Here are (I think) all the things that I’ve worked on…

Dave Mattingly of BlackWyrm Publishing

At least, all the publicly-available stuff.

Afterthgouhts Albrim's Curse Baour: Strands of Death Bent Creek Bleeding Edge Body and Sold Branwen's Garden Burning the Middle Ground Challenges Chaos' Corner Chester County Boys Circle of Prey Collecting Contemporary Toys for Fun Crop of Circles Dark Halo Dark Shala Deadly Pose Descending Lines  Divine Interventions Do-Sa-Do Dream Stone Echoes of Death Eyes of Sandala Faith and Gaming Gemini's Legacy Gemini's War God Loves the Freaks Gran's Secret Hellbow Rune Holler How to Make Big Money in the Flea Market Immortal Betrayal Immortal Burden Immortal Vengeance Incarnate Iron Fist Velvet Glove Jamus' Sorrow Leaping at Thorns Left in the Dark Legends of Darkness Lowcountry Burn Man in the Box  Man-Made Troubles Meddlers Medic  Misadventures of a Country Girl Nakba No Ordinary Woman Ogre and Other Stories Past Lives Peacetime Rainbow Connection Ripper's Daughter Seasons of Death Self Publishing for Virgins Silent Voices Starcrossed Story of Thornby Sugarland Melting Thieves of Genesis Trajan's Arch Unforgiving Land Reloaded  Unforgiving Land Vast White Veil Vine Walkers with the Dawn When Doves Cry Wisdom of Weng Shu  Wiseward the Wardings Witches  Women of Magnolia Words of Light and Midnight Yard Sale dh01 dh02 dh03 dh04 dh05 dh06 dh07 dh08 dh09 dh10 dh11 dh12 dh13 dh14 dh15 dh16 dh17 dh18 dh19 dh20 dh21 dh22 dh23 dh24 dh25 dh26 dh27 dh28 dh29 dh30 dh31 dh32 dh33 dh34 dh35 dh36 dh37 dh38 dh39 dh40 dh41 dh42 dh43 dh44 dh45 DH46 ez01ez02 ez03 ez04 ez05 ez06 ez07 ez08 EZ09 ez10 ez11 ez12 Haymaker 24 Haymaker 25 Haymaker 26 Haymaker 27 Haymaker 29 Haymaker 30 Haymaker 31 Haymaker 32 Haymaker 33 Haymaker 34 Haymaker 35 Haymaker 36 Haymaker 37 Haymaker 38 Haymaker 39 Haymaker 40 Haymaker 41 Haymaker 42 Haymaker 43 Haymaker 44 Haymaker 45 Haymaker 46 Haymaker 48 Haymaker 49 Haymaker 50 Haymaker 51 Haymaker 52 Haymaker 53 Haymaker 54 Haymaker 55 Haymaker 56 Haymaker 57 Haymaker 58 Haymaker 59 Haymaker 60 Haymaker 62 Haymaker 63 Haymaker 64 Haymaker 67 Haymaker 68 Haymaker 69 Algernon v2  Algernon 3v1 Algernon 3v2 Fires of Heaven Fires of War Foxbat for President  Imaginary Friends Kazei 5  King of the Mountain  Gestalt  Laser Squid Nemesis Lux Aeternum Mystic Empyrean Posthegemony  Pretty Hate Machines  Sands of Time Sidewinder Terracide Third World-Front Thousand Faces Universalis Unkindness  Widening Gyre  War of Worldcraft  Wreck of Alpha Central Tavern Pirate Ship Warehouse Starship Castle Zeppelin Street Destroyer Elmore-Cards