motor City is Burning
MC5 – One of the Guys
MC5 – Ramblin’ Rose
MC5 – Rocket Reducer No. 62 (Rama Lama Fa Fa Fa)
MC5 – Starship
MC Lars – Generic Crunk Rap
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Ice Ice Baby
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Leaving on a Jet Plane
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Only the Good Die Young
Me First and the Gimme Gimmes – Walking on Sunshine
Meat Puppets – Backwater
Medemia – Saving Hyrule
Medieval Babes – Salvanos
Megadeth – Almost Honest
Megadeth – Trust
Meghan Trainor – All about That Bass
MEI Concert Choir – Word was God
Mekons – Where were You
Mel and El – Tick Tock
Mel Blanc – Daffy Duck’s Rhapsody
Melanie – Brand New Key
Melissa Etheridge – I Want to be in Love
Melissa McClelland – Passenger 24
Men Without Hats – 1999
Men Without Hats – Alice in Wonderland
Men Without Hats – Eloise and I
Men Without Hats – Eurotheme
Men Without Hats – Everybody’s Selling Something
Men Without Hats – Fall Down Gently
Men Without Hats – Folk of the ’80s
Men Without Hats – Freeways
Men Without Hats – Gravity is My Enemy
Men Without Hats – Great Ones Remember
Men Without Hats – Harry Crews
Men Without Hats – Here Come the ’90s
Men Without Hats – I Got the Message
Men Without Hats – I Know Their Name
Men Without Hats – I Like
Men Without Hats – I Sing Last Not for Tears
Men Without Hats – I’m in Love
Men Without Hats – In California
Men Without Hats – In the 21st Century
Men Without Hats – In the Name of Angels
Men Without Hats – Jenny Wore Black
Men Without Hats – kenbarbielove
Men Without Hats – Life after Diamondhead
Men Without Hats – Love All Over the World
Men Without Hats – Love in the Age of War
Men Without Hats – Messiahs Die Young
Men Without Hats – Moderne Dancing
Men Without Hats – No Dancing
Men Without Hats – O Sole Mio
Men Without Hats – S.O.S
Men Without Hats – Safety Dance
Men Without Hats – Security
Men Without Hats – Sideways
Men Without Hats – Tomorrow Today
Men Without Hats – Unsatisfaction
Men Without Hats – Walk on Water
Men Without Hats – Where Do the Boys Go
Mercy Me – I Can Only Imagine
Mercy Me – I Could Sing of Your Love Forever
Mercy Me – Lord I Lift Your Name on High
Mercy Me – Open the Eyes of My Heart, Lord
Mercy Me – Word of God Speak
Merril Bainbridge – Mouth
Metallica – Enter Sandman
Metallica – Nothing Else Matters
Mexican Institute of Sound – Reventon
Michael Bailey – Language of Romance
Michael Elliott – Get Ur Faith On
Michael Franti – Hello Bonjour
Michael Franti – Say Hey (I Love You)
Michael Franti – Shake It
Michael Franti – Sound of Sunshine
Michael Franti – We Don’t Stop
Michael Franti – What I Got
Michelle Branch – Are You Happy Now
Michigan Dicks and Janes – Tonight and the Rest of My Life
Mickey and Sylvia – Love is Strange
Middlebury Dissipated Eight – Nightswimming
Midnight Oil – Beds are Burning
Midnight Oil – Stars of Warburton
Mighty Lemon Drops – Inside Out
Miike Snow – Paddling Out
Mika – Big Girl (You are Beautiful)
Mika – Lollipop
Mike and the Mechanics – Silent Running
Mike Doughty – (You Should Be) Doubly Gratified
Mike Doughty – Busting Up a Starbux
Mike Doughty – His Truth is Marching On
Mike Doughty – Looking at the World from the Bottom of a Well
Mike Elliott and Bud LaTour – Rock Me Jerry Lewis
Mike Flowers Pops – 1999
Mike Flowers Pops – Light My Fire
Mike Flowers Pops – Velvet Underground Medley
Mike Flowers Pops – Wonderwall
Mike Henderson – When I Get Drunk
Mike Nichols and Elaine May – A Little More Gauze
Mike Oldfield – Polka
Mike Posner – Please Don’t Go
Milky Chance – Flashed Junk Mind
Milky Chance – Stolen Dance
Millie Small – My Boy Lollipop
Milton Berle – Yellow Submarine
Ministry – Every Day is Halloween
Ministry – Nature of Love
Ministry – Over the Shoulder
Miracle Legion – Snacks & Candy
Missing Persons – Walking in L.A
Missing Persons – Words
Missy Elliott – Cop Dat Disc
Missy Elliott – Get Ur Freak On
Missy Elliott – Gossip Folks
Missy Elliott – One Minute Man
Missy Elliott – Pass the Dutch
Missy Elliott – We Run This
Missy Elliott – Work It
MIT Logarhythms – And So It Goes
MIT Logarhythms – Kids Aren’t Alright
MIT Logarhythms – No Such Thing
Mitch Woods and His Rocket 88s – Golden Gate Jump
Mixed Company – #1 Crush
Mixed Company – Limbo Rock
Mo Shaw – Housesitter
Moby – Extreme Ways
Moby – Natural Blues
Moby – Run On
Moby – South Side
Moby – We are All Made of Stars
MOD – Ode to Harry
Model – What Does It Look Like I’m Doing
Models – Out of Mind, Out of Sight
Modern Entertainment – Thorazine Shuffle
Modern Lovers – Modern World
Modest Mouse – Lampshades on Fire
Modest Mouse – World at Large
Moev – Alibis
Mojo Nixon – Are You Drinkin’ with Me Jesus
Mojo Nixon – Debbie Gibson is Pregnant with My Two Headed Love Child
Mojo Nixon – Elvis is Everywhere
Molotov – Gimme tha Power
Momus – His Majesty the Baby
Moneyshot Cosmonauts – Buy Yams… I Said
Moneyshot Cosmonauts – Pink Christmas
Moneyshot Cosmonauts – Pr-Pr-Pr-Procreate
Monifah – Touch It
Monotones – Book of Love
Monroes – What Do All the People Know
Monsters of Folk – Whole Lotta Losin’
Monty Python – Albatross
Monty Python – Bookshop
Monty Python – Dead Bishop on the Landing
Monty Python – I Bet You They Won’t Play This Song on the Radio
Monty Python – String
Monty Python – Twit of the Year
Moody Blues – We’re an American Band
Moody Blues – Your Wildest Dreams
Moosebutter – Rubber Monkey
Morning Sidekick – Carbs
Morningwood – Best of Me
Morningwood – Jetsetter
Morningwood – New York Girls
Morningwood – Nth Degree
Morningwood – Nu Rock
Morningwood – Sugarbaby
Morningwood – Take Off Your Clothes
Morticians – Jam at the Mortuary
MOVITS! – Fel Del Av Garden
Moxy Fruvous – I’ve Gotta Get a Message to You
Moxy Fruvous – Green Eggs & Ham
Moxy Fruvous – Hate Letter
Moxy Fruvous – I Love My Boss
Moxy Fruvous – King of Spain
Moxy Fruvous – Michigan Militia
Moxy Fruvous – My Baby Loves a Bunch of Authors
Moxy Fruvous – Psycho Killer
Moxy Fruvous – Spiderman
Mr. Wompy – Wal-Martian Rhapsody
MST3K – Master Ninja Theme Song
Mumford and Sons – Cave
Mumford and Sons – Little Lion Man
Mumford and Sons – Lovers Eyes
Mumford and Sons – Roll Away Your Stone
Mummies – Test Drive
Mungo Jerry – In the Summertime
Muppet Ranch – Partytime
Muppets – Rhyming Song
Murmaids – Popsicles Icicles
Muse – Big Freeze
Muse – Dig Down Official
Muse – Madness
Muse – Panic Station
Muse – Uprising
Music Explosion – Little Bit of Soul
Musicians – Use Some Money
Mxolydians – Bette Davis Eyes
My Life with the Thrill Kill Kult – Sex on Wheels
My Morning Jacket – First Light
My Morning Jacket – Magic Bullet
My Morning Jacket – Outta My System
Mylo Hatzenbuhler – Ballad of the Big Buffet
Mystery Lights – Too Many Girls
Mystic Eyes – Baby We’re Free
Mystic Eyes – Calm Me Down
Mystic Eyes – Enough of What I Need
Mystic Eyes – from Above
Mystic Eyes – I Believe You
Mystic Eyes – I Can Only Give You Everything
Mystic Eyes – I Have
Mystic Eyes – I Lost My World
Mystic Eyes – I’m Free
Mystic Eyes – I’m Glad I Walked Out That Door
Mystic Eyes – Judy
Mystic Eyes – My Time to Leave
Mystic Eyes – No Reason to Complain
Mystic Eyes – Share
Mystic Eyes – She Don’t Cry No More
Mystikal – Bouncin’ Back
N Sync – Dirty Pop
N’Sync – Gone
N.E.R.D. – Squeeze Me
Nails – 88 Lines about 44 Women
Nancy Sinatra – These Boots are Made for Walking
Napoleon XIV – Bats in the Belfry
Napoleon XIV – Dr. Psyche
Napoleon XIV – Little Red Tricycle
Napoleon XIV – Marching Off to Bedlam
Napoleon XIV – Nuts on the Family Tree
Napoleon XIV – Split Level Head
Napoleon XIV – They’re Coming to Take Me Away
Nappy Roots – Headz Up
Natasha Bedingfield – Unwritten
Nathaniel Rateliff – I Need Never Get Old
Nathaniel Rateliff – SOB
National – Bloodbuzz Ohio
National – Demons
National Lampoon – Deteriorata
Naturally 7 – Wall of Sound
Naughty Boy – La La La
Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Kill Your Television
Ned’s Atomic Dustbin – Not Sleeping Around
Neil Diamond – America
Neil Diamond – Brother Love’s Traveling Salvation Show
Neil Diamond – Cracklin Rosie
Neil Diamond – Delirious Love
Neil Diamond – I am I Said
Neil Diamond – Solitary Man
Neil Diamond – Sweet Caroline
Neil Finn – Sinner
Neil Sedaka – Next Door to an Angel
Neko Case – Hold On, Hold On
Neko Case – Man
Nellie McKay – Dispossessed
Nellie McKay – Identity Theft
Nellie Pearl – Oregon Honey
Nelly – Just a Dream
Nelly – Number One
Nelly – Work It
Nelly Furtado – Maneater
Nelly Furtado – Turn off the Light
Neneh Cherry – 1, 2, 3, 4, 5
Nerves Junior – As Bright as Your Night Light
Nerves Junior – Kale
New Christy Minstrels – Lovely Greensleeves
New Group – Bob
New Monty Show – White Wedding
New Order – Blue Monday
New Pornographers – Champions of Red Wine
New Pornographers – Dancehall Domine
New Pornographers – Mass Romantic
New Pornographers – Twin Cinema
New Swears – Race to the Grave
New Vaudeville Band – Winchester Cathedral
New York Dolls – Dance Like a Monkey
New York Dolls – Stranded in the Jungle
New Young Pony Club – Get Lucky
Newbeats – Bread and Butter
Newcleus – Jam on It
Nick Cave – Dig Lazarus Dig
Nick Cave – Red Right Hand
Nick Cave – There She Goes My Beautiful World
Nick Drake – Place to Be
Nick Peay – Life & Love & Us
Nick Waterhouse – This is a Game
Nickel Creek – Hayloft
Nickel Eye – Brandy of the Damned
Nickelback – Leader of Men
Nicole Atkins – My Baby Don’t Lie
Nicole Atkins – This is for Love
Nicole Atkins – Who Killed the Moonlight
Nik Kershaw – Faces
Nik Kershaw – Gone to Pieces
Nik Kershaw – Human Racing
Nik Kershaw – Shame on You
Nik Kershaw – Wouldn’t It Be Good
Nikka Costa – Everybody’s Got Their Something
Nilsson – Coconut Song
Nina Simone – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood
Nina Simone – Save Me
Nina Simone – Sea Lion Woman
Nine Inch Nails – Closer
Nine Inch Nails – Head Like a Hole
Nine Inch Nails – Terrible Lie
Nirvana Unplugged – Where Did You Sleep Last Night
Nitty Gritty Dirt Band – Buy for Me the Rain
Nixon Lee – Don’t Be So Quick to Deny You’re Gay!
No Doubt – Hey Baby
Noah and the Whale – Five Years Time
Noah and the Whale – Life is Life
Noah and the Whale – Tonight’s the Kind of Night
Nobunny – Live It Up
None of the Above – Hamster in Your Hair
None of the Above – I May Already be a Winner
Nora Jones – Don’t Know Why
Nore – Nothin
Norma Tanega – You’re Dead
Normal – Warm Leatherette
Norman Greenbaum – Eggplant that Ate Chicago
Norman Greenbaum – Spirit in the Sky
Nouvelle Vague – Bela Lugosi’s Dead
Nouvelle Vague – Bizarre Love Triangle
Nouvelle Vague – Blue Monday
Nouvelle Vague – Come on Eileen
Nouvelle Vague – Dance with Me
Nouvelle Vague – Dancing with Myself
Nouvelle Vague – Don’t Go
Nouvelle Vague – Ever Fallen in Love
Nouvelle Vague – Fade to Grey
Nouvelle Vague – Girl from Ipanema
Nouvelle Vague – Guns of Brixton
Nouvelle Vague – Heart of Glass
Nouvelle Vague – I Melt with You
Nouvelle Vague – Just Can’t Get Enough
Nouvelle Vague – Let Me Go
Nouvelle Vague – Making Plans for Nigel
Nouvelle Vague – Our Lips are Sealed
Nouvelle Vague – Relax
Nouvelle Vauge – Blister in the Sun
Nu Shooz – I Can’t Wait
Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Bad Spell
Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Draining the Lizard
Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Environment
Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Hulkulele
Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Old People
Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Sharktopus
Nuclear Bubble Wrap – So Many Fwends
Nuclear Bubble Wrap – Ultimate Showdown of Musical Comedy
Nude Beach – Witness
Nylons – Brown Eyed Girl
Nylons – Chain Gang
Nylons – Dancing Queen
Nylons – Groovy Thing
Nylons – Happy Together
Nylons – Hooked on a Feeling
Nylons – Istanbul Not Constantinople
Nylons – Little Red Corvette
Nylons – Love Potion No 9
Nylons – Poison Ivy.wma
Nylons – Prince of Darkness
Nylons – Stepping Stone
Nylons – That Kind of Man
Nylons – This Island Earth
Nylons – Time of the Season
Oakridge Boys – Elvira
OAR – Hey Girl
OAR – Shattered
Ocean – Put Your Hand in the Hand
Odd Austin – Beaver Duck
Odd Austin – Vampires Suck
Odd Austin Aeschliman – Ridiculous Girl
Of Monsters and Men – Little Talks
Of Montreal – Coquet Coquette
Offspring – Hit That
Offspring – Original Prankster
Offspring – Pretty Fly
Offspring – Why Don’t You Get a Job
Oingo Boingo – Only a Lad
Oingo Boingo – Weird Science
Ojays – Love Train
OJR – Numb
OK Go – The Writing’s on the Wall
OK Go – This Too Shall Pass Live
Okkervil River – Lost Coastlines
Okkervil River – Singer Songwriter
Okkervil River – Valley
Olav Basoski – Elektrik
Old 97’s – Bird in a Cage
Old 97’s – Every Night is Friday Night (Without You)
Old Ceremony – Papers in Order
Old Crow Medicine Show – Brushy Mountain Conjugal Trailer
Old Crow Medicine Show – Mississippi Saturday Night
Ole Ole – Soccer Anthem
Oleander – Why I’m Here
Olu Dara – Your Lips
OMC – How Bizarre
OneRepublic – Counting Stars
OneRepublic – Good Life
OneRepublic – Love Runs Out
Only Real – Pass the Pain
Ookla the Mok – A.M. Suicide
Ookla the Mok – Curb Your Dogma
Ookla the Mok – Das Uber Tuber
Ookla the Mok – Dawn of the Day before the Time of the Land the Lost Dinosaurs Forgot to Remember
Ookla the Mok – Fascist Couplet
Ookla the Mok – P.M. Prima Donna
Ookla the Mok – Super Powers
Ookla the Mok – Superskrull
Ookla the Mok – View Master
Ookla the Mok – Welcome to the Con
Oosik Music Company – Cheese Boogie Deluxe
OPM – Heaven is Halfpipe
Optiganally Yours – I’m Bad at Sports
Orba Squara – Treasure Map
Orchestral Manoeuvres in the Dark – Electricity
Oregon on the Rocks – Center of Attention
Oregon on the Rocks – Demons
Oregon on the Rocks – Down to the River
Oregon on the Rocks – Yellow
Orgy – Blue Monday
Original Caste – One Tin Soldier
Orkestra Obsolete – Blue Monday
Orwells – Righteous One
Oscar Brand – Clean Song
Oscar Brand – Farmer Song
Otis Gibbs – It was a Train
Otis Hardhat – Du Housework
Our Lady Peace – Starseed
Outkast – Hey Ya
Outkast – Way You Move
Outkween – Hey! We Will Rock Ya
Over the Rhine – King Knows How
Over the Rhine – Trouble
Owl City – Fireflies
Oysterhead – Mr. Oysterhead
Ozomatli – Superbowl Sundae
Paddlefoot – Murphy-Ryan Polkas
Pandoras – I Didn’t Cry
Pandoras – You’re All Talk
Panjabi MC – Mundian to Bach Ke
Paolo Nutini – Iron Sky
Paolo Nutini – New Shoes
Paolo Nutini – Scream
Paper Kites – Paint
Paper Lace – Billy don’t be a Hero
Parquet Courts – Black and White
Parquet Courts – Dust
Parquet Courts – Everyday It Starts
Parquet Courts – Stoned and Starving
Parquet Courts – You Got Me Wonderin’ Now
Passenger – Let Her Go
Passion Pit – Little Secrets
Passion Pit – Sleepy Head
Pastels – One Wild Moment
Pat Benatar – Bad Reputation
Pat Benatar – Heartbreaker
Pat Boone – Crazy Train
Pat Boone – Paradise City
Patrick Street – Music for a Found Harmonium
Patti Rothberg – Treat Me Like Dirt
Patti Smith – Dancing Barefoot
Patti Smith – Free Money
Patti Smith – Gloria
Patti Smith – People Have the Power
Patti Smith – Summer Cannibals
Patty Griffin – Don’t Let Me Die in Florida
Patty Griffin – Ohio
Patty Griffin and Robert Plant – Ohio
Patty Larkin – Book I’m Not Reading
Patty Larkin – Hallelujah
Paul and Storm – Count to Ten
Paul and Storm – Easter Song
Paul and Storm – Hip-Shop
Paul and Storm – If They Might Be Giants were the Ice Cream Man
Paul and Storm – Lord of the Randy Newmans
Paul and Storm – Miranda Lullabye
Paul and Storm – Mother’s Day Song
Paul and Storm – Randy Newman’s Passion
Paul and Storm – Your Love Is
Paul Brady – World is What You Make It
Paul Evans – Seven Little Girls Sittin’ in the Back Seat
Paul Gilmartin – Bad Pickup Lines
Paul Gilmartin – Business Minute
Paul Gilmartin – Circus Love
Paul Gilmartin – Deep South
Paul Gilmartin – Things You’ll Never Hear at a Party
Paul Gilmartin – Undignified Ways to Die
Paul Mauriat – Love is Blue
Paul Oakenfold – Starry Eyed Surprise
Paul Revere and the Raiders – Just Like Me
Paul Shanklin – Al Gore Paradise
Paul Simon – Dazzling Blue
Paul Simon – Kodachrome
Paul Simon – Loves Me Like a Rock
Paul Simon – Mother and Child Reunion
Paul Simon – Shoplifting Clothes
Paul Thorn – Everybody Looks Good at the Starting Line
Paul Weller – Uh Huh Oh Yeh
Paul Westerberg – Dyslexic Heart
Paul Westerberg – Mr. Rabbit
Paula Abdul – Straight Up
Paula Cole – Where Have All the Cowboys Gone
Pavement – Cut Your Hair
Pavement – Stereo
Pearl Harbour – Flirt
Pearl Harbour – Hula Love
Pecker Dunne – McAlpine’s Fusiliers
Peggy Lee – Big Spender
Peggy Lee – Fever
Penguin Prison – Never Gets Old
Penn Six-5000 – Conrad Bain
Penn Six-5000 – Fifth of Beethoven
Penn Six-5000 – I Ran
Penn Six-5000 – New Age Girl
Penn Six-5000 – Stay
People – I Love You
Pet Shop Boys – West End Girls
Pete Townsend – Let My Love Open the Door
Pete Yorn – Relator
Pete Yorn – Rock Crowd
Pete Yorn and Scarlett Johansson – Relator
Peter and Gordon – Knight in Rusty Armour
Peter and Gordon – Lady Godiva
Peter Cooke and Dudley Moore – Tarzan
Peter Gabriel – Book of Love
Peter Gabriel – Lead a Normal Life
Peter Gabriel – Listening Wind
Peter Gabriel – Shaking the Tree
Peter Paul and Mary – Blowin’ in the Wind
Peter Paul and Mary – I Dig Rock and Roll Music
Peter Paul and Mary – If I Had a Hammer
Peter Paul and Mary – Leavin’ on a Jet Plane
Peter, Bjorn and John – Young Folks
Petra Haden – God Only Knows
Petra Haden – I Can See for Miles
Petra Haden – I Can’t Reach You
Petra Haden – Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand
Petula Clark – Don’t Sleep in the Subway
Petula Clark – Downtown
Petula Clark – I Know a Place
Petula Clark – My Love
Petula Clark – Sign of the Times
Petula Clark – Windmills of Your Mind
Pharrell Williams – Come Get It Bae
Pharrell Williams – Gust of Wind
Pharrell Williams – Happy
Phenomenal Handclap Band – Following
Phil Collins – Take Me Home
Phil Harris – Thing
Philharmonicas – Powerhouse
Phish – Bouncing around the Room
Phish – Simple
Piero Umiliani – Mahna, Mahna
Pillar Point – Black Fly on a White Wall
Piltdown Men – Brontosaurus Stomp
Pinback – AFK
Pinback – Proceed to Memory
Pink – Get the Party Started
Pink – God is a DJ
Pink – Please Don’t Leave Me
Pink – Raise Your Glass
Pink – There You Go
Pink – Trouble
Pink Martini – Hey Eugene
Pinkard & Bowden – Fudge Packers in Disguise
Pinkard & Bowden – Libyan on a Jet Plane
Pinkard & Bowden – Propane
Pinkard & Bowden – Trailer Park Woman
Pinups – New Wave Lover
Pipkins – Gimme Dat Ding
Piranhas – Tom Hark
Pirates for Sail – Irish Ballad
Pitbull – Calle Ocho
Pitbull – Give Me Everything (Tonight)
Pitbull – Mmm Yeah
Pitchpipes – Battle
Pixies – Bagboy
Pixies – Monkey Gone to Heaven
PJ Harvey – Down by the Water
PJ Harvey – Sheela Na Gig
PJ Harvey – Wheel
Placebo – Pure Morning
Plain White T’s – Hey There Delilah
Playing for Change – Gimme Shelter
Pogues – Sunny Side of the Street
Pogues – Tuesday Morning
Poi Dog Pondering – Pulling Touch
Pointer Sisters – Jump (For My Love)
Pokey LaFarge – Hard Times Come and Go
Polaris – Hey Sandy
Polaris – Waiting for October
Polecats – 99 Chicks
Polecats – Jeepster
Polecats – Make a Circuit with Me
Polecats – We Say Yeah
Police – Invisible Sun
Police – Roxanne
Polyphonic Spree – Running Away
Pomplamoose – Beat It
Pomplamoose – Gatekeeper
Pomplamoose – La Vie En Rose
Pomplamoose – Mister Sandman
Pomplamoose – Nature Boy
Pomplamoose – O Come All Ye Faithful
Pomplamoose – September
Pomplamoose – Single Ladies
Pomplamoose – Telephone
Pond – Elegant Design
Porno for Pyros – Pets
Porno for Pyros – Tahitian Moon
Portishead – Sour Times
Portugal the Man – Holy Roller
Possible Oscar – A Team is PO’ed
Possible Oscar – Dead Nintendo
Possible Oscar – How We Recycle
Possible Oscar – Press Start to Continue
Possible Oscar – Sundae Chocolate Sundae
Possible Oscar – That Calls for a Wilhelm Scream
Postal Service – Clark Gable
Power Salad – Charlie Sheen
Power Salad – Chemical Engineering
Power Salad – Corned Beef and Cabbage
Power Salad – Electric Razor Blues
Power Salad – My Cat is Afraid of the Vacuum Cleaner
Power Salad – Our Menu Has Recently Changed
Power Salad – Table Near the Band
Power Salad – Waiter Dropped the Plates
Powered by Satan – You Must Give Me Beef
Preatures – It Gets Better
Preatures – Rock and Roll Rave
Prem Joshua – Funky Guru
Presidents of the United States of America – Cleveland Rocks
Presidents of the United States of America – Lump
Presidents of the United States of America – More Bad Times
Presidents of the United States of America – Naked and Famous
Presidents of the United States of America – Peaches
Press Play – NY2LA
Preston Epps – Bongo Rock
Pretenders – Boots of Chinese Plastic
Pretty Things – Come See Me
Primal Scream – It’s Alright, It’s OK
Primal Scream – Loaded
Primitives – Noose
Primitives – Out of Reach
Primus – Eternal Consumption Engine
Primus – Tommy the Cat
Prince – Computer Blue
Prince – Delirious
Prince – Erotic City
Prince – Take Me with U
Prince Brown – Sex Kiss Machine
Prince Squid – These Arms are Snakes
Priscilla Herdman – Ashokan Farewell
Priscilla Herdman – Matthew, Mark, Luke and John.wma
Priscilla Herdman – Mid Night Round
Priscilla Herdman – Shame of Going Back
Proclaimers – Beautiful Truth
Proclaimers – Cap in Hand
Proclaimers – Get Ready
Proclaimers – Ghost of Love
Proclaimers – I Want
Proclaimers – I’m Gonna Be (500 Miles)
Proclaimers – I’m On My Way
Proclaimers – Irish Girls are Pretty
Proclaimers – Letter from America
Proclaimers – Make My Heart Fly
Proclaimers – More I Believe
Proclaimers – No Particular Place to Go
Proclaimers – On My Way
Proclaimers – Over and Done With
Proclaimers – Redeemed
Proclaimers – Scotland’s Story
Proclaimers – Throw the ‘R’ Away
Proclaimers – Unguarded Moments
Proclaimers – When You’re in Love
Prodigy – Breathe
Prodigy – Firestarter
Professor Incubus and Malcolm Higgins – Rusty Car
Project Sisyphus – I’ve Got Garageband
Project Sisyphus – Wake Me Up when This Math Class Ends
Prototypes – Danse Sur La Merde
Prototypes – Gentleman
Prototypes – Je Ne Te Connais Pas
Psychedelic Furs – Heaven
Psychic TV – Meet Every Situation Head-On
Public Image Ltd – Rise
PuddinG CapacitY – House of the Freak Hoes
PuddinG CapacitY – Ribby Rib
Puddle of Mudd – She Hates Me
Pulp – Common People
Punch Brothers – Who’s Feeling Young Now
Punkerdoodle – Don’t Wanna Do Homework
Pursuit of Happiness – I’m an Adult Now
Puss n Boots – These Boots are Made for Walking
Pussycat Dolls – Beep
Q65 – Cry in the Night
Q65 – from Above
Q65 – The Life I Live
Quad City DJs – C’mon n Ride It (the Train)
Queen – Bicycle Race
Queen – Bohemian Rhapsody
Queen – Crazy Little Thing Called Love
Queen – Fat Bottomed Girls
Queen – Killer Queen
Queen – Lazing on a Sunday Afternoon
Queen – Somebody to Love
Queen – We are the Champions
Queen – We Will Rock You
Queen – You’re My Best Friend
Queensryche – Scarborough Fair
Question Mark and the Mysterions – 96 Tears
Quilt – Roller
Quilt – Searching For
R B Greaves – Take a Letter Maria
R Dominelli – GM Hold Music 1
R Kelly – Ignition
R Kelly – Thoia Thoing
R.L. Burnside – Rollin’ & Tumblin’
Ra Ra Riot – Ghost Under Rocks
Rachael Yamagata – Starlight
Rachel Platten – 1,000 Ships
Rachel Potter – Heart Attack
Rachid Taha – Rock El Casbah
Radik Tyulyush – Oskus Urug
Radio Four – Blood Done Signed My Name
Radio Free Vestibule – Laurence Oliver for Diet Coke
Radio Free Vestibule – Sound Store
Rajput and the Seepoy – Up Up and Away
Ralph Carney – Man Don’t Come
Rammstein – Du Hast
Ramones – Blitzkrieg Bop
Ramones – California Sun
Ramones – Chain Saw
Ramones – I Wanna Be Sedated
Ramones – I Wanna Live
Ramones – Judy is a Punk
Ramones – Needles and Pins
Ramones – Sheena is a Punk Rocker
Ramones – Spider-Man
Ramones – Surfin’ Bird
Ran-Dells – Martian Hop
Rancid – Fall Back Down
Rancid – Gilligan’s Island
Rancid – Memphis
Rancid – Ruby Soho
Rancid – Time Bomb
Randall Bramblett – Roll
Raphael Saadiq – Radio
Rasputina – All Tomorrow’s Parties
Rasputina – When I was a Young Girl
Ratt – Round and Round
Raul Malo – Living for Today
Raul Malo – Sinners & Saints
Raul Malo – Superstar
Raury – Devil’s Whisper
Raveonettes – Attack of the Ghost Riders
Raveonettes – Do You Believe Her
Raveonettes – Love in a Trashcan
Raveonettes – Noisy Summer
Raveonettes – Twilight
Ray Charles – Hit the Road Jack
Ray Charles – I Got a Woman
Ray Charles – What’d I Say
Ray LaMontagne – Airwaves
Ray LaMontagne – Supernova
Ray Stevens – Guitarzan
Ray Stevens – Mississippi Squirrel Revival
Raymond and Scum – Imagine the Sequel
Raymond and Scum – Love, What is Love
Raymond Froggatt – Callow La Vita
Rayvon – My Bad
Ready Set – Love Like Woe
Real Group – God Only Knows
Real Group – When I Fall in Love
Real Life – Send Me an Angel
Real McCoy – Another Night
Real Men of Genius – Mr. Company Computer Guy
Records – Starry Eyes
Red Hot Chili Peppers – Love Rollercoaster
Reel Big Fish – Brown Eyed Girl
Reel Big Fish – Hungry Like the Wolf
Reflections – Just Like Romeo and Juliet
Reflex – Politics of Dancing
Regents – Barbara Anne
Regina Spector – Fidelity
Regina Spektor – Aching to Pupate
Regina Spektor – All the Rowboats
Regina Spektor – Don’t Leave Me (Ne Me Quitte Pas)
Regina Spektor – Laughing With
Regina Spektor – You’ve Got Time
REM – Can’t Get There from Here
REM – Crush with Eyeliner
REM – Fall on Me
REM – It’s the End of the World
REM – Man on the Moon
REM – Pop Song 89
REM – Radio Free Europe
REM – Stand
REM – Star 69
REM – Superman
Remy Zero – Prophecy
Rentals – Waiting
Replacements – Jungle Rock
Republica – Ready to Go
Residents – Moisture
Reunion – Life is a Rock but the Radio Rolled Me
Revenge of Ricky Williams – Sweet Wolf Shirt
Reverend Horton Heat – Let Me Teach You How to Eat
Reverend Peyton – Two Bottles of Wine
Rex Broome – Million Miles from Happiness
Rhiannon Giddens – Black is the Color
Richard Cheese – Are You Gonna Be My Girl
Richard Cheese – Baby Got Back
Richard Cheese – Butterfly
Richard Cheese – Closer
Richard Cheese – Come Out and Play
Richard Cheese – Enter Sandman
Richard Cheese – Fell in Love with a Girl
Richard Cheese – Gangsta’s Paradise
Richard Cheese – Hate to Say I Told You So
Richard Cheese – Just Like Heaven
Richard Cheese – Loser
Richard Cheese – Only Happy When It Rains
Richard Cheese – Personal Jesus
Richard Cheese – Pretty Fly
Richard Cheese – Relax
Richard Cheese – Shake Ya Ass
Richard Cheese – She Hates Me
Richard Cheese – Smells Like Teen Spirit
Richard Cheese – Stand Up
Richard Cheese – Sunday Bloody Sunday
Richard Cheese – Welcome to the Jungle
Richard Cheese – What’s My Age Again
Richard Cheese – Yellow
Richard Hell – I’m Your Man
Richard Shindell – Confession
Richard Swift – Atlantic Ocean
Richie Havens – Here Comes the Sun
Richie Stephens – If I Had a Hammer
Rick Cormier – Floozy Neighbor
Rick Cormier – I Wonder if She’s a Girl
Rick Cormier – Shopping with a Weapon
Rick Courmier – Cougar Cougar
Rickie Lee Jones – Danny’s All Star Joint
Ridikulus – Big Filk Stars
Ridikulus – Cheese
Rihanna – Pon De Replay
Rihanna – Umbrella
Ripchords – Hey Little Cobra
Rising Appalachia – Mississippi Song
Ritchie White Orchestra – Come Home, Jenny Brown
River Whyless – All Day All Night
Rivieras – California Sun
Rob Balder – Come Out and Play
Rob Balder – Creative Commons Anthem
Rob Balder – Don’t Shoot
Rob Balder – Gamer Funk
Rob Balder – Muppet Laboratories
Rob Balder – Rich Fantasy Lives
Rob Balder – Sympathy for George Lucas
Rob Balder – Yet Another Stupid Decade
Rob Cantor – Shia LaBeouf
Rob Zombie – Dragula
Rob Zombie – Living Dead Girl
Robbie Fulks – Let’s Kill Saturday Night
Robbie Robertson – He Don’t Live Here No More
Robert Earl Keen – I Gotta Go
Robert Lund – 50 Ways to Lose Your Luggage
Robert Lund – 99 Words for Boobs
Robert Lund – Bangin Paris Hilton
Robert Lund – Capitol Hill
Robert Lund – Hannah Montana
Robert Lund – Here I am with President Romney
Robert Lund – Jail
Robert Lund – Life in the Bat Cave
Robert Lund – Miley Cyrus
Robert Lund – Noah
Robert Lund – Nuttin’ but Spam
Robert Lund – Save Me Obama
Robert Lund – Shakespearean Pie
Robert Lund – We Drank a Toast to Underpants
Robert Lund – You’ve Got Hogwarts
Robert Lund – Your Song about My Client Delilah
Robert Mitchum – Coconut Water
Robert Mitchum – Mathilda
Robert Palmer – Addicted to Love
Robert Palmer – Doctor Doctor
Robert Palmer – Simply Irresistible
Robert Plant – Get Along Home Cindy
Robert Plant – Turn It Up
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss – Fortune Teller
Robert Plant and Alison Krauss – Gone Gone Gone (Done Moved On)
Robin Thicke – Blurred Lines
Robin Thicke – Give It 2 U
Robyn Hitchcock – I Wanna Go Backwards
Robyn Hitchcock – Uncorrected Personality Traits
Rochester Yellowjackets – Dust in the Wind
Rochester Yellowjackets – I’ll Be
Rochester Yellowjackets – Now and Forever
Rock Lobsters – Stairway to Heaven
Rockapella – Amazing Grace
Rockapella – Basket Case
Rockapella – Beatles Medley
Rockapella – Because of You
Rockapella – Bohemian Rhapsody
Rockapella – Here Comes the Sun
Rockapella – Kiss from a Rose
Rockapella – Lean on Me
Rockapella – Long Cool Woman in a Black Dress
Rockapella – Poison Ivy
Rockapella – Shambala
Rockapella – Sweet Child of Mine
Rockapella – Sweet Home Alabama
Rockapella – Time After Time
Rockapella – Zombie Jamboree
Rocket from the Crypt – Break It Up
Rocky & His Friends – You Weren’t Using Your Head
Rocky Erickson – Goodbye Sweet Dreams
Rodney Crowell – Dancin’ Circles Round the Sun
Rodrigo y Gabriela – Diablo Rojo
Rodrigo y Gabriela – Soundmaker
Roger Hodgson – Had a Dream
Roger Miller – Chug-a-Lug
Roger Miller – Dang Me
Roger Miller – Do-Wack-a-Do
Roger Miller – You Can’t Roller Skate in a Buffalo Herd
Rogue Traders – Way to Go
Rogue Wave – Christians in Black
Rogue Wave – Lake Michigan
Roky Erickson – Haunt
Rolf Harris – Bohemian Rhapsody
Rolf Harris – Iko Iko
Rolf Harris – Stairway to Heaven
Rolf Harris – Sun Arise
Rolling stones – 19th Nervous Breakdown
Rolling Stones – 2000 Light Years from Home
Rolling stones – As Tears Go By
Rolling stones – Gimme Shelter
Rolling stones – Honky Tonk Woman
Rolling stones – It’s All Over Now
Rolling stones – It’s Only Rock n Roll
Rolling stones – Jumping Jack Flash
Rolling stones – Let’s Spend the Night Together
Rolling stones – Love is Strong
Rolling stones – Paint It Black
Rolling stones – Ruby Tuesday
Rolling Stones – Shattered
Rolling stones – She’s a Rainbow
Rolling stones – She’s So Cold
Rolling stones – Sympathy for the Devil
Rolling stones – Under My Thumb
Rolling Stones – We Love You
Ronettes – Be My Baby
Ronettes – Keep Dancing
Ronny and the Daytonas – Little GTO
Rooftop Singers – Walk Right In
Rory Bremner – Imagine Muppets
Rosanne Cash – Tennessee Flat Top Box
Rose and the Arrangement – Cockroach that Ate Cincinnati
Rose McDowall – Don’t Fear the Reaper
Roto Rooter Good Time Christmas Band – Pico and Sepulveda
Routers – Let’s Go
Roxette – Look
Roxy Music – Editions of You
Roy Clark – Roy’s Guitar Boogie
Roy Clark – Spooky Movies
Roy Zimmerman – Defenders of Marriage
Roy Zimmerman – Saddam Shame
Royal Crown Revue – Zip Gun Bop
Ruby – Paraffin
Ruby – Tiny Meat
Rudy Schwartz Project – Strip Naked You Sweet Maggot
Rufus Wainwright – One You Love
Run DMC – It’s Tricky
Russ Ballard – Voices
Russell G – 3am
Rusted Root – Monkey Pants
Ryan Adams – Chains of Love
Ryan Bingham – Bread and Water
Ryan Bingham – Dylan’s Hard Rain
Ryan Bingham – Heart of Rhythm
Rycehat – Bathtub
Rycehat – Lung Transplant
Rycehat – Mr. Fancy Pants
Rycehat – Radioactive Barbie Head
Rycehat – What Ever Happened to Jessica Chapmen
Rye Rye – Sunshine
RZA – Baddest Man Alive
Sabina – Long Distance Love
Sabina – Toujours
Sabina – Viva LAmour
Sacred Heart Pulse – Great Day
Sage the Gemini – Gas Pedal
Saliva – Click Click Boom
Salt n Pepa – Push It
Salt n Pepa – Shoop
Sam & Dave – Wrap It Up
Sam Adams – Driving Me Crazy
Sam Amidon – Walkin’ Boss
Sam Roberts Band – Human Heat
Sam Roberts Band – were All in This Together
Sam Smith – Stay with Me
Sam the Sham – Haunted House
Sam the Sham – I Couldn’t Spell
Sam the Sham – Little Red Riding Hood
Samantha Mumba – Gotta Tell You
Samsonite and Delight-Ya – Bunny
Sandi Thom – I Wish I was a Punk Rocker
Sandpaper Dolls – Connect Bernheim
Sandpaper Dolls – Second Skin
Sandpaper Dolls – Swallow Them Whole
Sandy Nelson – And Then There were Drums
Sandy Nelson – Let There be Drums
Santigold – Can’t Get Enough of Myself
Sarah Jaffe – Clementine
Sarah Jaffe – Even Born Again
Sarah Jaffe – Some People Will Tell You
Sarah Jarosz – Come Around
Sarah Lee and Johnny – Chairman Meow
Savage Garden – I Want You
Save Ferris – Scooby Doo
Sawyer Brown – Mission Temple Fireworks Stand HQ
Scandal – Goodbye to You
School of Seven Bells – Heart is Strange
School of Seven Bells – Open Your Eyes
School of Seven Bells – Secret Days
Scope Creep – Mommy Song
Scotland Yard Gospel Choir – I Know a Girl
Screamin Jay Hawkins – I Put a Spell on You
Screaming Blue Messiahs – I Wanna be a Flintstone
Screaming Lord Sutch – Til the Following Night
Screaming Trees – All I Know
Sea Wolf – Winter Windows
Seal – Kiss from a Rose
Seamonkey – Are You Gonna Eat Yer Squirrel
Seamonkey – She’s Underage
Seamonkey – There’s No Santa Claus
Sean Kingston – Beautiful Girl
Sean Kingston – Face Drop
Sean Kingston – Me Love
Sean Kingston – Take You There
Sean Paul – Get Busy
Sean Paul – Temperature
Sean Rowe – Joe’s Cult
Sean Rowe – Madman
Sean Rowe – Shine My Diamond Ring
Searchers – Needles and Pins
Sebastien Tellier – Kilometer
Secondhand Serenade – Fall for You
Secret Sisters – Iuka
Secret Sisters – Rattle My Bones
Seeds of Time – Pushin too Hard
Seedy Seeds – Drive Me to the Center Lounge
Seekers – Georgy Girl
Seekers – I’ll Never Find Another You
Semisonic – Chemistry
Senor Coconut and His Orchestra – Beat It
Senor Coconut and His Orchestra – Electrolatino
Senor Coconut and His Orchestra – Home Computer
Senor Coconut and His Orchestra – Riders on the Storm
Senor Coconut and His Orchestra – Robots
Senor Coconut and His Orchestra – Showroom Dummies
Senor Coconut and His Orchestra – Smoke on the Water
Senor Coconut and His Orchestra – Smooth Operator
Senor Coconut and His Orchestra – Towa Tei
Setting Son – All That Candy
Setting Son – Eat My Fear
Settle for Second – Help Me Obi
Settle for Second – Lament of Zachary Quinto
Seven Nations – Pound a Week Rise
Several Hundred People – Card Trick
Seymores – First Lady of Delaware
Shadowy Men on a Shadowy Planet – Kids in the Hall
Shaggs – Companion
Shaggs – Gimme Dat Ding
Shaggs – I’m So Happy When You’re Near
Shaggs – It’s Halloween
Shaggs – Love at First Sight
Shaggs – My Companion
Shaggs – My Cutie
Shaggs – My Pal Foot Foot
Shaggs – Painful Memories
Shaggs – Paper Roses
Shaggs – Philosophy of the World
Shaggs – Sweet Thing
Shaggs – That Little Sports Car
Shaggs – Things I Wonder
Shaggs – What Should I Do
Shaggs – Wheels
Shaggs – Who are Parents
Shaggs – Why Do I Feel
Shaggs – Yesterday Once More
Shaggs – You’re Somethin’ Special to Me
Shaggy – Lets Dance, Lets Shout
Shakespeare Man – Star Wars New Hope
Shakey Graves – Dearly Departed
Shakira – Objection
Shakira – Waka Waka
Shannon – Let the Music Play
Sharon Jones & Dap-Kings – Stranger to My Happiness
Shawn Colvin – Shotgun Down the Avalanche
She and Him – In the Sun
She and Him – This is Not a Test
Shearwater – Glass Bones
Sheila Brody – Mississippi
Shelby Lynne – Killin’ Kind
Shelters – Rebel Heart
Shepherd Hill Lucky 7 – Thank You
Sheppard – Geronimo
Sheryl Crow – All I Wanna Do
Sheryl Crow – Anything but Down
Sheryl Crow – Change Would Do You Good
Sheryl Crow – Leaving Las Vegas
Sheryl Crow – Soak Up the Sun
Sheryl Crow – Steve McQueen
Sheryl Crow – Strong Enough
Sheryl Crow – Sweet Child of Mine
Shins – New Slang
Shins – Painting a Hole
Shins – So Says I
Shirelles – Mama Said
Shirelles – Will You Love Me Tomorrow
Shirley Ellis – Name Game
ShiSho – Evil Clown Song
Shocking Blue – Venus
Shockwave – Trouble with Tribbles
Shoes – Get My Message
Shonen Knife – Banana Chips
Shonen Knife – Cherry Bomb
Shonen Knife – Daydream Believer
Shonen Knife – Explosion
Shonen Knife – Goose-Step Mama
Shonen Knife – I am a Cat
Shonen Knife – I Want to Be Sedated
Shonen Knife – Suzy is a Headbanger
Shonen Knife – Top of the World
Shonen Knife – Twist Barbie
Shout Out Louds – Tonight I Have to Leave It
Shout Out Out Out – Chicken Soup for the F–k You
Shovels and Rope – I Know
Shovels and Rope – Stono River Blues
Shriekback – Nemesis
Sigrid – Everybody Knows
Sigue Sigue Sputnik – Love Missile F1-11
Sikth – Tupelo
Silhouettes – Get a Job
Simon and Garfunkel – 59th Street Bridge Song
Simon and Garfunkel – at the Zoo
Simon and Garfunkel – Scarborogh Fair
Simon F – American Dream
Simon F – Baby Doll Love
Simon F – Baby Pain
Simon F – Deauville Beach
Simon F – Dr. Christi
Simon F – Here Comes My Laugh
Simon F – Hungry Life
Simon F – I Want You Back
Simon F – Love Bomb
Simon F – Mad Man Drum
Simon F – Million Miles from Happiness
Simon F – New York Girl
Simon F – Perfect World
Simon F – Phones
Simon F – Prisoner of Love
Simone Angel – Let This Feeling
Simone Angel – Safety Dance
Simone Angel – Superman’s Song
Simone Felice – You and I Belong
Simple Kid – Staring at the Sun
Simple Minds – Alive and Kicking
Sinead O’Connor – Mandinka
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Christine
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Kiss Them for Me
Siouxsie and the Banshees – Peek-A-Boo
Sir Douglas Quintet – She’s About a Mover
Sir Mixalot – Baby’s Got Back
Sir Tootsalot – Baby’s Got Gas
Sirenee – But What was That
Sirenee – Orgasm
Sirenee – She’d Like To
Sister Hazel – All for You
Sisters of Mercy – This Corrosion
Sixpence None the Richer – Kiss Me
Sixpence None the Richer – There She Goes
Skeewiff – Delta Dawn
Skeewiff – Nitty Gritty
Skit Rich – Slinky Man
Slade – Run Run Away
Slammin’ All-Body Band – Overjoyed; Cabra da Peste
Slant 6 & the Jumpstarts – Hellen Keller
Slash J. Frank – Twinkies and Ding Dongs
Sleaford Mods – B.H.S.
Sleater-Kinney – Bury Our Friends
Sleater-Kinney – Little Babies
Sleater-Kinney – Oh
Sleater-Kinney – You’re No Rock n Roll Fun
Sleigh Bells – Rill Rill
Sloan – Underwhelmed
Sly and the Family Stone – You Can Make It If You Try
Small Faces – Lazy Sunday
Small Time Napoleon – Sidewinder
Smash Mouth – Believer
Smash Mouth – I Can’t Get Enough of You, Baby
Smash Mouth – Walking on the Sun
Smiffenpoofs – Moondance
Smile.dk – Jet Set Life
Smile.dk – Kissy Kissy
Smile.dk – Send Me an Angel
Smith Smiffenpoofs – Buildings and Bridges
Smith Smiffenpoofs – Love is a Battlefield
Smith Smiffenpoofs – Movin’ Out
Smithereens – Behind the Wall of Sleep
Smithereens – Girl Like You
Smithereens – Groovy Tuesday
Smithereens – Sorry
Smiths – Light that Never Goes Out
Smiths – Panic
Smokey Robinson – Abraham Martin and John
Smothers Brothers – Chocolate
Smothers Brothers – Mediocre Fred
Sneaker Pimps – 6 Underground
SNMNMNM – Zombie Girlfriend
Snog – Born to be Mild
SoCal VoCals – Hazy Shade of Winter
Social Distortion – California (Hustle and Flow)
Soft Cell – Tainted Love
Soley – Fight Them Soft
Solomon Burke – None of Us are Free
Some Girls – Necessito
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin – Back in the Saddle
Son of Dave – Voodoo Doll
Sondre Lerche – Bad Law
Sonic Youth – Kool Thing
Sophie B. Hawkins – As I Lay Me Down
Soul Coughing – Circles
Soul Coughing – Soundtrack to Mary
Soul Coughing – Super Bon Bon
Sounds Incorporated – In the Hall of the Mountain King
Soup Dragons – Divine Thing
Southeast Christian – Lord, I Believe in You
Southeast Christian – May Christ be Exalted in Me
Southeast Christian – Praise Him
Southeast Christian – Shout to the Lord
Southeast Christian – We Rejoice
Southeast Christian – We Will Dance
Southern Culture on the Skids – 8 Piece Box
Southern Culture on the Skids – 40 Miles to Vegas
Southern Culture on the Skids – Big Bear
Southern Culture on the Skids – Camel Walk
Southern Culture on the Skids – Cheap Motels
Southern Culture on the Skids – Corn Rocket
Southern Culture on the Skids – Dance for Me
Southern Culture on the Skids – Moonshine Martinis
Southern Culture on the Skids – Soul City
Southern Culture on the Skids – Voodoo Cadillac
Southern Tenant Folk Union – Green Eyed Girl from Louisville
Space – Female of the Species
Spacemen 3 – Transparent Radiation
Spaff – Uranus
Spanky and Our Gang – Lazy Day
Speakeasy Spies – Play It Cool
Spice Girls – Wannabe
Spike Jones – Hungarian Dance Number 5
Spin Doctors – Jimmy Olsen’s Blues
Spinal Tap – Good Book Song
Spiritualized – Hey Jane
Sponge – Molly (Sixteen Candles)
Sponge Awareness Foundation – Araby
Sponge Awareness Foundation – Axl Christmas
Sponge Awareness Foundation – Coffee and Cartoons
Sponge Awareness Foundation – Dance the Onion
Sponge Awareness Foundation – Greg Brady Wants Me Dead
Sponge Awareness Foundation – Roberta is Strange
Sponge Awareness Foundation – Zamfir’s Evil Twin
Spongmonkeys – We Like tha Moon
Spoon – Do You
Spoon – First Caress
Spoon – First Caress.mp4
Spoon – Underdog
Spoon – Who Makes Your Money
Spottiswoode – Drunk
Spottiswoode – I’m Back Up
Spottiswoode – I’m in Love with an Angry Girl
Squeeze – Cool for Cats
Squirrel Nut Zippers – Bedbugs
Squirrel Nut Zippers – Hell
St. Vincent – Digital Witness
Stabbing Westward – Save Yourself
Stalkerwolfbreed – Imagination World
Stalkerwolfbreed – Stray Dog Blues
Stan Freberg – Banana Boat
Stan Freberg – Discovery of Electricity
Stan Freberg – Hot Dog! Hot Dog! Hot Dog!
Stan Freberg – Toastal Engineering
Stan Ridgeway – Drive She Said
Stan Rogers – White Collar Holler
Standells – Dirty Water
Standells – Sometimes Good Guys Don’t Wear White
Standells – Why Pick on Me
Stanford Counterpoint – Don’t Speak
Stanford Counterpoint – Fast Car
Stanford Counterpoint – Good Enough
Stanford Counterpoint – Mysterious Ways
Stanford Everyday People – Whatever You Want
Stanford Fleet Street Singers – Schoolhouse Rock Medley
Stanford Harmonics – Ray of Light
Stanford Harmonics – Right Now
Stanford Harmonics – Thank You
Stanford Harmonics – Under Pressure
Stanford Mendicants – Just a Gigolo
Stanford Mendicants – Shambala
Stanford Mendicants – Wake Me Up Before You Go-Go
Stanford Mixed Company – I Will Follow
Stanford Mixed Company – Mummer’s Dance
Stanford Mixed Company – No More I Love Yous
Stanford Mixed Company – Techno Medley
Stanford Talisman – Lean on Me
Staple Singers – Respect Yourself
Star Trek – Bohemian Rhapsody
Starland Vocal Band – Afternoon Delight
Stars – I Died So I Could Haunt You
Status Quo – Do You Live in Fire
Status Quo – Down the Dustpipe
Status Quo – Green Tambourine
Status Quo – Pictures of Matchstick Men
Status Quo – Safety Dance
Steel Train – Bullet
Steelism – Marfa Lights
Stephens and Grdnik – Fast Food
Steppenwolf – Magic Carpet Ride
Stereo MCs – Connected
Stereolab – Three Women
Stereolab – Wow and Flutter
Stereophonics – C’est La Vie
Steriogram – Back in Black
Steriogram – Walkie Talkie Man
Sterolab – French Disko
Steve Earle & Sheryl Crow – Time Has Come Today
Steve Earle – City of Immigrants
Steve Earle – Guitar Town
Steve Earle – Satellite Radio
Steve Earle – Telephone Road
Steve Forbert – It Sure was Better Back Then
Steve Goodie – Chromosome
Steve Goodie – Dumbledore
Steve Goodie – Happy Together
Steve Goodie – Harry’s Wand
Steve Goodie – Ned Beatty
Steve Goodie – Outside the Box
Steve Goodie – Quaker Oats
Steve Goodie – Redneck
Steve Kilbey – Guilty
Steve Lively – As the Deer
Steve Lively – Give Thanks
Steve Lively – He is Exalted
Steve Lively – Holy are You Lord
Steve Lively – Holy is the Lord
Steve Lively – Holy, Holy, Holy
Steve Lively – I Love You Lord
Steve Lively – Majesty
Steve Lively – Our God Reigns
Steve Lively – The Mighty One of Israel
Steve Martin – Grandmother’s Song
Steve Martin – King Tut
Steve Martin and Edie Brickell – Love Has Come for You
Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra
Steve Miller Band – Take the Money and Run
Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys – Chatterbox
Steve Riley and the Mamou Playboys – Let Me Know
Stevie Nicks – Edge of Seventeen
Stevie Wonder – Living for the City
Stiff Little Fingers – Gate 49
Stiff Little Fingers – Roots Radicals Rockers and Reggae
Sting – Demolition Man
Stink Finger – Safety Dance
Stone Roses – Elephant Stone
Stone Temple Pilots – Big Bang Baby
Stonewheel – Mystified
Straight No Chaser – Superstition
Strangeloves – I Want Candy
Stranglers – Always the Sun
Stranglers – No More Heroes
Strawberry Alarm Clock – Incense and Peppermints
Strawberry Switchblade – Jolene
Stroke 9 – Little Black Backpack
Strokes – All the Time
Strokes – End Has No End
Strokes – Modern Girls and Old Fashioned Men
Strokes – One Way Trigger
Strumbellas – We Don’t Know
Stump – Alcohol
Stump – Boggy Home
Stump – Buffalo
Stump – Chaos
Stump – Charlton Heston
Stump – Heartache
Stump – In the Green
Stump – Living It Down
Stump – Our Fathers
Stump – Roll the Bodies Over
Styx – Mr. Roboto
Sublime – What I Got
Suburbs – Rattle My Bones
Sudden Death – Down Thurr
Sudden Death – Getting Old Sucks
Sudden Death – Give It to Everybody
Sudden Death – Inner Voice
Sudden Death – Longer
Sudden Death – Pac-Man
Sudden Death – Spam
Sudden Death – Superfriends
Suede – Metal Mickey
Suffering and the Hideous Thieves – Don’t You Stop Believing
Sufjan Stevens – Decatur, or, Round of Applause for Your Stepmother
Sufjan Stevens – Man of Metropolis Steals Our Hearts
Sufjan Stevens – No Man’s Land
Sufjan Stevens – Should Have Known Better
Sugar – If I Can’t Change Your Mind
Sugar Ray – Fly
Sugar Ray – Is She Really Going Out with Him
Sugarhill Timberlake – Rock Your Rappers Delight Body
Sugarloaf – Green Eyed Lady
Suicide Machines – New Girl
Sum Dum Gai – Combo #5
Summer Camp – 1988
Summervilla – I Waited for the Lord
Sun Baked Records – Barnes and Barnes Tribute Gone Horribly Awry
Sun Baked Records – Uninsured Bills
Sun Kings – Eden Reprised
Sundays – Here’s Where the Story Ends
Sundays – I Kicked a Boy
Super Cat – Ghetto Red Hot
Super Furry Animals – Golden Retriever
Superchick – Hero
Superchick – Me against the World
Superchick – One Girl Revolution
Superdrag – Sucked Out
Supertones – Never Wanna Fall
Supremes – I Hear a Symphony
Supremes – Love Child
Supremes – Love is Like an Itching in My Heart
Supremes – Reflections
Supremes – You Keep Me Hangin’ On
Surfaris – Wipeout
Surfrajettes – Toxic
Susan Christie – I Love Onions
Suzanne Vega – 99.9 F
Suzanne Vega – Blood Makes Noise
Swamp Zombies – Go Go Boots
Swamp Zombies – I Bawled
Swamp Zombies – Johnny Quest
Swans – Boy with the Beatle Hair
Sweet – Ballroom Blitz
Sweet – Little Willy
Sweet Honey in the Rock – Ain’t Gonna Let Nobody Turn Me Around
Sweet Honey in the Rock – Ella’s Song
Sweet Honey in the Rock – Eye On the Prize
Sweet Honey in the Rock – Fulani Chant
Sweet Honey in the Rock – In the Morning When I Rise
Sweet Honey in the Rock – Peace
Sweet Honey in the Rock – Redemption Song
Sweet Honey in the Rock – Song of Freedom
Sweet Honey in the Rock – Wanting Memories
Sweet Honey in the Rock – We Shall Not Be Moved
Sweet Honey in the Rock – Woke Up This Morning with My Mind Stayed On Freedom
Swingin Medallions – Double Shot of My Baby’s Love
Swinging Blue Jeans – Hippy Hippy Shake
Swingle Singers – Also Sprach Zarathustra
Swingle Singers – Birthday
Swingle Singers – Bohemian Rhapsody
Swingle Singers – Canon in D
Swingle Singers – Choral de la Cantate
Swingle Singers – Flight of the Bumble Bee
Swingle Singers – Fool on the Hill
Swingle Singers – Got to Get You into My Life
Swingle Singers – I am the Walrus
Swingle Singers – James Bond Medley
Swingle Singers – Mission Impossible
Swingle Singers – Overture to the Barber of Seville
Swingle Singers – Peter Gunn
Swingle Singers – Pink Panther
Swingle Singers – Ride of the Valkyries
Swingle Singers – Romeo and Juliet
Swingle Singers – Soul Bossa Nova
Swingle Singers – Star Trek
Swingle Singers – Star Wars
Swingle Singers – Ticket to Ride
Swingle Singers – When I’m Sixty Four
Sylvan Esso – Coffee
Syndicate of Sound – Hey Little Girl
T Hardy Morris – Painted on Attitude
T Rex – Get It On
T Rex – Jeepster
T’Pau – Heart and Soul
T-Bones – No Matter what Shape Your Stomach is In
T. Rex – 20th Century Boy
Tainted Love – Soft Cell
Taj Mahal – Cakewalk into Town
Taj Mahal – Satisfied N Tickled Too
Take 6 – Fly Away
Take 6 – Gold Mine
Take 6 – Harmony
Take 6 – How Deep is Your Love
Take 6 – I’m on My Way
Take 6 – Jesus is My Help
Taken by Trees – My Boys
Talk Talk – Talk Talk
Talking Heads – I Zimbra
Talking Heads – Lady Don’t Mind
Talking Heads – Life During Wartime
Talking Heads – Love for Sale
Talking Heads – Once in a Lifetime
Talking Heads – Road to Nowhere
Talking Heads – Stay Up Late
Tallest Man on Earth – Dreamer
Tamara Dearing – What Animates You
Tame Impala – Elephant
Tanz der Vampire – Total Eclipse of the Heart
Tapes ‘n Tapes – Cowbell
Tapes ‘n Tapes – Insistor
Tara Duhan – Rich Fantasy Lives
Tarriers – Bald-Headed Woman
Taylor Swift – Shake It Off
Tears for Fears – Change
Tears for Fears – Head Over Heels
Tears for Fears – Mad World
Tears for Fears – Pale Shelter
Teatons Monogatari – Tighten Up
Teddybears – Cobrastyle
Teenage Jesus – Empty Eyes
Tegan and Sarah – First
Telekinesis – Edgewood
Telekinesis – Power Lines
Telepopmusik – Breathe
Television – Glory
Temples – Shelter Song
Teneia Sanders – Charcoal
Teneia Sanders – RadioActive Lover
Tennessee Ernie Ford – Sixteen Tons
Tenpole Tudor – Wunderbar
Tenpole Tudors – Swords of a Thousand Men
Terry Jacks – Seasons in the Sun
Texas Chainsaw Orchestra – Sabre Dance
Thao and the Get Down Stay Down – Astonished Man
Thao and the Get Down Stay Down – Holy Roller
Thao and the Get Down Stay Down – We the Common
That 1 Guy – One
The The – Armageddon Days are Here (Again)
The The – Dogs of Lust
The The – Infected
The The – This is the Day
Thelma Houston – Don’t Leave Me This Way
Them – Gloria
Them – Mystic Eyes
They Might Be Giants – Boat of Car
They Might Be Giants – Cage and Aquarium
They Might Be Giants – Day
They Might Be Giants – Dead
They Might Be Giants – Exquisite Dead Guy
They Might Be Giants – For Science
They Might Be Giants – Istanbul (Not Constantinople)
They Might Be Giants – Lady is a Tramp
They Might Be Giants – Lie Still, Little Bottle
They Might Be Giants – Lucky Ball and Chain
They Might Be Giants – New York City
They Might Be Giants – Particle Man
They Might Be Giants – Shoehorn with Teeth
They Might Be Giants – Take Out the Trash
They Might Be Giants – They Got Lost
They Might Be Giants – Toddler Hi-way
They Might Be Giants – Twisting
They Might Be Giants – We Want a Rock
Those Darlins – Screws Get Loose
Those Darn Accordions – We’re an Accordion Band
Three Dog Night – Black and White
Three Dog Night – Joy to the World
Three Dog Night – Mama Told Me Not to Come
Three Dog Night – Shambala
Three Guys from Hollywood – Frozen Embryos
Three O’Clock – Jet Fighter
Throat Culture – Toast
Throwing Muses – Not Too Soon
Throwing Muses – Visit
Throwing Toasters – Bad Influence
Throwing Toasters – Nursery Rhyme Lawyer
TI – Rubberband Man
Tia P – Drip
Tiger Lillies – Piglet
Tiger Lillies – Swine
Tijuana Panthers – Playing for the Old
Tilly and the Wall – Heavy Mood
Tim Cavanagh – 99 Dead Baboons
Tim Cavanagh – ABCs of Dead Russian Leaders
Tim Cavanagh – Eagle
Tim Cavanagh – Election Polka
Tim Cavanagh – I Wanna Kiss Her
Tim Cavanagh – Motel Sex
Tim Cavanagh – Piston Song
Tim Cavanagh – Thanks for the Seventies
Tim Cavanaugh – Eagle
Tim Curry – Wake Nicodemus
Tim Easton – Downtown Lights
Tim Easton – Soup Can Telephone Game Conversation
Tim Edwards – $4.09 (Jack It Up)
Tim Krekel – State of Grace
Tim Wilson – 100 Things to Remember
Tim Wilson – George Song
Tim Wilson – Hillbilly Homeboy
Time – Black Eyed Peas
Ting Tings – Be the One
Ting Tings – Fruit Machine
Ting Tings – Great DJ
Ting Tings – Impacilla Carpisung
Ting Tings – Keep Your Head
Ting Tings – Shut Up and Let Me Go
Ting Tings – That’s Not My Name
Ting Tings – Traffic Light
Ting Tings – We Started Nothing
Ting Tings – We Walk
Tiny Tim – Tiptoe Through the Tulips
Tired Pony – All Things All at Once
Tired Pony – Dead American Writers
Tito Puente – Four Beat Cha Cha
TLC – No Scrubs
Toad Elevating Crew – J-A-N-G-O
Toad the Wet Sprocket – Fall Down
Toast – Throat Culture
Toasters – Don’t Let the Bastards Grind You Down
Toby Lightman – Devils and Angels
TobyMac – One World
Todd Rundgren – Bang the Drum
Todd Snider – Mission Accomplished
Todd Snider – Rock and Roll
Todd Snider – Seattle Grungerock Blues
Todd Snider – Vinyl Records
Todd Yohn – Orange Barrels
Tom Jones – Burning Hell
Tom Jones – Hit or Miss
Tom Jones – Kiss
Tom Lehrer – Irish Ballad
Tom Petty – Don’t Come Around Here
Tom Petty – Free Fallin
Tom Petty – Mary Jane’s Last Dance
Tom Petty – Runnin’ Down a Dream
Tom Petty – Wild Flowers
Tom Smith – 500 Hats
Tom Smith – And There was Dancing
Tom Smith – Barbie Doll
Tom Smith – Be Our GOH
Tom Smith – Bermuda Triangle
Tom Smith – CYA
Tom Smith – EULA Dancing
Tom Smith – Everything is Dangerous
Tom Smith – Giant Monster
Tom Smith – I Can’t Breathe
Tom Smith – I Had a Shoggoth
Tom Smith – I’m on Firefly
Tom Smith – Illuminati Polka
Tom Smith – Love Thy Neighbor
Tom Smith – O Yog Sothoth
Tom Smith – Operation Desert Storm
Tom Smith – Out of Snark
Tom Smith – Redneck Ninjas
Tom Smith – Rock Me Amidala
Tom Smith – Rocky Horror Muppet Show
Tom Smith – Sheep Marketing Ploy
Tom Smith – Sidekick
Tom Smith – Songwriting Workshop
Tom Smith – Talk Like a Pirate Day
Tom Smith – This Ain’t Over Yet
Tom Smith – Ultimate Ultimate Christmas
Tom Smith – Waking Up Jedi
Tom Smith – What If… I were a Superhero
Tom Smith – Zombie and B
Tom Smith – Zombie Pirates in Love
Tom Waits – Bad as Me
Tom Waits – Chocolate Jesus
Tom Waits – Innocent When You Dream
Tom Waits – Jockey Full of Bourbon
Tom Waits – Step Right Up
Tom Waits – Sweet Little Bullet from a Pretty Blue Gun
Tommy Boyce and Bobby Hart – I Wonder What She’s Doing Tonight
Tommy James and the Shondells – I Think We’re Alone Now
Tommy Roe – Dizzy
Tommy Roe – Sweet Pea
Tone Loc – Funky Cold Medina
Tone Loc – Wild Thing
Tones on Tail – Go
Tones on Tail – War
Tonic Sol Fa – Little Less Conversation
Tonic Sol-Fa – Man of Constant Sorrow
Tony Goldmark – Moshin’
Tony Goldmark – Penguin on the Telly
Tony Goldmark – Sirius Black
Tony Goldmark – Sorcerer’s Stone
Tony J Adamo – Bedsprings
Tony Joe White – Polk Salad Annie
Too Much Joy – Drum Machine
Too Much Joy – Take a Lot of Drugs
Toons – Punk Polka
Tori Amos – Crucify
Tori Amos – Maybe California
Tori Amos – Trouble’s Lament
Tornadoes – Tornado
Town Criers – Everlasting Love
Toxic Audio – Can’t Win
Toxic Audio – Come Together.wma
Toxic Audio – Easter Island Head
Toxic Audio – God Must Have Spent a Little Less Time
Toxic Audio – Lime in the Coconut
Toxic Audio – Mahna, Mahna
Toxic Audio – National Anthem
Toxic Audio – Paperback Writer
Toxic Audio – Putting Words in My Mouth
Toxic Audio – Say Goodbye
Toxic Audio – She Blinded Me with Science
Toxic Audio – Splanky
Toxic Audio – Super-Phat Low-Cal Disney Rap
Toxic Audio – Tunnel Vision
Toxic Audio – Turn the Beat Around
Toxic Audio – Voices Carry
Toxic Audio – Walk the Dinosaur
Toxic Audio – You Can’t Stop the Beat
Toya – I Do
Toybox – Super-Duper-Man
Toybox – Tarzan and Jane
Toybox – Wizard of Oz
Tragically Hip – Poets
Trampled by Turtles – Are You behind the Shining Star
Trampled by Turtles – Come Back Home
Trance Fury Promo – Another 1000 Years
Translator – Everywhere That I’m Not
Transplants – Diamonds and Guns
Transplants – DJ DJ
Trashmen – Surfin’ Bird
Treat Her Right – I Think She Likes Me
Tremeloes – Here Comes My Baby
Trenchcoats – 500 Miles
Trenchcoats – All You Can Eat Buffet
Trenchcoats – Faith
Trenchcoats – Mary’s Nachos
Trenchcoats – Rock’n Me
Trenchcoats – Route 66
Trenchcoats – These Boots were Made for Walking
Trenchcoats – Tribute to Vanilla Ice
Triangleman – Never Go Bungee Jumping in Mexico
Tribe Called Quest – Hot Sex
Trick Daddy – ‘Dro in the Wind
Trick Daddy – Sugar
Trick Turner – Friends and Family
Tricks – Andre Williams
Tricky – Murder Weapon
Trigger Hippy – Rise Up Singing
Trio – Boom Boom
Trio – Da Da Da
Trio – Hearts are Trump
Trio – Sunday You Need Love
Tripping Daisy – I Got a Girl
Trish Murphy – Concession Stand Song
Trombone Shorty – Backatown
Truth Hurts – Addictive
Tufts Amalgamates – 3 Libras
Tufts Amalgamates – Strong Enough
Tufts Amalgamates – Where the Streets Have No Name
Tufts Beelzebubs – Hey You
Tufts Beelzebubs – Man on the Moon
Tufts Beelzebubs – Mysterious Ways
Tufts Beelzebubs – No Diggity
Tufts Beelzebubs – Take Me Home
Tufts Jackson Jills – Crucify
Tufts Jackson Jills – I Alone
Tufts Jackson Jills – Leaving On a Jet Plane
Tufts Jackson Jills – Our Lips are Sealed
Tune Yards – Water Fountain
Tune-Yards – Bizness
Tune-Yards – Look at Your Hands
Tuneyards – Time of Dark
Turbo Fruits – Show Me Something Real
Turtles – Elenore
Turtles – Eve of Destruction
Turtles – Happy Together
Turtles – It Ain’t Me Babe
Turtles – Outside Chance
Turtles – She’d Rather be with Me
Turtles – You Baby
TV on the Radio – Crying
TV on the Radio – Happy Idiot
TV on the Radio – Right Now
TV’s Kyle – Apple Feast
TV’s Kyle – Break My Face
TV’s Kyle – Bump
TV’s Kyle – Canker Sore
TV’s Kyle – Don’t Forget to Remember
TV’s Kyle – Get Off My Cloud
TV’s Kyle – Good Advice
TV’s Kyle – I Don’t Wanna Do This Anymore
TV’s Kyle – Just to be Difficult
TV’s Kyle – King of Kong
TV’s Kyle – Kitty-Cat Girl
TV’s Kyle – Laser Gun
TV’s Kyle – Lindsay is Totally Centered
TV’s Kyle – Losing My Edge
TV’s Kyle – Mind Over Matter
TV’s Kyle – Monster Polka
TV’s Kyle – Mr. Sandwich
TV’s Kyle – Sacred Cheese
TV’s Kyle – Satan’s Burlesque
TV’s Kyle – Seagull Massacre
TV’s Kyle – Sheep in the Morning
TV’s Kyle – Snowman
TV’s Kyle – Spookier than You
TV’s Kyle – Strictly Speaking
TV’s Kyle – Tulip and Turtle
TV’s Kyle – Turtle Riding a Dog
TV’s Kyle – Up All Night
TV’s Kyle – What
TV’s Kyle – You’re My Pal and I Like You
Twenty One Pilots – Stressed Out
Twilight Singers – On the Corner
Two Ton Baker – I’m a Lonely Little Petunia in an Onion Patch
Ty Segall – Hill
Tyga – Faded
Typhoon – Dreams of Cannibalism
U2 – Hello
U2 – Mysterious Ways
U2 – Where the Streets Have No Name
Ukulele Orchestra of Great Britain – Teenage Kicks
Uncle Bonsai – Cheerleaders on Drugs
Uncle Lumpy – Dungeons and Dragons
Uncle Lumpy – Listenin’ 2 Doctor Demento
Uncle Toe’s Portasounds – Big Saturday
Undertones – Get Over You
Undertones – Here Comes the Summer
Undertones – Really Really
Unhappies – Where is the Safety Dance
Unit 4+2 – Concrete and Clay
Unknown Mortal Orchestra – Shakedown Street
UPenn Off the Beat – Angels Would Fall
UPenn Off the Beat – Anything but Down
UPenn Off the Beat – Beautiful Stranger
UPenn Off the Beat – Bring Me to Life
UPenn Off the Beat – Candy Everybody Wants
UPenn Off the Beat – Celebrity Skin
UPenn Off the Beat – Criminal
UPenn Off the Beat – Every Day is a Winding Road
UPenn Off the Beat – Hanging by a Moment
UPenn Off the Beat – Impression That I Get
UPenn Off the Beat – Lean on Me
UPenn Off the Beat – Middle
UPenn Off the Beat – Mixed Bizness
UPenn Off the Beat – Mother Mother
UPenn Off the Beat – Mummer’s Dance
UPenn Off the Beat – Never Tear Us Apart
UPenn Off the Beat – One
UPenn Off the Beat – Say It Ain’t So
UPenn Off the Beat – What I Got
UPenn Off the Beat – Where the Streets Have No Name
UPenn Off the Beat – You Gotta Be
UPenn Penny Loafers – Thank You
UPenn Quaker Notes – Elsewhere
Uriah Heep – July Morning
Ursula 1000 – Kaboom
Us3 – Cantaloop
USC Sirens – Mummer’s Dance
USC Sirens – Sweet Dreams
USC Sirens – Time is Running Out
USC SoCal VoCals – Dreams
V.A.S.T. – Touched
Vaccines – Handsome
Valerie June – Workin’ Woman Blues
Vampire Weekend – A-Punk
Vampire Weekend – Unbelievers
Vampire Weekend – White Sky
Van Halen – Happy Trails
Van Morrison – Brown Eyed Girl
Van Morrison – Domino
Van Morrison – Here Comes the Night
Van Morrison – Moondance
Vance Joy – Riptide
Vandaveer – Little Time Off Ahead
Vandaveer – Pretty Polly
Vandaveer – Wild Mercury
Vanessa Carlton – Carousel
Vanessa Carlton – Thousand Miles
Vanity Fair – Hitchin’ a Ride
Vaselines – Oliver Twisted
Vaselines – Son of a Gun
Velvet Underground – Gift
Velvet Underground – Rock ‘n’ Roll
Velvet Underground – Who Loves the Sun
Ventures – 2000 Pound Bee
Ventures – Green Hornet
Ventures – Hawaii Five O
Ventures – Walk Don’t Run
Veruca Salt – Seether
Verve – Bittersweet Symphony
Very Best – Warm Heart of Africa
Vessel – Slide Chocolate
Vestibules – Bulbous Bouffant
Vestibules – You’re a Hamburger
Vibrators – London Girls
Vic Chesnutt – Until the Led
Victor Borge – Inflationary Language
Victor Borge – Phonetic Punctuation
Vienna Teng – In the 99
Viet Cong – Bunker Buster
Villagers – Occupy Your Mind
VilleBillies – Flask and a Gun
Villebillies – Love is Kind of Crazy
Violent Femmes – Add It Up
Violent Femmes – Black Girls
Violent Femmes – Gone Daddy Gone
Virginia Gentlemen – Fake Plastic Trees
Virginia Gentlemen – Hooch
Virginia Hullabahoos – Because of You
Virginia Hullabahoos – Crazy for this Girl
Virginia Hullabahoos – Man in the Mirror
Virginia Hullabahoos – Open Arms
Virginia Hullabahoos – She’s Always a Woman
Virginia Hullabahoos – What Might Have Been
Virginia Sil’hooettes – Where Would You Be
Vitamin String Quartet – Chain
Vitamin Z – Burning Flame
Viva Vox Choir – Du Hast
Vocal Point – Kiss from a Rose
Vocal Point – Scottish Spring
Vocal Union – East to West
Vocal Union – Get Ready
Vocal Union – Rise and Walk
Vogues – Five O’Clock World
Voice Male – I’m in a Hurry and Don’t Know Why
Voice Male – Joy to the World
Voice Male – Only One
Voice Male – Prayer of the Children
Voice Male – Send Me to Glory in a Glad Bag
Voice Male – Take a Chance
Voice Male – Try Again
Voice Male – Walking on Sunshine
Voice of the Beehive – There’s a Barbarian in the Back of My Car
Volcano Choir – Byegone
Voltaire – Land of the Dead
Voltaire – USS Make Shit Up
Voltaire – Zombie Prostitute
VV Brown – Crying Blood
VV Brown – Miss You
VV Brown – Quick Fix
VV Brown – Shark in the Water
W’s – Devil is Bad
Waitresses – I Know What Boys Like
Waka Flocka – No Hands
Wale – Ambition
Walk the Moon – Jenny
Walk the Moon – Work This Body
Wally Pleasant – Bad Haircut
Walter Martin – Beatles (When Ringo Shook His Mop)
Walter Martin – Sing to Me
Walter Martin – We Like the Zoo
Wanda Jackson – Graveyard Shift
War – Lowrider
Warren Zevon – Roland the Headless Thompson Gunner
Warren Zevon – Werewolves of London
Was (Not Was) – Dad, I’m in Jail
Waterboys – Whole of the Moon
Wax Fang – Dawn of the Dead of the Night of the Hunter
Wax Fang – Doctor Will See You Now
Wayne Fontana – Groovy Kind of Love
Wayne Hancock – Gonna be Some Trouble Tonight
Wayne Wonder – No Letting Go
We Five – You were on My Mind
Weavers – Frozen Logger
Weavers – Go Where I Send Thee
Weavers – Kumbaya
Weavers – This Land is Your Land
Weeknd – Can’t Feel My Face
Ween – Push th’ Little Daisies
Ween – Voodoo Lady
Weezer – Beverly Hills
Weezer – Island in the Sun
Weezer – Unspoken
Weird Al Yankovic – Albuquerque
Weird Al Yankovic – Alternative Polka
Weird Al Yankovic – Amish Paradise
Weird Al Yankovic – Angry White Boy Polka
Weird Al Yankovic – Bohemian Polka
Weird Al Yankovic – Dare to be Stupid
Weird Al Yankovic – Don’t Download This Song
Weird Al Yankovic – Everything You Know is Wrong
Weird Al Yankovic – Grapefruit Diet
Weird Al Yankovic – Gump
Weird Al Yankovic – Hot Rocks Polka
Weird Al Yankovic – Ode to a Superhero
Weird Al Yankovic – Polka Power
Weird Al Yankovic – Polka Your Eyes Out
Weird Al Yankovic – Pretty Fly for a Rabbi
Weird Al Yankovic – Rice Rice Baby
Weird Al Yankovic – Saga Begins
Weird Al Yankovic – Since You’ve Been Gone
Weird Al Yankovic – Spam
Weird Al Yankovic – Weird Al Show Theme
Weird Al Yankovic – White & Nerdy
Weird Al Yankovic – You’re Pitiful
Weird Korey – Dr. Seuss
Whale – Four Big Speakers
What Four – Baby, I Dig Love
Whatfor – Crance
Whigs – Modern Creation
Whigs – Waiting
White Fence – Anger! Who Keeps You Under
White Reaper – Cool
White Stripes – Effect and Cause
White Stripes – Fell in Love with a Girl
White Stripes – Hotel Yorba
White Stripes – Jolene
White Stripes – My Doorbell
White Stripes – Rag & Bone
White Stripes – Seven Nation Army
White Stripes – We’re Going to be Friends
White Stripes – You’re Pretty Good Looking
White Town – Your Woman
Whitehorse – Devil’s Got a Gun
Whitehorse – Emerald Isle
Who – I Can’t Explain
Who – Magic Bus
Who – Mary Anne with the Shaky Hand
Who – Momma’s Got a Squeezebox
Who – Pinball Wizard
Wild Belle – Giving Up on You
Wild Bill Bauer – Uncle Arnie
Wild Feathers – Ceiling
Wild Flag – Glass Tambourine
Wild Flag – Romance
Wild Magnolias – All on a Mardi Gras Day
Wild Man Fischer – Merry-Go-Round
Wildhoney – Ceiling Fan
Will Smith – Gettin’ Jiggy wit’ It
Will Smith – Party Starter
Willy Porter – How to Rob a Bank
Wilson’s Reservoir – Bullets
Wire – Ahead
Wire – Feeling Called Love
Wire – Mannequin
Wise Guys – Root Beer Rag
Wiseguys – Start the Commotion
Witch – Lazy Bones
Wolf Alice – Moaning Lisa Smile
Wolfmother – Women
Wonders – That Thing You Do
Wood Brothers – Buckets of Rain
Wood Brothers – Shoofly Pie
Wood Brothers – Sing About It
Woodentops – Get It On
Woodentops – Good Thing
Woodentops – Love Train
Woodentops – Maybe It Won’t Last
Woodentops – Shout
Woodentops – Stop This Car
Woody Allen – Lost Generation
Woody Allen – My Grandfather
Woody Allen – Oral Contraception
Woody Allen – Pets
Woody Allen – Vegas
Woody Allen – Vodka Ad
Workers – Resolutions
Worm Quartet – Great Idea for a Song
Worm Quartet – Hair on the Soap
Worm Quartet – I Can’t Get a Job
Worm Quartet – I’m Gonna Procreate
Worm Quartet – I’ve Got a Wife
WOW – Shout to the Lord
Wreckless Eric – Whole Wide World
Wrong Trousers – Better than Before
Wrong Trousers – Calvin
Wrong Trousers – City
Wrong Trousers – Country Boy
Wrong Trousers – Dress Socks
Wrong Trousers – Everything, All
Wrong Trousers – from One Thing to Another
Wrong Trousers – Gymnopedie
Wrong Trousers – Had
Wrong Trousers – Loving You
Wrong Trousers – Such Great Heights
Wrong Trousers – Vexed
Wrong Trousers – Video Killed the Radio Star
Wrong Trousers – Way (You Know You Should)
Ws – Frank
Ws – King of Polyester
Wussy – Dropping Houses
X-Press 2 – Lazy
Xavier Rudd & Izintaba – Time to Smile
Xeno and Oaklander – G. Bruno
Xeno and Oaklander – Lastly
Xeno and Oaklander – Nuage d’Ivoire
Xeno and Oaklander – Sheen
XTC – Greenman
XTC – Science Friction
Xtension Chords – Also Sprach Zarathustra
Xtension Chords – Battleflag
Xtension Chords – Chicks Dig It
Xtension Chords – I Saw Her Standing There
Xtension Chords – Inside Out
Xtension Chords – Kiss from a Rose
Xtension Chords – Light in Your Eyes
Xtension Chords – Look Megamix
Xtension Chords – Picture Perfect
Xtension Chords – Sounds of Silence
Xtension Chords – Stacy’s Mom
Xtension Chords – Thank You
Xtension Chords – Wild Wild West
Xtension Chords – Your Body is a Wonderland
Y-Chromes – No Diggity
Y-Chromes – Teenaged Mutant Ninja Turtles
Yacht – Afterlife
Yael Naim – Toxic
Yael Naim – New Soul
Yale Whim ‘N Rhythm – Black Coffee
Yardbirds – For Your Love
Yardbirds – Heart Full of Soul
Yaz – Bad Connection
Yaz – Only You
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Heads Will Roll
Yeah Yeah Yeahs – Sacrilege
Yeasayer – Ambling Alp
Yo La Tengo – Mr. Tough
Yo La Tengo – You Can Have It All
Yoav – Club Thing
Yoda – Sunscreen
You’re My Density – Bygons; the Fic, and the Tail Coat
You’re My Density – Carpe Diem (Cliche)
You’re My Density – Dream Theater
You’re My Density – Feeling Goes
You’re My Density – I Know Girls
You’re My Density – I Read My Horoscope
You’re My Density – I Said Yes
You’re My Density – If the Apple Fell
You’re My Density – Nicole Left the Ground That Summer
You’re My Density – Oh Lorraine
You’re My Density – Self Loathing
You’re My Density – Sentimental Fighter
You’re My Density – Short Introduction Concerning Lightning Bolt Rainbows
You’re My Density – Sits the Girl (She’s the One You Want)
You’re My Density – Suitcase with Wings
You’re My Density – Turned Out to be Nite
You’re My Density – Your Nightmares
Young MC – Bust a Move
Young the Giant – My Body
Young-Holt Unlimited – Soulful Strut
Zac Brown Band – Castaway
Zambonis – Mind Like a Playgroup
Zap Mama – Poetry Man
Zee Avi – Bitter Heart
Zeus – with Eyes Closed
Ziggy Marley – Forward to Love
Zodiac Mindwarp – Prime Mover
Zoe Lewis – Small is Tremendous
Zombies – She’s Not There
Zombies – Tell Her No
Zombies – Time of the Season
ZZ Top – LaGrange
ZZ Top – Pearl Necklace
ZZ Top – TV Dinners