Van Turpentine is an Emmy-winning American actor who was born in Buffalo, New York in 1964. Some of his most notable credits include Love Busters, Caped Crusader, Yes, Have Some … See full bio »




That’s What She Said: The Musical (2016) Street Person
Big Heist 4: The Biggest and the Heistiest (2015) Unnamed Male
40-40-48 Hours to Go (2014) Man #3
The Bard’s Own (2013) Background Man
Love Busters (2013) Man in Car
Yes, Have Some (2012) The Key Master
K. M. Prov (2011) Stage Sweeper
SCTV Reunion (2011) Man Hit with Pie
Adam West: The Caped Crusader (2010) Stunt Double
I was a Teenaged Rocket Scientist (2008) D. Mattingly