Events where I’m speaking, organizing, or otherwise making a spectacle of myself:

10/20/18: Worldwide Christian Indigitous #HACK, organizing

11/03/18: APH Hackathon, hacking along

11/09-11/18: Startup Weekend, co-organizing

12/02/18: Louisville Supercon, church service

12/07-09/18: NerdLOUvia, organizing events and games


10/05-07/18: DerbyCon

10/05-07/18: Imaginarium

09/16/18: Maker Faire Louisville, running the exhibitor check-in table

09/02/18: Armchair Adventurer Con, preaching (and running some games)

08/11/18: SQL Saturday Indianapolis, speaking about Alexa

08/01-04/18: Gen Con, organizing the church service on Sunday

07/29/18: Teaching Bridges class at Southeast Christian Church

07/21/18: SQL Saturday Louisville

06/17/18: Origins Game Fair, organizing the church service on Sunday

05/27/18: Teaching Bridges class at Southeast Christian Church about the Ark of the Covenant (2 Samuel 5-6)

05/20/18: Teaching Bridges class at Southeast Christian Church about death and dismemberment (2 Samuel 4)

05/19/18: Startup Saturday, helping out

05/01/18: Louisville Muse Cruise, co-organizing

04/25-28/18: VEX Worlds, volunteering

04/21/18: LexiCon gaming convention, preaching on Sunday morning

04/13-15/18: Startup Weekend, co-organizing

03/30-4/1/18: ConGlomeration, preaching on Sunday, and panel speaking throughout the weekend

03/28-30/18: CodepaLOUsa, speaking about improv comedy

03/17/18: SQL Saturday Cincinnati, speaking about text mining

03/11/18: Lexington Comic Conpreaching

03/08/18: Louisville Leadership Summit, running the VR magic mirror

03/03/18: Open Data Day, coding

02/17/18: Healthy Food Hackathon, co-organizing

02/03/18: SQL Saturday Cleveland, speaking about Alexa